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Seeking Natural Remedies for Teenager with Right Temporo-Parietal Lobe Lesi

Posted by Namita T. (New Delhi, India) on 08/01/2015


I am writing on behalf of a fifteen year old girl. She had complaints of involuntary twisting of the left foot coupled with intense anxiety.

Two MRIs were done that were not giving the doctors a clear picture of what it could be.

The MRIs done around April 2015 stated:

MRI reveals a well defined heterogeneous signal intensity complex cystic cum calcific lesion in right temporo-parietal lobe involving ipsilateral parasylvian region as described - Oligodendroglioma, Ganglioglioma.

To be correlated clinicopathologically.

Later, in June 2015, an MR Spectroscopy was done.

The report stated:

MR Spectroscopy obtained from the right temporo-parietal lobe lesion reveals mild elevation of choline peak at 3.2-3.3ppm with depression of NAA peak at 2.0ppm. There is evidence of lactate/ lipid peak at 1.3ppm suggestive of necrotic/ cystic component.

The report states that the findings may represent a low grade mitotic pathology.

To be correlated clinicopathologically.

The doctors, who asked for these tests, put her on Zen Retard - 200mg BD to control the problems they perceived. After giving it for a month the parents felt that she was always sleepy and drugged. On reporting this to the doctors, there was an addition of Torleva - 250mg BD, which was subsequently increased to 500mg BD. These medicines, however, have not been able to control her foot from twisting and her sudden anxiety. They are of the opinion that she needs surgery immediately as the tumour could be malignant and might burst. No biopsy has been done.

However, her family does not want to go for surgery. They want to try out all alternative therapies and surgery is their last resort. As luck would have it, due to monetary constraints, she has been taken to a Government hospital in Delhi, where the waiting period for surgery is a minimum of 3 to 6 months or more. They are utilizing this period for trying out all therapies possible.

Having seen a lot of videos of Wake-up, cancer is curable, I have put her on a yoga and pranayama regimen. She is also taking black cow's urine + half teaspoon of turmeric, both containing the same chemical Curcumin, a very powerful anti oxidant ; fresh aloe Vera juice along with Ocimum sanctum or Tulsi and Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloy; a large glass of orange carrot juice twice a day. She has gone off refined sugar and all sorts of sweets, table salt has been replaced with Himalayan Rock salt or Pink salt, also known as Sendha Namak, and a wheat free diet. She is a vegetarian who continues to take rice though.

After a month of going on this diet, her involuntary leg movement or seizures stopped almost seventy five percent. The frequency and the intensity of her anxiety reduced considerably, but has not fully gone.

She has also been taking Tibetan Medicine for nearly four months now. Her parents are now giving her Torleva ? 250mg BD and Zen Retard 200md BD.

Since a week she has been experiencing some kind of dull pain in the tumour region in the right lobe, once or twice a day that lasts for 1 to 2 minutes. On the first two occasions only was the pain intense though short lived. She also feels dull ache in the right ear and feels as if her ear gets blocked and something would ooze out, although nothing does. Once the pain subsides, the ear became normal.

Why I am writing to Earth Clinic is because you people would be able to view things holistically and guide us better. Also, what could be the cause of the pain? What does pain indicate?

Is there a regimen that she could possibly adopt in India that would be available across the counter and easy to do.

I also read about Baking Soda and Molasses but have not dared to try that.

Please advise asap.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Namita, if Epsom Salt baths won't help, they certainly won't hurt to try.

Replied by Timh
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... and while in the bath, saturate a washcloth w/ the Epsom Salts water and place it directly over the affected area.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Namita,

You have already helped improve her symptoms by 75% with dietary changes? Congratulations! You are doing a great job! Of course, I understand you want her completely healed.

Please do try Mmsg's and Tim's advice regarding Epsom Salt.

Also, look here for some other remedies for Anxiety.

Fresh air, sunshine and some exercise (even just taking walks) would be good to add to what you are doing.

You asked what is causing pain. I couldn't say for sure, but swelling, pressure, inflammation all can cause pain. Turmeric, which you are using already, reduces inflammation. You might consider increasing the turmeric dose, or taking the dose more often during the day.

Let us know how it goes. I hope she will feel much better soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Andrew

Hi Namita, make sure you read the full page here.

Replied by Namita Tiwari
New Delhi, India

Dear Mmsg, Timh, Mama to many and Andrew,

Thank you all for responding. Truly grateful.

Am doing the Epsom Salt treatment as advised. Have also increased the dosage of turmeric. Since, Only once did she have a fleeting pain today. A renowned yoga instructor mentioned that the headaches could be occuring due to sunlight entering the eyes and causing some neuro transmision. have asked her to wear sun glasses with UV protection.

And Andrew I did go through the entire page. but, to be honest I am afraid of experimenting with anything on my own, as in taking my own call.

If looking at her condition I could get a specific advice on what I could administer, I would be happier. Thank you again.

Replied by Baldev
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Hi Namita, You are doing a great job. I find diet change has brought some relief, so I shall suggest to add Dr.Budwig's protocol ie cottage cheese and flax seed oil, both the things can easily be procured in Delhi. Cottage cheese one can make at home and extra virgin flax seed oil can be bought from any health food store or one can get it from Mr.Seth of Jaipur. First make curd from toned cow milk, then hang the curd in a muslin cloth, once all the water is drained out, that is the cottage cheese. This cottage cheese in the ratio of 2:1 is mixed with the flax seed oil and is blended with the hand blender so that oil is not visible. This will be like a dip which she can eat with raw vegetables etc.

Dr. Budwig has successfully used it for her cancer patients and shrinking the tumors. No harm in trying, in my opinion it will bring her relief.

Good Luck, Baldev(9322887066)

Replied by Namita
New Delhi

Thank you Baldev,

We can surely try this. However, I have read at a couple of places that dairy products are an absolute no no in reversing tumours.

Don't know how far this view is correct.