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Advice Needed On Dogs Enlarged Spleen

Posted by Alison (Ormond Beach, Fl) on 11/04/2011

Went to vet last week and the vet said my 9 yr old lab's spleen is enlarged. He was very sick this time last year. Specialists could not figure out what was wrong with him. They found his adrenal glands/lymphnodes to be enlarged indicating the body was fighting something, (reactive). Had bloodwork done and had him scoped from both ends, nothing. He was losing weight, not much of an apetite, drinking lots of water, salivating constantly, shortness of breath, bark was weakening, laying down a lot, was almost hard to wake him at times. Vet put him on Phenobarbitol to see if it was something with his brain (connection to salivary glands), that didn't work. Finally they put him on steriods because he was losing so much weight and antibiotics. I am not sure what helped him more, but his apetite and energy came back. They told me to keep him on the steroids but he was peeing all over the house so I stopped giving him the steroids and he remained strong.

A few months after, I was talking to my new neighbor and she was complaining about the moles destroying her yard and that she had applied 3 different products to try to kill them months ago. My dog and her dog are both grass eaters and she said at that time (when using mole killing products) that her dog got very sick and was staring at the wall a lot and not eating and she thought it was dying but couldn't take it to the vet, (no money). I didn't put two and two together until after the conversation since she said it happened in December and then backed it up to November and then started talking about something else, (my dog got sick in Oct, so if maybe she thought about it long enough she may have backed it up to October). My theory is that my dog ate the grass along the fence and was poisoned by the products she put down... Even though the vet and specialists said there was no evidence of poisoning, (something about that posion has a half life or something). I am not sure if poison takes on another form if it is absorbed by grass and then is eaten??

Now it's a year later and the vet says she can feel that his spleen is enlarged but does not feel any lumps. Two weeks ago I fertilized my lawn and watched as best I could to make sure he didn't eat the grass. I caught him a couple times and he is starting to lay down a little more than normal and then the vet gave him a rabies shot which made him more tired. He has bounced back a little but I would really like to try vitamin K but not sure how much to give him... He is 59 pounds. Can anyone tell me how much? Can I feed him spinach, he likes it raw.

Replied by Marianne
Huntington Beach, Ca

Can the type of dog food a dog eats cause an enlarged spleen? Our dog has an enlarged spleen, however all bloodwork, urinalysis and fecal came back normal. She had an ultrasound and it's not cancerous either. The only change since her last checkup was that we switched dog food brands for weight management. She shows no symptoms and acts normal.

Replied by Om
Hope, Canada, Bc

A friend of mine has a large rescue dog that was diagnosed with enlarged spleen and dark areas on the X-ray. My friend was devastated. Other vets he had consulted mumbled about it being "usually too late " etc. I comforted my friend and we set up a totally natural plan for his dog's diet. He was getting plenty of exercise to start with. We put Shadow on a six months course of Essiac, twice a day, fresh veggies put through the kitchen blender with good quality kibbles, wet food, nutritional yeast, large amount of amala, which is an incredible ayurvedic vitamin C ( other good C can be used), shilajit for a large range of minerals, but Zeolite can be substituted. We used turmeric since it has also an affinity for the spleen. We also added BSM.

By now my friend is ready to use natural healing for himself and drop his statin franken meds in exchange of God's pharmacy.

At the end of the six months treatment with natural foods and remedies he took his dog to the vet who had taken the initial X-ray of the enlarged spleen. NO enlarged spleen, NO dark areas! He was sooo happy. The vet was surprised ( she had suggested to excise the spleen!! ) and asked what he had done. ( If it does not work, cut it out.)

As for my two dogs, small and big, they have been overcome with itch. Nothing to be seen. If they had sores I would use their urine to heal them but in this case I think the liver must be addressed. We had a long wet winter here and most of the cats came down with fungal lesions in their coats that are healing now in the sun. Well, we will opt for a six month protocol of Essiac tea. Perhaps I should wash my dogs with borax, leave the paste on for a while and the rinse it all off. Prevention is better than a cure especially if it is the liver .

Animals drink their own urine in the wilds as they KNOW what works.

Don't fall into the hands of doctors or vets...

Blessing to all and your beloved pets. Om

lansdale pa

Hi, which product exactly? Essiac has many products. Is it the one for pets?

Replied by Tracy

Can you tell me how much of each for a boxer?