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Advice Needed On Lowering Blood Sugar

Posted by Janet (Kendal, Cumbria) on 05/31/2011

My partner is really struggling to naturally drop his blood sugars. Came off insulin just about a week ago. Although his readings varie from 15 to 23. quite alarming.!!

He's currently trying acv. vco, he drinks either cinnamon or fenegreek tea, eating bitter melon. Apart from his body showing signs of detox his figures remain high. Any suggestions? advice, or even ideas of dosage that might prove more effective.

Thank you EC, really informative site.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

walking up and down stairs takes the sugar down dramatically. But the main thing is to eat low glycemic index/ low glycemic load foods. google it.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
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If you need the insulin because the blood sugar is high, then take about 1/3 of your usual dose, check your blood every 4 hours after a shot, do not ignore your body, monitor your blood sugar at all times and take insulin in small doses as needed. Stay away from sweet fruits, do not eat white bread, it would be great to stop eating bread at all, no white sugar or sugar of any kind, no white potatoes, eat only food that you have prepard. No white rice. Eat whole foods and a lot of green veges and dry beans cooked with sea salt and water. Start on this diet as you can ittook me about 3 months to get on it totally, and yhen I had to find things out for my self. It has been more than a year and half, and I am not sure if I can safely eat meat again or not, It will depend on my liver, and when I started this it was just to get off the need for insulin, , I did not know the meat was agrivating my liver.

It took me over a year but I am off the needle, I had to do this diet and do it totally vegan for a year I ate all I wanted any time I was hungrey, but If I ate any meat then my blood sugar would go up to over 200. It would take 2 weeks off meat again to get it down. For some people it is a problem with the liver being inflamed and the pancreas. I am also gluten free, I do eat yogart and drink kefir, but I use powdered milk to make it, I take about 15 different vitmins and minerials. I still test my blood every day just to be safe. Very few people have the decipline to give up the wortless packaged foods, and unnatural oils, I use coconut oil mostly, some olive oil. But, , take the insulin if you need it, , , if my blood sugar is over 200 I take 4ug of clear regular insulin and teast again in 3 hours, but allways test your blood and use insulin as needed, If my blodd is under 200 and I just ate 30 minuets ago, it goes down on its on in 4 hours to about 140, stay on a whole foods diet, raw or cook it your self, eat when you are hungrey, do not feal deprived, , your intake will change every few months, , , I do not eat half what I started with, , even though I just ate 1/2 of a large watermelon last week, and did not need a shot. God is Good