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Advise Sought For Stomach Issues

Posted by Dhillbilly (Ft. Smith, Ar, Usa) on 02/26/2012

Hello Everyone, I am 46 year old male. For the past 5 years, I have suffered from intestinal discomfort keeping me up at night. This happens maybe 3 nights a week. I wake up in the morning totally exhausted with an upset stomach. I feel really fatigued and sick. This will usually last all day. The next day, I may feel fine. Tried to pinpoint what foods cause this, but no luck.

I also have hypoglycemia, but I feel that this is under control.

Replied by Ladyliza
Granada Hills, Ca
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My son had similar issues as a child. It wasn't until he was 22 that we discovered he had food allergies. Turns out he was highly allergic to milk and wheat, and other things on a lesser basis. At college he drank a lot of milk so I finally made him go to my doctor over Christmas when he came home. That would be my first stop. Find a doctor of Integrative Medicine and then many of your tests will be covered by insurance. I suggest the Alcat test first.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Have you tried digestive enzymes? ACV? Have you tried going gluten/dairy free?

Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa

Add the following to your diet:

- good quality probiotics

- lacto-fermented foods like Bubbies Sauerkrauet (found in the refrigerated section of grocery stores which is 'alive' in enzymes). NOT pasturized sauerkraut.

- kombucha

- kefir

- green veggie juice consisting of cucumbers, parsley, celery, ginger, lemon.

- eliminate wheat and gluten fromyour diet.

Hope you get better soon,


Replied by Jumpingjackflash
Mckinney, Tx

I can't say that I've experience the same thing but if I did here's what I would do:

1. Cut out all dairy.

2. Start taking ACV before I go to bed.

3. Start taking a high quality liquid probiotic

4. Take a couple of tablespoons of EVCO (coconut oil) daily.

I've notice that Dairy gets my stomach going something fierce. Also, when my stomach is really upset because I've been eating the wrong things (typically means lots of sugar) EVCO and ACV always do the trick. Before I got on ACV regularly I started drinking Kefir (probiotics) and that helped my digestion quite a bit.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if it does.