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Liver ALT Test Results High, Need to Lower For Hip Replacement Surgery

Posted by milkmansdaughter2 (Ft.Myers Florida) on 05/04/2021

I am at my wit's end...

I was supposed to have a hip replacement May 6, but after the results of my last lab work, it seems that my alt is 124. I don't know if there is a diet that might help with my liver. The internet has conflicting opinions, low carb, plant base, low fat. Help!!! I take dandelion root, milk thistle and selenium, Vit D3, Does anyone have any suggestions?

Replied by Madelyn

Yes, BIORAY sells tonic tinctures that have helped with getting those liver markers down when nothing else would.

Replied by Ana

No carbs, no sugars in any forms.

Best wishes to you.