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Which Antibiotics Are Safest for Ulcerative Colitis?

Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 01/03/2021

What antibiotics are safest for someone to take that won't hurt my ulcerative colitis? I had a botched tooth extraction last week, and the infection is spreading, now to ear, nose, heart. I haven't taken antibiotics in over 20 years because I have colitis, but I have to start taking something today, to save my heart, and my life, does anyone know which antibiotics would be safest to take for a person with colitis?

I do not want to end up in the hospital for colitis and surgery, just because I took antibiotics, but since I have no choice because I have to remove the infections, please help! Thank you

Replied by mmsg
somewhere, europe

Stephanie, I would try to stop the infection with clay poultices. Look it up in the toothache or tooth abscess sections here on EC.

Long Valley, NJ

Thank you, my biggest concern now is the infection is in my heart. I know I need antibiotics or a natural antibiotic, but I need one specifically for heart infection. Is there a natural antibiotic for heart infection? homeopathic, herbal, Chinese medicine, any? I need it to be strong and work very very quickly. and if I have to take a pharmaceutical antibiotic, which is safest for someone with ulcerative colitis? the infection is in my gums, my cheek, spread to ear, and heart, etc... my right ear has been ringing nonstop since just 2 days after the tooth extraction, and the infection in the heart is painful, so I need some type of antibiotic asap that can reach the heart.

Please, any suggestions asap I would be very grateful.

Donald T.
Aspen, Colorado

The safest and most natural antibacterial is grapefruit seed extract or GSE. If you gargle with it and swish it around in your mouth it will kill infections in your mouth and if you swallow it it will kill the infections in your stomach. I don't know about infections in the heart but my first time using grapefruit seed extract was after drinking polluted water and having dysentery. I drank some water and GSE and within hours it had kill the bacteria. The other strong natural antibacterial is oregano oil but it is very hot and hard to take and must be watered down great deal.

Fort Wayne

I would use warm mouthwash with Himalayan sea salt 3 times a day. I would also use organic cold pressed coconut oil for oil pulling (just swish a teaspoon full of the oil in your mouth for about 10 minutes, every other day). A (1) drop of Myrrh (has to be USDA organic/non GMO because you don't want to add pestisides in your mouth) to the coconut oil. Take warm (not hot) baths in epsom salts and add essential oils (i.e., Lavender, clove, rose).


I'd check out vitalzym...and also c60...

See if any of the research resonates with you..

Both will thin the blood so cant be taken with bloodthinners...

And of course prayer...I bless you and be healed in the almighty name of Jesus.

Alabama, Usa

Stephanie, I had an infected dental implant and my doctor treated it with Ozone therapy. He is a holistic dentist in Sacramento, CA.

You may want to see if you can find it and apply it yourself. I hope you heal up without antibiotics.


Stephanie, so sorry ....

I would start basic wound protocol. That is, I would start rinsing out my mouth with warm water and 3% peroxide - 50% water, 50% peroxide - and do that every hour until I got the infection out of my mouth, (whatever is there) and rinse after any eating.

As far as antibiotics, the doctor is most likely wanting you to take the levaquin. There are some that they give to people with stomach problems, but they are a lot like the others (antibiotics).

I can empathize with you, I have chronic IBSd and I am allergic to all antibiotics. I caught pneumonia with MRSA and was in the hospital, scared to death to take any antibiotics, but they talked me into taking a half of dose of levaquid to see if I could tolerate it. I did without any obvious reactions, it did get the infection down, I took it for 5 days.

I took probiotics (3 times a day) because the levaquid kills off your stomach flora. After the 5 days of levaquid, I started on herbal antibiotics (google herbal antibiotics) I got my list and bought the herbals I read about and made a plan. like oregano leaf, myhrr, olive leaf, frankencense (boswellia).

I got about 12 different herbs, and divided them 3 of each and started taking them 3 times a day with food and digestive enzymes, so I would digest them. I also cleaned up my diet, no sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no gluten.

It took months to get rid of the MRSA, but I did not waver, I did my herbs, vit C, vit D and b complex 50mg every day.

Also you will have to keep up "basic wound protocol" ( keeping your mouth super clean with the peroxide rinse or warm salt water rinse) until it's completely healed.

Look at it this way, any infection in your mouth your body has to fight it, but by using the wound protocol you're helping yourself by washing away all the germs and debris, to give you body a chance to heal the tooth wound. I know you're scared, but do your research and make a plan.

You will probably have to take the antibiotics to save your life, so work with it. Slippery elm will help your stomach. Take one with every meal. Also if you get loose bowels from the antibiotics you can take a teaspoon of psyllium (metamuscil) in 2 oz of water to form stool and stop the diarrhea. You can take this as often a day as you need it. Psyllium is a vegetable seed, it's not a chemical. Good luck honey.


here is an article about infections and MRSA, and treating them, which will give you info on treatment.



If you do take antibiotics make sure you eat at least one (or more) organic avocado daily--very good for gut flora and yogurt with low or no added sugar (I like Stoneyfield brand) as well as prebiotics like inulin, Jerusalem artichoke & probiotics (at least 30 billion CFU). Best of luck & sending prayers.



My suggestions would be to take manuka honey regularly which cures MRSA infections, gargle often with lukewarm filtered water & Himalayan salt and use clove oil to stop the infection. Also, find a good holistic dentist pronto. I wish I had done so several years ago & had my silver-mercury amalgams removed much earlier (which had led to stage 4 tongue cancer--am fine now). Also I would take a couple drops myrrh and/or frankincense essential oil under the tongue. Keep us posted.


My antibiotic of choice is Lugol's iodine. Every cell in our body contains iodine, it's an essential nutrient.

To eliminate urinary tract infections quickly and easily, I apply a drop of Lugol's topically with a cotton-tipped swab to my forearm, an area about the size of a playing card. After one hour I apply it again to the same area. After another hour I apply it a third time.

A couple of times a week I put 1-3 drops of Lugol's into a small empty glass, fill the glass with orange juice and drink it. If I sense that I've eaten bad or contaminated food, I do the same.

If you have gut issues and don't want to wipe out your friendly intestinal flora, you could try using Lugol's iodine topically to treat a GI infection.

Best of luck with this problem.

Replied by Anne Hutson
Conroe, Tx


I can’t recommend an antibiotic, but I did have something I wanted to share. I also have ulcerative colitis and have cleared it up with a supplement called Theracurmin HP. The brand my doctor recommended is Integrative Therapeutics.

My doctor said to start with 1 capsule and add 1 each day until you get a good result. Can take up to 8 a day, which is the dose I’m on. I was able to get off all Rx meds for colitis once I started Theracurmin.

Good luck with your tooth infection issues!

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If you can get a hold of colloidal silver which kills a lot of infectious things (MRSA, covid, shingles, ear infections to name a few), hold some of the silver in your mouth for a few minutes a few times a day and spit it out. You can also swallow some for the colitis. Colloidal silver is pretty amazing, versatile stuff and good to keep on hand.

Replied by Robin

You could use electricity to get rid of the infection.

Here is a link to what is called Godzilla and instructions on how to make it at home and at a very low cost. I have used this to get rid of two infections. One was a root canal done years ago and had begun hurting and another was in a back tooth upper. It worked beutifully:

and here is a link to the discussion forum for this contraption with more files to view.

Good Luck to you!

Replied by Miranda

Colloidal Silver is nature's antibiotic.

Replied by Gail
Out West

I believe the fastest route to the bloodstream is under the tongue. Many things will work but silver is the most palatable. Take a swig, swish it around and hold under tongue and swish again for a total of 20 min 3 times daily. Then spit out

All the best.

Replied by Mel
B.C. Canada

I don't have an answer for you but I do have an interesting article that may provide you with the solution you seek. This requires your abilities to determine whether it will help you. Consulting your doctor to assist you with this may help (or not if they are not versed in using this substance). Its up to you. I did my homework and used this substance for many issues.

Hope this helps you heal yourself.

Gabriela Segura, M.D., SOTT author of above article, was previously a heart surgeon turned MD as she prefers naturally healing people with the Miracle Solution.

Replied by Eudora

Hello - You could google Dr Eric Berg - Ulcerative Colitis.

I just watched the colitis video - he has many solutions and does not believe in surgery or steroids. I think you will find answers from watching his video(s). And, his videos are always short and to the point. I wish you good health!

Replied by Dana

Stephanie, I'm so sorry, I can imagine you're suffering terribly, and also anxious and afraid.

The way I see it there are two choices:

First to calm/heal your Colitis: Butyrate, Sovereign Colostrum Powder and Desert Lily Decolorised/Latex Free Aloe Vera Juice.

From there you can choose to take: Oregano Oil capsules, Oliveleaf capsules, Grapeseed Extract capsules and Wholesome Wellness Women's Raw Probiotic with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes 100 Billion CFU. This is an extremely powerful combination.

Also make a paste of Oregano oil, Oliveleaf and Grapeseed Extract and place on abscess.

The second choice is to take the above colitis calming healing supplements and antibiotics. If your situation is dire, you may want to choose the second option.

Please consider carefully what you want to do, because an abscess is a serious health issue and not to be taken lightly.

To your good health.

Replied by Alan Mauser

Refaximine, and fecal transplant..


This is not medical advice/ it is my personal experience.

DMSO: I have Personally used safely for internally & externally decades!

Note: it is now available in a no odor formula/ Amazon.

  • Use no more than a thimble full of dmso.
  • Dissolve a pinch of table salt in the solution.
  • Next, with clean finger apply the solution directly around the affected/infected gum line/boil//tooth not rinse.
  • Spit any excess as necessary. It's ok to swallow some of the solution. But only a thin coat around the problem is necessary.

Then Go about your business.This works within minutes.

Results seemingly last a lifetime.

This can be repeated as necessary/works great over night.

Long Valley NJ

Thank you, Dibro. The infected area is the hole where the tooth was extracted last week, and isn't healing, and the gums are also infected now, and the infection traveled to my heart. I did some reading, and dmso is also good for the heart.

Do you have a specific brand and type that you recommend? And do you know if it should go into the surgical site? Or if I apply to the gums and it drips into the surgical site is that ok? I have been rinsing with original Listerine, and it seems to be making it more sore, and last week I rinsed with Chlorhexidene, and all my teeth turned black.

Also the 3 teeth next to the one that was extracted, are now quickly shrinking. and there is no way I will go back to that surgeon who probably didn't need to pull the tooth in the first place, it was only a little chipped and it wasn't infected, and didn't hurt. Now it is infected and hurts! Any advice is gladly appreciated

Long Valley NJ

Thank you for the help with the mouth and heart infection.

Please keep the advice coming! I am very scared. The oral surgeon who unfortunately extracted my tooth, also created many more problems, as well as starting the infection in my mouth, now also in my heart, but also he pulled out a filling from behind one of my front teeth.

Is there anyway I can fix the cavity on my own at home? When I get a shot or blood taken, I swell up, permanently. so now that the surgeon gave me novocaine shots in my mouth, besides swollen from infection, I am also swollen permanently.

My Lymphatic system, and endocrine system don't work well. Please advise me if there is any way to fix the cavity on my own, it hurts a lot. I went into the dental surgeon just for advice on a chipped tooth, and now its life threatening, with all of the problems he's caused.

Also, if anyone knows of a holistic dentist near hackettstown NJ, that would be helpful. I still haven't given in to taking antibiotics yet, and not sure which one wouldn't hurt the colitis, I used mouthwash he said to use: and all of my teeth are black now. I am very interested in any advice for antibiotics safe with colitis, that help both mouth and heart infection, and also how to fix a cavity at home, and all of the natural cures for mouth and heart infection.

I really appreciate all of the posts. thank you!

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Wow, everyone that answered has vry good intentions..

Replied by Louisa Perry
Pittsburg, Texas

Butchers broom is good for haemorrhoids and inflammation.

I used Grapefruit Seed extract 125mg (Capsules Plus) with Echinacea & Artemisia as an antibiotic. also I researched cayenne because I have a tooth that got infected and had a nose bleEd could not stop cayenne stopped it immediately with 1/4 teaspoons in a glass of water and drank it. Research cayenne, more to its remedies that I didn’t know.

I hope you can find your remedy, I know you can. Good luck!



You might be interested in using chlorine dioxide (Clo2) for much positive information is on the

This covid-19 scare has magnified my interest in proper dental hygiene. I am now using two products, a 2 part toothpaste, and mouth wash since the virus gains entry via the nose, mouth, and eyes, I'm thinking that this is a good way to; as they say: "cut them off at the pass". Products I landed up using are DioxiRinse and DioxiBrite.

Good luck on your quest for a cure.