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Any Homeopathy Cures For Gingivitis And Stomatitis In Cat

Posted by Mandessa Cat (Germany) on 08/04/2014

Hello all, I live in Germany, I read almost all what was written trying to find a fast solution for my old cats bad gingivitis and stomatitis problem, my Teddy is an old cat, I don't know old he is as I rescued him two years ago from the street. The past months the vet told us his problem, we started the normal way, anti inflammatory pills and cortisone, he feels well, eats good and two/three months later his mouth sore, inflamed and with a real bad breath! The vet told me the time between the shots will be smaller and we'll have to PUT HIM TO SLEEP eventually!

This rang a bell in my head, this will NEVER EVER happen in this life to put any of my babies down, I didn't know about HOMOEPATHY for pets!! But as I'm the kind of person of loves natural, fresh food I thought I'll give it a try and make some research, maybe I'll find natural remedies for my old Teddy, and it was so nice to find lots of remedies. I tried the coconut oil, raw chicken, yogurt, I make camomile in hot water cover the cup till it's cool and I take 2 tablespoons and add it to his bowl with water! The thing is Teddy is not improving, his teeth are so bad, his mouth smells very terrible and he lost his appetite. He stood in front of his food but not able to eat, I also mix vitamin B12, half pill ground in his food!

Plz help me, what is the best for calming his mouth and to ease the pain? How many time do I have to give him coconut oil? Which other remedies can help fast? I don't wanna lose him, he lived as a wild cat in the streets for long years and after he has a home now I don't want him to suffer! Thank you beautiful humans..

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Mandessa Cat!

Turmeric may help reduce inflamation for old Teddy; I would mix it into his wet food to get him to take it. You may also find L-lysine to be helpful with this condition. Cold laser therapy may be a possibility if it is available to you. If this were my cat, I would get the second cortisone shot to reduce the inflamation and pain; when his appetite returns feed him the L-lysine and turmeric. It might be worthwhile to remove the teeth as 80% of cats who have their teeth removed make complete recoveries. Given that Teddy cat lived on the streets for many years, he may have an undiagnosed case of bartonellosis /cat scratch fever; this is known to contribute to stomatitis in cats and you may wish to have him tested for this disease and treated for it if necessary.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hi, Mandessa Cat from Germany --- Having done rescue with many cats most of my adult life, this is a common issue with deprived cats. The foremost is raising the immune system for which detoxing is necessary. And the tendency to "put down" a cat because they do not know how to heal, is evil. I have such a cat and had many before, which I at that time did not know what to do but after many years of tears and sorrow some answers came. Presently he has the same symptoms you describe and I think I can alleviate it to some extent where he is comfortable One other cat had the same illness and his immune system stood up to it. He is well now.

I used colloidal silver as the only drinking water and a few days later some in a syringe twice a day. This is a disease affecting the entire GI tract and detoxing is the key as that helps to raise the immune system. He may feel pain in eating so mix liquid Virgin Coconut Oil into the food and also squirt it into his mouth. Make eye contact, no need to explain, and they may take, knowing you are here to help. Also make liquid food w. VCO and feed with syringe or put into his mouth otherwise to stop weight loss. Salmon oil is also good.

For special detoxing of the mouth I took a small quantity of turmeric powder using a tiny spoon and quickly put it into the hatch. That will remove much saliva for which paper tissue has to be kept near. I use this last step also for colds and cough. Since I took mostly old, unwanted and sick cats, this is the experience I gained eventually. My present oldie is doing alright but he does not like being medicated.

They cry with pain but with this treatment mine have been able to make it so I have to use it only occasionally now.

Another method to use with the above is to use ESSIAC tea in very small amounts as tea once daily on empty stomach. This will help tremendously over time according to the individual constitution. It will raise the immune system and detox extremely well. I know as I am taking it myself. This can be had online by Essiac West. It has to have all the roots included. And only the four herb version.

I hope this will help. I an identify with your feelings and wish you both the best success and much love for the rest of his life.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Namaste, Om!

Can you please clarify the use of colloidal silver? What concentration do you use? How much do you use in what amount of water?

LOVE the advice to make eye contact; it can be easy to forget this when overwhelmed with stress on how to treat a suffering individual.

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada

Hi Theresa! --- good to hear from you. Frankly, I plan to get in touch with Dave on this when I get the time.

What I have done for years is making silver till it turned just about yellowish and stop it there. Have no idea what ppm. I am unscientific person who works intuitively mostly. This CS has worked greatly on abscessed teeth, infected places and needy cats. Dave is the person to ask and I hope to contact him soon. However I have had good results even with mites, eye issues and so on. Cats, dogs and people would do well with CS for mouth problems which is only a fraction of what CS can do. Warm regards, Om .

Replied by Diamond

I thought this information would be of great help, I looked it up because I have severe inflammation also. But it is good to be informed. Good Luck.

Replied by Mandessa Cat

Hello Theresa,

Thank you so much for the advice, I actually had no choice but to take him for a cortisone shot, this is the 5th shot :( But I had to, I need him to eat, I feed him with syringe, I boil chicken, lentils, celery and carrots, mix them real soft with my food processor, add some yogurt and give it to him, I also asked her about removing his teeth and she said yes, he may have good chances after this procedure!!!! Then why in the world she didn't say a word earlier????? Why waiting all that long???? I will go on with my plan, feeding him naturally and will remove his teeth as soon as the inflammation gets better, cross your fingers for my Teddy, and thank you again.

Hello Om from Hope,

Where can I get Colloidal Silver?I can't find here in Germany! Is it safe?Will keep looking online till I find it. I use coconut oil and I rub his gum gently with tahini and it helped the inflammation to be reduced and also his drooling almost stopped, I noticed his fur is more shiny and looks better than ever, I always give him eye contact when I feed him or clean his mouth and I sing to him along the feeding process, it makes him feel safe, turmeric powder is new for me, Theresa mentioned it and now you, I guess I have to give it a try, should I mix a little with his liquid food? Is there a special one or the normal powder we use for cooking? Thank you very much for trying to help Teddy.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada

Mandessa, you also can ask Dave of Fountain Inn here on EC. He is an expert in Colloidal Silver.

Turmeric can had in groceries but also online. The organic is better and more expensive . Groceries sell T. with added stuff which I think is fillers. T. would be good to put into the mouth after surgery. Stay away from antibiotics or you open Pandora's Box. If Teddy is older, there is a chance he might not come out of the anaesthesia. This why I did not subject my cats to it, not to mention the fees.

Best wishes. Om

Replied by Thanks Thank U Soooo Much
Lahore Pakistan

Thanks again. I like your advice my cat is also suffering from this pain full disease.

Replied by Laya

Thank you for the information. My cat has FIV and has severe gingivitis as well. Any advice on the diet? My cat is only 2 years old btw

Replied by Anon

You might tempt him to eat with bits of canned fish or raw liver, maybe he does not eat because he cannot smell the food.

Replied by Nstdoc

Ubiquinol is something every cat over ten should take to keep their immune system up and it helps in stomatitis. Removing bad teeth with the roots is a must, instead of stuffing the cats with meds feeling like a Nancy nurse. You may mean well, but while u play doc u keep them in pain. Cat livers are almost useless, so mixing a bunch of meds only hurts them rather than helps. Diet must be grain free and wet. Hi stay away from raw BC many places badly process them and many people don't know how to store it so now with so many hormones and carcinogens in food raw is not wise. Ubiquinol is like Lysene just a bit stronger, a bit of turmeric does not hurt, but u need to know how much and for how long. Plaque off is a must with stomatitis or rub coconut oil on teeth daily as it also removes plaque in cats and humans. As for colds and flu and coughs there is nothing better than Response K and KC defense

Replied by Susan


My cat had a full mouth extraction a couple years ago and is still battling it!

It's so frustrating. Could you please share the dose of CoQ10 and maybe brand?

Or anything else that will calm this? How much turmeric?

Thank you, Susan

Replied by Nan Tee
Hiawassee, Ga

Life Extension Foundation out of Florida ( has a low dose Co-Q10 (50 mg). They only carry top grade supplements. You should only give about 1 mg per pound of weight per day, but if you are attempting to resolve a dire issue such as stomatitis - more won't hurt. Half a capsule a day would be fine. The kitty will not like it. The soft capsules can be punctured by your biting a tiny hole in one end and then apply directly to the gum area. You should taste it first so you can know what your kitty is getting. Co-Q10 has amazing healing properties and is well-known for treating advanced heart conditions such as CHF, gum issues and even breast cancer. Wonderful stuff and there are no known side effects.

Replied by Emmanuel

Susan, I'm not an herbalist, but from what I have read, according to Chinese Medicine, stomatitis is caused by a combination of stomach heat, blood heat and possibly stomach yin deficiency. Yu Nu Jian is an all natural herbal formula that helps correct these issues. If your cat has weak digestion (such as loose stools), you will want to also give Liu Jun Zi Tang (sometimes Wan instead of Tang) ( aka Six Gentlemen teapills). Both of these come in tiny pills that can be easily broken into a few pieces by placing the pill in between a napkin and hitting with the back of a heavy spoon. You can then wrap some cheese or raw meat or something that your cat likes around the pill pieces to hide it. They even make pill pockets for that purpose. Mine love organic canned wet cat food that I only give as a treat. I just get a glob of the wet food and put the broken pill in it and they gobble it down without hesitation. You don't necessarily have to break the pill as they are tiny, but the cats tend to feel the ball in their mouth and be more likely to spit it out, so I break it. I get these two herb teapill formulations from Kamwo. You can simply search the site for the herb name followed by 'teapills'. The typical dosage for adult cats is 1 or 2 pills twice daily. If using both formulas, I would do 1 of each. Giving your cat a good probiotic would no doubt help as well. And I would definitely not feed any dry cat food as this further dries up the stomach fluids. They make organic canned cat food that is grain free, or you could always prepare homemade food for kitty. Hope this helps!

Replied by Joy

I just read that stomatitis is caused by Feline Herpesvirus. (not plaque on their teeth)The Virus cannot be eliminated, so pulling their teeth does not cure the disease.The virus lives in the throat tissues.Giving steroids can eventually cause Diabetes.They are now studying stem cell therapy but I don't know if anyone is using it yet.

Lysine, ubiquinol & Co Q10 appear to help. My cat got stomatitis at 2 yrs of age & she's 15 now. I never even considered pulling out her teeth. I read too many stories of the disease coming back even after this extremely painful procedure!

Replied by Josy

Hello! Some weeks ago I thought I'd lose my cat with this disease. His vet prescribed okra with coconut water ( 200 ml mixed with an okra). I keep it in the fridge but he doesn't like it too cold so I wait a while and give it to him three times a day in a syringe. It also helped my sister's dog to deal with her tick disease. The other thing I'm doing twice a day is to clean his mouth with a wet path with baking soda and coconut oil. I wish your cats get better soon. 😊

Replied by Rita
Seattle, Wa

My cat Riley is going to be one the first week of May, this year, 2018. He has had stomatitis now for most likely since he was a little kitten. I didn't notice at first. I have given him many kinds of supplements, but the l-lysine and the vitamin B complex seem to help the most. He also get some mom, diatomaceious earth, and now some tumeric. His mouth doesn't hardly stink anymore and his gums look 80% better. I have tried many things and of course his is on a strict raw diet as well. I think he was vaccine injured by his first shots before I adopted him at the shelter, maybe because he was also fixed at 4 weeks! Way too early according to holistic vets. Anyway he is growing, doing well, with plenty of energy and stamina. I will not remove his teeth and think the conventional medical model is prehistoric. They have no answers. Everything I have done for Riley is self medicated, with research from holistic vets online advise and blogs like this. I am now going to add coconut oil to his regime because I have read many things about it with immune system compromise. I pray that most of use that are dealing with these issues can find the answers. One of them being avoiding vaccines. Especially for strictly indoor cats.


How do you give the lysine to a cat who is not eating much right now and what brand form strength of Vit B and how to give? Thank you.


Hi, I have a 1 yr old who I took to vet because I noticed foul breath for a long time and red gums. Vet diagnosed stomatis and scheduled a cleaning. He had hardly any tartar buildup but they removed 2 incisors. They said no cure amd the best case scenario is to eventually pull all teeth unless I cam find something else to care for his oral hygeine. I switched to a grain free dry food right now but want some ideas. Names and dosages of what worked for you and where you buy from since you have been through this. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Marlene

hi, not sure if u will see this question, but u had recommended the Yu Nu Jian, I ordered some from a company closer to me to to get it sooner, my question is your brand is 50mg, the company I purchased from the bottle says 500 mg, do you know how much I should give my cat? thanks...