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Any Treatment For White Spots On The Arms And Legs

Posted by Ellen (Wilmington, Nc) on 06/04/2010

I have small white spots on my arms and legs. I'm 56 and like to be in the sun. However, after I tan, the white spots are very noticeable. They are not a bother but looks awful with my tanned legs and arms. Anyone else have this problem and what can make them go away?

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Ellen, I am 52 and I have had them for years now. They have got a bit worse and you are right, they don't look nice, with me especially those in my legs. I have seen several dermatologists but no one really has an answer. I have tried VCO but it didn't help at all. I am also hoping one day I will find an answer. For the time being, no luck though! I like to be in the sun and spend all my young years in Portugal but I am not the type of person who sits in the sun all day. In my childhood we use to go to the beach for one month but other than that we lived in a flat and didn't play a lot outside. Maybe someone can advise something.... My skin has got a lot drier with the age, especially my legs. My lower legs get less dark all over, you see that the feet are a bit darker and then from the knees upwards. I am afraid that one day I will lose all color. The doctor told me that it is not viltligo though, no idea how she knew that!

Replied by Kim
Chicago, Il

Hi Ellen. I was told by a dermatologist that my white spots are age spots. Certain people with fair skin will get the reversed action of typical age spots being dark. I'm not sure how to handle this but, the doctor told me to dab make-up on the spots if they bothered me. (???) Good luck!

Replied by Cindy
Cochrne, Wi

my brother had white spots and areas on his hands and legs that just went away when he started treating for candida. hope this helps.

Replied by Sara
Sacramento, Ca

Good Morning Cindy,

Hope you are doing well. My Niece is suffering from white spot on her legs for 12 years now. She is 21 years old. I am just wondering what did your brother use to treat his Candida. Did he use any alternative medicine, if so what is his recipe? Thank you so much and have a good day.


Replied by Karen
Sealrock, Or

Greetings Ellen, my adopted brother came from Korea when he was 7 yrs. old. He had white spots the size of dimes all over his dark skin. Mom gave him a diet high in B vitamins. He now ate ate brown rice instead of white, lentils,and foods high in "B". She also gave him supplements of a variety of vitamin "B's" and vitamin "C" at least 3000mg a day & they went away. He then had lovely dark skin as it should be. Perhaps it all took several months I can't remember. But they all went away! Best to you.

Replied by Helen
Houston, Tx, Usa

I have white spots, small rund dots, sort of like large white freckles. On a different discussion group someone said they are fungus, and so are brown "age spots. " Use a topical anti-fungus, or clear the whole body of fungus.

Experimentally I slathered a mild "black salve" on one forearm. The white spots seem to be gone from that arm, although I can't be sure until I get a summer tan. Unfortunately the US gov't has apparently banned the sale of any ointment containing bloodroot, you have to buy the ingredients (or a kit) and make your own.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I have never heard of bloodroot but I have the same skin problem, white spots all over and with the summer starting I am getting really stressed out. Moreover they started on my legs and have been moving upwards really fast so I am afraid that one day I will have them on my face. Right now the ones on my breast are quite ugly. Doctors have no solution for this but then they don't have many solutions, have they? In any case it is not vitiligo, not in my case. The stains are small and stay small just I have quite a lot. What kind of topical anti-fungus would you use? A natural doctor gave me a iodine based liquid but it didn't seem to do much so I stopped using it.

Replied by Earthly One
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am a dark-skinned man that had light, cream-coloured patches covering most of my torso (i.e. chest, abs and back area) for the past 16 years. Everytime I went in the sun, the cream-coloured patches would tan and repigment, but I was unable to maintain the pigmentation once I was no longer in the sun. I finally realized that I must be Vitamin D deficient as the Sun contains vitamin D or I had a hormonal problem (as vitamin D really is a hormone). I decided to internally consume large amounts of vitamin D daily (approx 20,000 I. U. ) and mix 20, 000 I.U. 's into my body cream and externally slather on my skin daily so to mimic the Sun's rays. My pigmentation has remained for the last little while. I am wondering if vitiligo is more of a nutrient deficiency too. I also avoid chlorinated-municipal water (bathing & drinking) as I believe the chlorine (i. e. bleach) has something to do with "bleaching out" my pigment... Just a thought.

Replied by P
Middle Of, Fl

Hey! Sharing your thought; my son has vitiligo as well. the first time I noticed his patches he was a pre-schooler, I noticed during the summer time at the pool. I wonder if it was the chlorine?

But I always said he was malnutritioned because during my pregnancy I was morning sickness all day every day for 9 mo straight, hardly ate the best due to feeling ill, as a child my son had A.D.H.D and now its just A.D.D. Now that we live in florida the patches are more profound, he however is really light skin and as he gets darker under the sun, those patches stay white!

Anyway, getting to my point.... I read that women get morning sickness because they lack vitamins and minerals especially vitamin k (i didnt start taking prenatals until my 7th month), he was born with jaundice and pretty much was healthy child but had emotional issues..... I also read that kids with A.D.H.D also have nutrient deficiency and same goes for vitiligo!!!! And it makes sense to me now!!!!

I also read he might lack copper, but I doubt he lacks vitamin D.

Therefore, that's why I share your thought as well!

Replied by Francisca
Zug, Switzerland

Hi Earthly One, I don't have Vitiligo but I have light spots almost all over my skin. Being a Southern European it is not really a nice sight. They began on my legs and went up and up. I think that I am very deficient on Vit. D, especially because the summers where I have lived for the past number of years are quite a bit shorter than what I was used back home. Also my eyes started to get very dry and I think that that got a lot better when a few months ago I supplemented with Vit. D and linseed oil. I am going to buy Vit. D tomorrow once more and will see what happens! I so wish my skin would get better..... But it only gets worse and by now, because of the age I also have brown spots! Soon I will look like a leopard!

Replied by Bebe

i know that this isnt a natural cure but mine went away with doxycycline. some antibiotics have antifungal effects and I think that thats what those spots are, fungus(like melasma or liver spots or tinea). my partner and I took doxy for an unrelated problem and we both had white spots disappear as a "side effect".