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Any Way To Treat Enlarged Spleen In Dog

Posted by Suzanne (Brick, Nj) on 11/13/2009

Spleen health in Dogs

Is there any way an enlarged spleen can be treated in a dog? She has also been diagnosed as anemic. She is 10 and is given little if any time for survival.

Surgery is not an option.

Please help. She is a very large part of my family.

Thank you.

Replied by Curlee
Morrison, Co

My Weimaraner was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen 7/29/09. He was given 2 weeks to live. He is still going strong 4 mos LATER due to the herbal treatments I have been giving him along with a natural diet. Nature's Sunshine makes a concentrated chinese herb called spleen activator TCM Concentrate. Put your dog on it & I think you will see a major difference.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The spleen is one of the organs that gets large whenever there is too many dead blood cells that occur. What the spleen does is it gets rid of dead blood cells. When there is too many of them the get enlarged. Hence, spleen acts like a dead blood filtering mechanism and we have to identify the cause as to why there is too many dead blood cells. One common one is infection, such as blood poisoning, certain insecticides, the dog accidentally ate some rat poison which caused blood cells to die quicky are some of the examples. If it rat poison, the remedy is vitamin K, dose is based on weight of the dog compared to human doses. If the cause is blood infection then 2 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide 3% per liter of drinking water. The hydrogen peroxide will clear up the infection with frequent drinking. Spleen is not the cause, the problem is just too many dead blood cells. This is why car accident victims frequently get enlarged spleen. Hence, if there were no spleen a blood would have certainly clotted the accident victim.

Presently the medical system believes spleen is an unncessary organ, but I think it's important in prevention of a stroke and the filtering of red blood cells. If it were removed, and if there were clots, then it may be in the bloodstream and can cause clots in certain vital organs such as the heart or brain.

Replied by Wendoll
Orlando, Fl

What is the dosage of spleen activator that Curlee from Morrison, Co. used on his/her dog? My dog was just diagnosed with enlarged /cancer of the spleen. I bought Spleen Activator, TCM concentrate. Will it be the same dosage as a human?

Thank you!

Replied by Curlee
Morrison, Co

The dosage of the Nature's Sunshine spleen activator is 1 pill daily. My Weimaraner who was given 2 weeks to live 7/30/09 is still going strong 14 mos later!

Replied by Dawn
Las Vegas, Nv

My dog went in to have his teeth cleaned and I get a call that his spleen is enlarged and I have something to worry about. My Lab is soon to be 9 and I have had him since he was 6 weeks old. So, the vet said it could be cancer, but we needed to do a sonogram.. Well, the sonogram did not find any masses, the vet said we can just re-Check him in 2 weeks. I'm really scared and worried waiting everyday not knowing what this could be. I like the vet here, but his vet is in Orlando, FL. I don't know what to do. I think I'll try that herb I read about with the weimerriner.. Cant spell. What should I do?? Jake is my life!

Replied by Rich
New York

Does any one else have any feedback on the positve or negative effects of Spleen Activator TCM. My golden was just diagnosed with spleen cancer which they believe has spread to his heart.

Replied by Bigbird 10900
Bangkok, Thailand

My 13 years Retriever of 36 kg has been diagnose with enlarged spleen too and will start him on this Spleen Activator too. Any idea how long I should put him on for and dosage? Surgery is out too as he is getting on in years and we want him to grow old gracefully with no surgery and pain. Any feedback will help.

Replied by Diane
Orleans, Ma

I have a 10 year old GSD. Last Dec. I found him collapsed in the kitchen lame. He has never been sick so I was in shock over this. I gurnied him to an emergency vet & the ultrasound showed a small mass on his spleen. Vet said this probably had bled which caused his collapse & weakness. He said 2 out of 3 dogs with mass have cancer. He recommended I put my best friend down. I was heartfelt but determined not to give up hope for my dear buddy Dutch.

I did research on Spleen & canine cancer. I knew spleen removal was not an option. I was advised by vet that if it was cancer Dutch would die anyway shortly after because it spreads. Surgery may take his life as well because of age factor. I decided to treat this as if it was cancer & also get his anemia under control. I changed his diet to an all protein. Whole chickens (lower sodium ones, read labels. ) Buy several when on sale. (99 cents per lb. Shop around) Freeze till ready to cook. Chicken liver, broccoli, carrots & cooking with honey, cinnamon, green tea & some additional herbs. I use a large stock pot & cook chicken in water like a soup. I take chicken out after 1 1/2 hours cool & debone this. I then add 6 large containers of chicken livers, diced veggies & herbs cooking till soft in chicken stock. I then add cut up chicken to the mix & put in 7 containers to cool then freeze. I make it once a week & microwave 1 container daily mixing half w/grain free kibble 2x daily. My dog is 100lbs. You may not need to cook as much depending on size.

Not only has he lost 10 lbs that was needed but his energy level came back. This happened within a few weeks after the vet told me to put him down. I recently took him for a check up to a my regular vet who told me his blood work is now fine & that he probably didn't have the cancer the vet almost 1 year ago said he probably had. I have not had another ultrasound to view his mass however, I am now a firm believer that diet plays a great part on our pet's health as well as with humans. He always was fed chicken but with veggies & brown rice. I cut out all his carbs. & he is much better for this. I now have to cut out carbs myself! He is in better shape then me! LOL!

Everyday since his collapse Dec. 16th. 2010 is a great day to have with my Dutch & I am thankful that I didn't give up on him. My word of advice is when it comes to a dog's spleen try changing his diet or going holistic. I also give my dogs fish oil , kelp tablets & glucosamine chondrotin tablet once daily mixed in with food intake. I buy these at my pharmacy. Again my dog is large & this works & is much less expensive then buying from vets. You may have to grind yours up for smaller dose.

I am not a vet nor a Dr. however I found that a lot of these vaccines & chemicals may have adverse reaction on pets. Dutch's collapse was a few days after he got his vaccines so I have stopped them all but the rabie vaccine. This is my opinion only knowing my dogs. I don't think this helped his situation.

The internet can be a great source of information. You might also research which herbs suit your canines needs. The many I use as an antioxidant. I put clove powder in my weekly mix as well to keep away ticks. It's been very uplifting to see such a great change! I hope he's with me for several more wonderful years! I say... Don't give up! Keep the faith & change their diet for the better! I hope others can have the same hope. If your dog is one out of the 2/3 that has cancer the honey & cinnamon as well as cutting out carbs may help prolong the cancers growth.

I wish your canine good health...... They are so dear & worth every effort! In the long run this also has been a savings because I've had no more tests, medications or vets bills to pay! Just his normal check up recently. Alls good so far! As for his mass perhaps it shrunk somehow? Remission? I don't believe it's cancer but don't know for sure. One thing I do know... Dutch is still here with another winter on its way! How he loves the snow! Best to you & your canines!

Diane S

Replied by Natacha
Tampa, Fl, Usa

It's been a rough couple of weeks... My GSD Iceman will be 9 in February. He's been very sick since December 16, 2011, vomiting and diarrhea, refusing to eat, drinking water excessively, at times lethargic, weak and panting hard when standing, crying when he's laying down...

He has been to the vet 3 times and was diagnosed with the doggy flu, then it was a GI infection and now possibly a hemangiosarcoma on his spleen that required an emergency splenectomy on new years day. Iceman's abdomen was distended and hard to us but the 2 vets and 3 vet techs that saw him disagreed! I asked them to please do blood work and take an xray, results were his white blood cell count was elevated and nothing showed on the xray. A GI scope revealed blood in his abdomen so finally an ultrasound was done and revealed a spleenic mass of 9cmX7cm! Emergency surgery was performed and they found 6 pints of blood just sitting in his abdomen! He was given 4 units of transfused blood, his spleen and mass was removed, and NO matastases were found anywhere.

He came home last night and appears to be in a great deal of pain and won't drink. Today he is acting a bit better, wanting to play with his ball but still won't drink. Now we play the waiting game to hear from pathology... I am so confused right now with all the information available on the Internet! Here is a happy active dog who just got sick and now I have to think about cancer! I just want my devoted buddy to be healthy and back to normal! Iceman has never been a dog that has had to have numerous visits to the vet other than for his annual checkup and shots... What can I do to help him heal and prevent any possible matastases? Suggestions please...

Replied by Steve
Westfield, Nj

Best wishes to everyone whose dog is suffering. A few general comments based on those prior:

The lawn chemicals, pesticides, cleaners, used around your home are dangerous. Of 80,000 known chemicals, the FDA has only tested 200. Really. So if you have beloved pets, you are putting their lives at risk over things like weeds, moles, and cleaning practices. If you really care for your pets and family, go natural. Use natural fertilizers on your lawn if you must use something. Spend time w/your dog outside and pull out weeds. Use baking soda and lemon and other natural cleaners around your home.

When it comes to food "less salt" doesn't cut it nor does the steroid/antibiotic laden meats most people consume themselves, even if you're making homeade food. You must go organic for your pets food or you are asking their already stressed vital organs to do more work. And there are very few people that complain about the price of organic foods that can't give up something for the extra cost to save their pet I. E. eating out, lattes, cable TV, etc.

Finally, question what a Vet tells you, no matter how qualified you think they are. Our sweet dog was not diagnosed with a thyroid problem for over a year at UPenn - suposedly the best veterianry school there is. His local vet said he has arthritis and his quality of life is poor. He's walked over 500 miles in parks since being told that.

You only die once, but you can fight to live every day!

Replied by Jilbert57
Brinnon, Washington

Hi. If you go on the internet and look up pet mix for dogs, ( a dehydrated meal you add meat of your choice to) it should send you to a website where you can order supplements and food. Call and talk with Tom. Tell him yours and your dogs situation and he will work with you to tell what you can do to supplement your dog and help him with natural foods. Good luck.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

I imagine it works for pets like humans in that grains are causing arthritis and thyroid conditions, according to the book Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight. I would avoid any grains in the dog's diet. I made the neighbor's dog some parsley tea when she looked sick. I think it helped her a lot.

Replied by Mitch
Maine, US

Help, my dog just got diagnosed with spleen cancer and they say it has spread. They wanted us to put him down, but I'm not giving up. Any suggestions. He's a Golden retriever, 8 almost 9, anemic.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc. Canada

Mitch from Maine, US---- No need to despair. I helped a man whose dog had the same problem. After six months the x-ray was clear!

The chief treatment was ESSIAC twice daily on empty stomach and the following diet:

Nutritional yeast. one tblsp.

freshly blended veggies, about three varieties.

Kelp powder

blackstrap molasses organic , one tbsp. diluted in a little hot water.

no dairy, grains except organic barley

small amount of celtic salt - animals need salt

ACV on food according to size, not too little

Organic chicken, small amount

(other meat is full of antibiotics, chemicals and poisons)

The only grain that should be used is organic barley, cooked in a lot of water. Cook to almost done and let steep. The water is very valuable for strength and vitality. Two ounces of barley is plenty.

half teasp turmeric in one tblsp. VCO

Filtered drinking water, not distilled.

High amount of vit C in caps.

Lots of love. Hug your mutt for me.

Namaste, Om

Margarita G
Lansdale PA

Hello Om,

I see that this is a pretty old post but I hope to get some help. My 10 year old German shepherd has an enlarged irregular spleen and thickened colon. He's not eating but does drink water. We try to feed him a bit with Turkey baster. Has bloody diarrhea. He‘s been on 2 different antibiotics to help with diarrhea but no change. Now they prescribed prednisone. I know that he's not a young dog but before this he was very energetic and active. He‘s my best friend.

Is the ESSIAC from Not sure how much time he has left but I just want to get the correct product. On that website they have products for pets. Is that the one you recommend? Seems like you might have used a different form of the Essiac. Please help.

EC: So sorry, Om passed a few years ago. Hopefully, another EC contributor can advise.

Replied by Robert G.
Arizona, Usa

Can you please explain more on the diet you give. What are the quantities of some of the items you list. Also, how is it prepared. Is everything mixed together, served cooked or raw? Any further information would be beneficial.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Robert G. ( Arizona USA)---

if you refer to an older post of mine where there was success in removing suspected spleen cancer. The chief treatment was ESSIAC . It is obtainable online from Essiac West , four herb with all roots included. On page 8 of the included instructions, fourth para., my suggestion is one quarter tsp. to start, once a day, and then increasing to twice a day on empty stomach for at least one hour.

The herbs are super potent and can cause herx. reaction if taken in excess. This is from my own usage for detox.

Diet is kitchen processor minced veggie org. medley, a good pinch of celtic salt, half tsp. turmeric sauteed in a tbsp. VCO. Organic meat or all meat quality kibble in smaller amount. No beef. One tblsp. nutritional yeast from the health food store. over the food.

Grains are only recommended if they are org buckwheat, organic barley groats which can be on low all day in the crock pot, so no extra work. Add plenty of water for this, even in excess to soften the kibbles, but also for the health effects. Millet is also very good; it has anticancer action. No breads. I also added organic blackstrap molasses diluted a teasp in hot water over the food. That is for minerals and new blood.

The dog that was thus cured over a period of six months was seen by the vet. She had hoped to "excise" the spleen which is a very important organ for a well functioning system. In other words, when something in a body does not work, cut it out and throw it into the garbage. From other things that happened later, I know she hates me but let's forget that.

A body without a spleen is dependent on harsh allopathic drugs and in precarious condition with minimal quality of life expectancy. This is continued business for the system. That is also plain common sense, which is not so common.

The same can be said for the immune system which is Pandora's box when beaten down with a sledge hammer.

Yours truly, Om

Replied by Kathie
Dateland, Arizona

Hi, The vet said my 8 year old Boston Terrier has an enlarged spleen. There was a little blood in the specimen taken from her. She eats a no grain kibble. What else can I do for her? Please help...I just can't lose my baby. Thank you. Kathie and Dakota

Replied by Alina

Hey there, my 12 year diabetic bichon had been diagnosed with enlarged spleen. He is in too much pain n doctors are saying there's no hope. I can't see my baby in so much pain n can't let him go either. I'm shattered by this news. Tried google desperately n found this post. Iv searched Nature's Sunshine concentrated chinese herb spleen activator TCM Concentrate n its showing 2 or 3 types of bottles. Not sure which one shud I get. Besides I live in pakistan so no idea who will deliver here that too urgently!!

Pleaseee help in finding me the right produc . Thanks in advance