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Arm and Shoulder Injury

Posted by John (Easley, Sc) on 12/30/2018


I seriously injured my entire right arm and right shoulder. I was doing some extensive landscaping work for some customers. I would transport very large amounts of topsoil in a 10 cubic ft. wheelbarrow up a very steep hill for most of two days .

I seriously injured my right arm from the top of my right shoulder down to my hand.

The pain would occur whenever I used my right arm. The pain would sometimes be at a temporary paralyzing level for about 15 seconds.

I sincerely need advice on what path I should take to heal my arm. and everyone who supports this website are a blessing to millions of people throughout the world. I need your help.

Please tell me what I should do to end the pain. Thank you and God bless you.


Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
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John, folks might be able to help better depending on if you think it is a nerve compression injury, or muscle.

Meanwhile you can try soaking in a mineral rich bath, using whatever natural salts you have, Epsom, borax, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, sodium thiosulfate (in those miracle mineral springs people used to travel miles for). Aim for 2-3 cups of salts. Castor oil packs, applied with a heat pad, very healing to injury, and if you're familiar with dmso, can use together for deeper penetration. (Research dmso before use). I have used Rosemary essential oil with success to amp up a comfrey salve that wasn't working on a particular injury. And allow time to heal properly.

Best to you

Replied by Art
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If it was for myself and assuming not a major injury, I would try topical magnesium oil applied from the hand all the way up to the back of my neck and apply as often as needed. I would also use the better quality "softer " ice packs on the shoulder itself with a towel between the ice pack and the skin to prevent frostbite.

If the injury had just happened to me, I might not ice it right away, to allow the body time to startup its own healing mechanisms, but after a day or so, I would definitely start icing in order to bring the inflammation and any swelling down and allow the healing process to continue with less inflammation. Once the pain and swelling decline and things look like they are on the mend, I would start doing slow and mild stretches of the injured shoulder and arm to try and prevent future problems at the site of the injury.

To help speed the healing process, I would take a zinc supplement daily, possibly as zinc citrate or zinc gluconate.


Replied by Dee

Hi John,

My husband had a similar problem with his arm and shoulder due to a bicycle accident. The only thing that helped him was to start a Yoga program. He personally used "Beginner's Manual" by Alice Christensen. He started at first by only doing the warm up for 6 months. Start with a few a day until you get stronger. After starting the Yoga program my husband became VERY STRONG by using the warm up only (it has photos). My husband could use his arm and shoulder after that. But if he stops doing yoga his arm and shoulder start to hurt again. From just the warm up my husband has graduated to doing the entire book of poses! And he is 73!