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Bad Case of Parasites Causing Extreme Weight Loss

Posted by Shifra (Boston, MA) on 06/07/2023

I have been told by a clinical herbalist that I have parasites. I can see then, long slimy wormy things.

She is treating me w mimosa picuda. Says not to do more for them. because if they come out too fast, my colon gets obstructed. Last summer I got super sick with swollen appendix and also infection in intestines. Could not eat for 5 days. Had bad problem.the June before that.

I am.also doing diatomaceous earth. But now have very rapid weight loss. Down to about 115 lbs and I should weigh about 140. This scares me.

What should I do to gain weight? Also belly very saggy and losing muscle mass. Quite scared. Please advise.

One Dr wants to reset my Vegas nerve. And also give a supplement called methylene blue. I looked it up and it seems like it could be dangerous. He said it could help with parasites and Lyme which I also have. Thank.u

Replied by mmsg
somewhere, europe

Shifra, methylene blue is one of the remedies used right here on Earth Clinic. Read the comments about it. It seems helpful.