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Is The Borax Protocol Safe For Recovering Alcoholic?

Posted by Tori (Winnipeg, MB) on 03/19/2023

Hi there, I'm just wondering if there is anything I need to be aware of if I'm wanting to start an alcoholic (working on recovery) on borax. Patient has extreme psoriasis. Started him using borax so far as a shampoo alternative and finding it beneficial! I would love to start giving doses internally to start hopefully healing not only the psoriasis but his organs as well.

I just want to make sure it is not dangerous to do this while patient is still working on quitting the addiction.

Replied by Hollyhock

I can't answer about borax, but I would be trying to clean his liver with milk thistle and NAC as well.

Replied by Learner

Does he have cirrhosis? Reduced kidney function? If he does you may want to address that first.

Borax can cause a "healing crisis" which may be extra stress he does not need right now.

What do you hope to achieve with the borax?

If he is otherwise healthy and his recovery is going *very* well you might feel more confident beginning it, but if he is an inpatient or in rehab, waiting is probably in his best interest.

If you decide to begin the borax consider starting very slow at a low dose, and watch for any negative symptoms. If he experiences any, reducing the dose more or stopping it alltogether and resuming at a later date are probably wise decisions.

Also consider using foods high in boron, or a boron supplement instead.

Best wishes.

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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I'd tend to the liver before I did anything that might have a cleansing effect. Pamper and strengthen it a bit. It's possible whatever debris produced by borax would simply bypass the liver and exit via the skin (as a rash) but I've never dealt with any liver issues, directly, so I have no idea what one would use for the liver, other than a castor oil pack or Belly Rubs of Happiness (massaging castor oil over the liver and chest). Of course, I do that with anything that might have a cleansing effect, anyway, so I suppose I'd belly rub for...probably a month or more? Prior to any attempt to affect the liver. I might even use a castor oil pack, despite the mess, if I had any sort of liver problems.