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Borax Questions Related to Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacements

Posted by Tony (Sydney, Australia ) on 05/11/2023

Borax vs osteoarthritis

I'm 72, 185 hight, weighting 122KG., with osteoarthritis ; several joints replaced with titanium ; and upcoming replacement of the shoulder . Q1 : can I start with borax doses?
, shell I wait, until they replace the shoulder joint?
Q2.: would borax also cover my athletes foot & toe nail
Q3.: As a pre- diabetic, what would you recommend?
Is there anything which you would point out as :
“ Don't do this! ”
What would be my dose of borax a day and how much?, how often?
Please mention all other aspects and details, which may influence the lasting and continuous success .
With kind regards

Replied by DL

Hi Tony,

You didn't say when you are having the shoulder joint replacement, but be aware that the borax protocol can cause intense detox side effects for the first few days in some people. If this were me, I would NOT start the borax protocol within a few weeks or a month of surgery as I wouldn't want my immune system weakened from any detoxing effects.

Borax is antifungal, so it may very well help your athlete's foot and toenail infection but it would take a good number of months on the protocol before you'd see a change. You would also need to follow additional antifungal protocols at the same time, such as making modifications to your diet. Search for fungal infections or athlete's foot in our search box for remedy feedback from our readers.

Instructions for the borax protocol and tips can be found at the top of the page here:

You'll find lots of helpful feedback from EC readers by reading through the posts on that page. Note: Using a desktop computer is better than a mobile device for diving in deep on Earth Clinic as not all posts appear in our mobile version.

Regarding prediabetes - I am surprised that Earth Clinic does not have a page on that (!) so I can't refer you to it for suggestions, but you can find plenty of information online. We'll have to create a new page for prediabetes soon. Thank you for mentioning it.

Wishing you a successful surgery and a fast recovery!

PS. If you search online, you will see that they are testing titanium alloyed with boron in several studies (such as