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Boxer Has Gum Disease and Epulis (Oral Tumor)

Posted by Kim (Hawaii) on 10/23/2015

My boxer has gums and teeth disease and also has epulis. Vet wants to do surgery but I am to scared to do it .any remedies or herbs to help with her gum disease?

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Kim(Hawaii) ---

If it be my dog, I would never succumb to invasive, painful, expensive surgery. Herbal treatment is powerful, gentle and effective.

Please research the remedies section on EC namely Essiac. This is great and removes pain as well. In the instructions there is a section for the mouth. You could use a mister/sprayer to treat the mouth in addition to internal usage, all of which comes with instructions. She will get used to it once she understands. Do make eye contact initially.

It must be four herb with all roots included. I have my herbs from ESSIAC WEST. The tea is very potent so start with smaller than suggested dosage. Just irrigate the mouth several times a day using small amounts as not to create over kill. Take a look at the diet which is also on EC.

All the best, Namaste Om

Replied by Vicki
Knoxville, Tennessee

I have a 8 year old minature schnauzer. She has a Epulis on her upper gum at her canine tooth. Is there any thing to shrink or get rid of it?