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Brother In Law In Coronary Ward

Posted by Tania (Mackay, Queensland, Australia) on 12/05/2012

Dear Ted, My dear brother-in-law is in the coronary ward in hospital at this very moment. He has been told he has only two weeks to go before death. He has vegetation growing around the heart it has destroyed his valve. On top of that he has deep vein thrombosis which has resulted in them operating on his leg where the clot is. They have been pumping him with antibiotics and morphine. They said his iron levels are too low to operate on his heart. We do not know how to help him all we are doing is round the clock juicing. You are a busy man so I realize that this message may not get to you in time, but I want you to know that all your giving and kind advice does not go unnoticed. There are humans out there, like you, that show we really are made in God's image, and are capable of displaying the same qualities as our Creator. Good on you Ted!

Replied by Kilgore
Jackson, Ms

Please try to get your BIL iodine, put it in water, coffee or milk. It should quickly handle the vegetative growth. You can get iodine at a pharmacy or compounding pharmacy.

Replied by Anne

Lugol's iodine . How many drops? I have been told I have vegetation in my heart valve as well. The drs treated me with antibiotics.I'm not sure how it is now, my bottom number on blood pressure is high. Top number is usually ok, I was in hospital for sepsis when they told me about vegetation in heart valve.