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Suggestions Needed for Calcium Buildup on Heart Valve

Posted by Sandra (Sun City Center, FL) on 08/03/2021

I am 76 and have calcium buildup on one of my valves. My doctor checks me every 6 months.

Is there anything I can do to help with my problem?

Replied by Charity
faithville, Us

I read death by calcium at the library years ago, It was very enlightening.

In Death by Calcium, Dr. Levy presents compelling scientific evidence that systematically debunks much of what Western society believes about calcium. The book explains why calcium is dangerous in excess quantities, why limiting it promotes health and provides strategies to help readers begin to get their calcium levels in balance.

Death by Calcium: Five Myths That Could Cost You Your Life…I would say we could have death by water if we took it in excess. The thing I have been learning about calcium is about soil and fertilizers and how we grow our food. The guy who invented fertilizers like 20 -10-10 discovered that the fertilizer did make the plants grow well but kept them from taking nutrients out of the soil into the plants. Justus Liebig was a German chemist born on May 12,1803 – died on April 18, 1873. Liebig was considered as the father of the fertilizer industry. Liebig discovered that nitrogen as an essential plant nutrient, isomerism of cyanic and fulminic acids.

Justus Liebig known as the father of the fertilizer industry

it's interesting how his name has Lie Big in it. But anyway you can buy organic stuff but what was in the soil it was grown in?

Boron is missing in most soil and it regulates calcium into bones and out of soft tissue. Magnesium is needed to work with calcium as an opposing force. One tightens one loosens.

Vitamin D is involved with calcium but works in unison with K-2 and then silica is part of the regulation of calcium. threonine affects calcium going into enamel on teeth. Well, there is a lot that doesn't ever seem to be in one article that affects the proper absorption of calcium in our body. Don't start any boron without chanca piedra (stonebreaker) or a good vinegar or lemon drink to break up stones that might come loose. Still learning daily. Love, charity

I forgot to mention digestion plays a key role in mineral absorption and cortisol affects digestion.

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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Hmmm...on a heart valve...I can't say what I'd use but I would, for sure, be applying DMSO and olive oil to my chest, my calves, and down the inside of my upper arms. Like from the armpits, down to that side of my elbow. And I'd take it slow, as opposed to mega doses of vitamin C or something, but I don't know what the symptoms would be and it's possible, if I experienced them, I would either use cayenne or I'd end up doing exactly the wrong thing.

With a diagnosis, whatever I decided to do, I'd prep for it with the DMSO and olive oil along with sips of olive oil 3 or 4 times per day for a week before I even tried. That said, I'd probably address it the same way I'd address gall or kidney stones - with "not strong" lemonade and olive oil. But I'd definitely start the olive oil asap.

I would not hit it with mega doses of ascorbic acid or even strong lemonade -or any other sort of acid. I'd want it to dissolve in place, slowly, as much as possible but I wouldn't do anything without the olive oil.

Some will say that olive oil can't do what it does - but that won't stop it. I don't know how it does it - unless it percolates or otherwise permeates tissues and membranes. All I know is that you don't want to break up gall or kidney stones without it because, ouch! And I would say that you don't want to break up a calcium deposit on a heart valve at all.

Replied by HisJewel
New York

Sandra of Sun City Center, Florida

Are you taking vitamin K2? Vitamin K2 puts calcium in bones and removes calcium from arteries. If not you may want to try it. You can ask your doctor if this is good for you.

Here are a few articles:

Replied by Teena

Sodium thiosulfate has been used extremely successfully to detox calcium out of soft tissue where it doesn't belong. That's what I would research in your situation.