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Posted by KTindol (Godley, Texas) on 02/07/2022 1 posts
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Has anyone used Borax as a mouthwash? My daughter has cavities and our dentist is pushing the fluoride. Thanks.

Replied by Larry Post

I don't use it as a mouthwash, I drink it in water, have done for years. Makes a whole world of difference to an arthritic joint. Only small amounts are needed, like what you can pick up with a toothpick, although people do take much more without problems.

It's illegal in many places to sell it for human consumption, but it is quite safe. The ban was mainly because it threatened the HUGE arthritis industry.

But as a mouthwash, why not? Whether it will help with cavities, I can't say, but it certainly won't make matters worse.

Do let us know how it goes.

Replied by Katzie

My son and I both use a Hydrogen Peroxide soaked q-tip on "brown" (aka cavity) lines on teeth. We soak it in dollar store hydrogen peroxide rub it over the affected area 2x/day for three days. He is now 21 yrs old and only had a cavity drilled once, way before I found this site!! (And never since). Dentistry is a scam. Tooth infections (aka cavities) can be defeated easily, with dollar-store hydrogen peroxide & toothpicks, floss and/or qtips, manuka honey, colloidal silver, neem oil, etc.! At least, TRY something else before you submit!

Bless you all, earth healers!!

Larry P.

Peroxide has so many uses. It's essential in any home medical kit. Just be careful, though. I've known people use it as mouthwash then end up spending a fortune fixing gum pockets etc. Can't say for sure that was the cause. It works by breaking down any decaying waste matter but isn't very selective. It also removes matter from damaged but still functional parts that are needed for regeneration. That's my understanding, at least. So it may - repeat may - leave you with a clean hole where the tooth was rotting. Ok, but not the same as regenerating the affected part. If you know better, that's fine, and do correct me: I'm just flagging this as something to check.