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Cat Suddenly Dragging Back Paw

Posted by Jordan W. (IL) on 11/09/2022

My 4 year old cat suddenly started knuckling/dragging just his back left paw. It hasn't gotten any worse in the past 12 days since which when it started. He doesn't seem to be in any pain. I took him to my family vet the day after it started who did X-rays. They didn't find any abnormalities. He's still acting like himself, eating, and using the litter box normally. What could this be? Peroneal nerve damage?

Replied by Katzie

You could try some DMSO on it. I used it on my dog's paw/leg and she couldn't walk. I put it on her 3x that day and soon my 12 yr old dog was happily walking again! I hope it works for your cat, too.