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Just Adopted Feral Cat Has Bad Gas and Belching - Please Help

Posted by Mary Martinez (Arcadia, CA) on 10/27/2023

Hello Dear Eathclinic,

I just became owner of a 1 year old feral cat. She has bad gas and belching. I started to give her acidophilus low dose. Does anyone have any remedies to help her?

Replied by Mama to Many

Hi Mary!

1/8 teaspoon activated charcoal powder once or twice a day should help! It can be mixed in wet food.
The probiotic is a good idea.

Kitty may benefit from a dewormer as well.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Katzie
Cancun, Mexico

Please consider adding 1 tsp per day of Diamotaceous Earth. It's basically fossil flour. It will really help her. Its is also how I keep my 2 street rescues healthy, with 1 tsp per day of D.E. mixed into their wet food. Works like a charm! Best of luck with your very-lucky-furbaby!