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Cat With Autoimmune Deficiency - Please Help

Posted by Mickey (Central TX USA) on 10/11/2023

Cat has Autoimmune Deficiency

Our 6 year old female calico cat has suffered from autoimmune disease ever since she was a kitten. She is worse when the weather is hot. When that happens, her nose has sores, and is at times bloody. We have noticed that her feet sometimes have sores. During the hot weather, we take her to the veterinarian for a shot. I don't know what it is that he injects her with, but it usually helps. The bill says "allergy injection." A couple of times I have seen the word "convenia." Is there a natural remedy that can help &/or cure her? Should we give her colostrum pills? Maybe she didn't have colostrum when she was born. A man I worked with found her on the side of the road when she was about 5 weeks old, so we took her in. She does not suffer from autoimmune deficiency during cold weather. We live in Texas. Thank you.

Cancun, Mexico

She likely has a parasite, either from mama or its environment.

Luckily, Diatomaceous Earth is literally dirt-cheap. It is a fossil flour. 1 tsp/day on her food and you will notice an improvement pretty darn quickly. Best of luck to both of you!