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Help Needed for Cat With Skin Ulcers Around the Mouth

Posted by Sharon (Strongsvillle, Oh) on 02/14/2018

HELP! We have two cats that are brothers. One is having serious issues with skin Ulcers around his mouth. He also has acne but can control that. The vet treats him with steroids, but now he needs it every other month. Any safe suggestions to treat him. I do have photos on my phone. Took him to a dermatologist and they said it is environmental.

Replied by Flower's Mom
Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm

Hi Erin, I have an elderly cat (13 yrs) who used to have serious allergies and would erupt in sores in several places, but the ones that seemed to be the most painful were the ones in and around the mouth. The vet put her on steroids which took care of the problem for a while, but then she started to need a higher dose to control the outbreaks, so I looked for a better solution. I began treating her with coconut oil and colloidal silver. The coconut oil I applied directly around her mouth, which not only soothed the sores, but the antibacterial, antiviral properties in the oil helped the sores heal. I also put colloidal silver in her drinking water, which, taken internally, helped keep them from coming back. The problem with steroids, is that they only treat the symptoms, not the root cause of the ulcers, and they work by suppress the immune system, which is our body's means of defense. By carefully researching, I discovered that the added food coloring in her treats were causing the ulcers! I stopped giving her anything with artificial ingredients or colors, and now I only give her treats that I make and she has not had an outbreak for years. I hope that helps. Flower's Mom