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Seeking Help for 6 Year Old With Sinus Issues and Enlarged Adenoids

Posted by Vic123 (Dallas, Tx) on 08/08/2018


My boy 6 years old has a weak immune system. He is a mouth breather and has running nose and drooling problem. He keeps his mouth open and it bothers me a lot. I took him to an ENT specialist and he is diagnosed with medium size adenoids and allergies from dust mites and grass. For allergies, we are given him OTC antihistamines and a nasal spray Flonase. In the beginning, the results were good but not so good after all. Also, he has some trouble breathing from his nose.

The doctor said it's up to me to remove the adenoids and sometimes it helps with the symptoms but he is just 6 years old. I am not sure what to do I have tried a lot of natural remedies like honey ginger and garlic but not so much luck either. Recently he has developed a cough and now he is coughing most of the time.

Any suggestions or anything you can prescribe I will highly appreciate it. Thank you.

Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
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Vic123, the honey Ginger lemon recipe is great for boosting the immune system, and for the swelling, coconut oil (cold pressed, organic), can apply topically and start to ingest very slowly, like start only 1/8 tsp per day, slowly building up 1/4 tsp every week if no adverse effects, up to one tsp a day, give about 4-6 weeks should see significant improvement in cough, adenoids and the allergies.

Note, we had an expose here on tv, most honey sold in the US is HFCS and water, get yours pure from a local beekeeper. And the lemon and ginger fresh, organic if possible. Best to you.


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The enlarged adenoids are usually an indication that the body is trying to fight some type of pathogen. They usually shrink with age.

The antihistamines can cause a rebound effect which can worsen things with long term use. At 6 years old, this can be tough for both of you. It would be helpful to know if he was on an antibiotic regimen before this started.

Whatever you give has to be relatively gentle and non invasive. One thing that comes to mind is an over the counter product nasal spray called Xlear.

This nasal spray contains saline plus xylitol, the popular sugar substitute.

Xylitol has anti-inflammatory qualities as well as antibacterial qualities, antifungal qualities and it also has antibiofilm qualities which may be an issue with your son given that this seems to have been going on a while. With xylitol, unlike the antihistamines, long term use should not be a problem. The xylitol is also gentler than saline solution alone and should not sting as saline alone can do. The saline is antibacterial also.

Even though this is an over the counter product, you still need your doctor's approval and guidance as the cough adds a complication to the whole situation. For the cough, you can also try rubbing VicksVaporub on his feet before bed and putting white socks on over it.

There are quite a few things you can try, but this is probably the most gentle for a six year old. Next in line would be this one, but I would try the basic one first as this one has a mild sting to it because of the capsicum content and again your doctor's supervision would definitely be needed for all of this.

Good luck to both of you and let us know how he does!


Replied by Bl

I would highly recommend doing a nasal swab through Microbiogoly DX. Get a glob of stuff from his sinus and send it it. They will mail you a kit and results promptly through email. No doctor needed. I was having ear infections, given an antibiotic for three yrs destroyed my life. These doctors are not getting to the true cause and causing more harm. After I did my nasal swab that revealed fungal/mrsa, I realized my ear infections were fungal to begin with and antibiotics then cause it to systemically explode throughout my body.