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Need Help for Chronic Eye Infection

Posted by clo (ND) on 11/20/2022

I have been fighting an eye infection off and on for months..have bad dry eye..been doing prescription antibiotic packs..systane true tears..vinegar washes...eyes are itching so bad I could pick them out of my head all red swollen...what more to try??? Help, please. Thank you all ahead of time.

Replied by Art
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There have been reports on Earth Clinic of successful use of colloidal silver for eye infections.


Replied by Gary
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Hi clo

I have had eye issues in the past and I get Activated Charcoal and distilled water mix.

  • 1/4 teaspoon charcoal
  • 1/4 cup water

Stir well.

Get an eye rinse cup at any Drug store.

When applying, open your eye and look left/then right while the cup is on your eye.

You will have fast relief. Do this as needed.


Replied by HisJewel
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Hi clo of ND

I remember when COVID 19 first ran rapid in early 2020 and they were wanting everyone to stay indoors. Well, I cheated a lot because I had a lot of essential things to do. I declare to you COVID had to be in the air because I always came home with burning, itchy eyes. Putting about 1/4 teaspoon of Arm and Hammers Baking Soda in about half glass of water and simply splashing in my eyes and on my face stopped the attack and took away the redness every time.

I was dealing with what I thought was a sty earlier this year that kept playing with me. I would put stuff on it and it would appear to be healing but then the sty opened and got a scab. I looked like a monster. I tell you, I have been through something this year. I just kept praying and just when I decided to let well enough do my eye got healed.

I can't remember right now what I took Oregano oil softgel-caps for. As a matter of fact, it was the first time I ever bought oregano oil. And low and behold the lump where the sty kept refilling completely closed. God is a Wonder.


Replied by mmsg
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Clo, have you tried castor oil? Spread a small amount nightly on your closed eyelids and if it's helpful, you will know within a week.

Replied by Katzie

Colloidal Silver! That is all. I had the same as you, but for only 1 night as I keep Colloidal Silver on-hand. I used it every 5 mins, with a spray bottle and/or an eyedropper, and it was gone the same night!

Happy healing.

Replied by LBethel
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Dear Clo, Here is what I did for dry eye several years ago. I got Solaray beta carotene 10,000 and took it w food once a day. I also took fish capsules basically when I thought of it. I put coconut oil in my eye before bed and slept with an eye mask Alaska Bear bought on Amazon. I also bought Similsan eye drops from Amazon. Hope that helps.