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Chronic Pelvic Pain For Thirty Years

Posted by Leona (California) on 01/22/2023

Greetings, I was wondering if you can advise natural remedies for the following two issues I have:

1) pelvic pain for about 30 year, doctors searched for gynecologic and intestinal areas but they can't find the cause of the inflammation and pain.

2) in the last MRI doctors found gallbladder stones.

I would appreciate any suggestions of natural remedies for these two conditions.

Thank you.

Replied by Art
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You may find this Earth Clinic page useful :


Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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For something like this, having gone on for so long, the first thing I would try is a castor oil pack over the pelvic area. Complete with a cover and heating pad. They call castor oil "the palm of Christ", which is what I would use for pain of unknown origins. And, as it's the pelvic area, I would also supplement iodine - starting with very low doses. Like 6 mg or so. You don't mention your age but I'm wondering if you also get chilled very easily.