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Could Borax Use for Ulcerative Colitis Cause Inability to Urinate?

Posted by Dan In Illinois (Chatham, Il) on 03/25/2012

I tried 20 Mule Team Borax -- 1/2 a mans dose (1/8 teaspoon Borax in 2 cups of water). 8 days in a row (seemed better every day), then none for 4 days, then started back one day. Then simply could not urinate. Ended up in the hospital emergency room for a catheter (for 3 days). Removed catheter, and couldn't urinate. One day later, back to hospital for another catheter. I see a doctor tomorrow to analyze all this. This was my first Borax use, and while there are certainly several possible unrelated causes for failure to urinate, I need to ask: is it even POSSIBLE that Borax at 1/2 dose level could somehow cause my prostrate to expand to suddenly stop all urine flow?

Replied by Dan In Illinois
Chatham, Illinois

It wasn't the borax after all. I haven't touched borax since the urination problem started, but have managed (sort of) to reproduce the problem with turmeric. It wasn't a clean comparison.

As I try to document this (my mess), I find it's just ridiculously complicated. I'm not now taking the same pills and drinks that I was when this all started. My body is still healing from wearing a catheter for 45 days.

My urologist said my prostate was originally swollen and boggy and 6 times normal size, but now is not swollen, not boggy and only 3 times normal size. He is anxious to perform prostate surgery. It's all I can do to keep from calling him an idiot to his face.

I don't have this sorted out yet, but I did want to let folks know that borax doesn't seem to have caused my urination problem.

Replied by Dan In Illinois
Chatham, Illinois

After 2 months and almost $10,000 in medical bills, I finally figured out why I can't pee at times. Not Borax, and not Turmeric. It was a Probiotic. At this point, I am all trained and have everything I need for self cathorizing, so it's not such a big deal any more. I'm guessing here, but I had the same kind of problem (but not nearly so serious) when I first started taking baking soda -- it seems like I get too much acid in my urine, and peeing is just impossible.

South Africa

Hi there. I'm very interested in your story. Do you perhaps any further updates? My friend has ulcerative colitis and I've been telling her to up her probiotics. I don't do supplements so I advised her to drink kombucha and apple cider vinegar and kefir. I'm concerned about you saying that it was the probiotics that caused your problem. A reply would be so much appreciated. Thank you.


If your gut flora balance is off, then taking probiotics can cause bad reactions. That is why all the recommendations say to start slow, maybe a tablespoon of kefir per day, then increase slowly until your system adapts. Also, some natural things like kefir and kombucha contain yeasts as well as bacteria. If you are having issues with yeast, this can make it worse. Everyone says start with yogurt, but yogurt leaves me in the bathroom all day. Milk kefir never sat well with me, but water kefir is doing fine. I can make it myself and I drink a quart or so a day with no problems. But--you need to figure out what works for you and not against you. Don't overdo it, make sure you are doing all the other things, such as eating right so that your issue heals, and then the probiotics will assist in your effort.