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Critical Limb Ischemia, PAD and Severe Neuropathy - Need Urgent Help

Posted by T1D&Fading (Cleveland, OH) on 07/11/2021


I am writing to ask if anyone has successfully cured PAD (Peripheral artery disease ) and severe Neuropathy that has caused critical limb ischema?

I have been type one diabetic since the age of 9 (35 years) and it has taken it's vicious toll on my body. I have spent thousands over the years on herbs, vitamins and specialists trying to heal myself as I have had many, many ailments throughout my T1D tenure. Now, I am facing amputation. I have already been to the best vascular surgeon at Cleveland Clinic who has unsuccessfully tried twice to remove a blockage in my femoral artery. He now wants to do a bypass using veins from my other leg - however - I do not think it will work as the veins and arteries in my other leg are just as weak.

Once covid hit - I stopped seeing most of my doctors - A wound developed on my lower leg months ago (lack of blood flow) and will not heal. I went to the wound clinic last week and they told me they can't do anything because there is no blood flow in that region of my leg - the wound doctor believes that I now have a blockage in my tibil artery as well. I have so many other symptoms...extreme pain throughout my whole body, the feeling of fullness with three bites of food, weakness, hair loss, etc. the list goes on and on. Although my blood tests are negative for celiac disease - I think I may have it because every time I get blood work done - something is low - whether it's iron or vitamin d or folic acid.

Once I fix one thing - something else gets depleted. It seems like a vicious cycle! I spend my days researching options and remedies - I have read so much that I don't even know where to start and the gabapentin makes me so tired I can't think straight most days. If there is anyone out there who can help me or offer any advice - I would be so thankful! Even a list regarding things I need to do in consecutive order would help.

I am sure some people who read this will have several questions - please feel free to ask! Thanks in advance for your time - hoping someone can offer suggestions that will not only save my legs - but my life!

Replied by Antrius Resius
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Try Cayenne and wheatgrass everyday. Start slowly with Cayenne 1/16th of teaspoon and increase as much as possible, like half teaspoon a day and then one teaspoon per day. For wheatgrass take one tablespoon morning with empty stomach and one tablespoon night again with empty stomach.

I wish all the best.

Replied by JimR

Hi TD1,

I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this frightening scenario. I have spoken with several people that have avoided amputation, even in late stages such as your situation. I have been using 2 approaches to the problem of microcirculation restoration, a specific nutritional solution to repairing and restoring the endothelial glycocalyx, which is the very basis for healthy function of the capillaries. I've done extensive research on this topic.

There is a second approach of attacking the problem that is the fastest means of opening up the capillaries without any drugs, heating up the blood above normothermia, which causes the hypothalamus to dilate all the capillaries throughout the body in order to dissipate the excess heat. I use a specific medical device to do this in the comfort of your home. I got one of these devices to help with the scar tissue caused by radiation therapy during cancer treatment. It did help quite a bit with that, but the unexpected benefit was it restored circulation in my legs and reduction of neuropathy in my feet. My A1C also dropped quite a bit. This is a whole different part of the story.

Please contact me directly to discuss more about this. I don't even know how we do that on here.

EC: In the past, we do a private email swap if both parties agree to it.



I would be very interested in knowing more about your 2 options. My best friend is going through this to no avail. Mine isn't as bad as his. I have used Alpha Lipoic Acid & Vit B6, Hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT), PEMF, & frequent specific microcurrent with results (just slow), along with lymphatic homeopathic drops.

Jim Ranum

Hi Marcia,

I'm very familiar with all the therapies you mentioned and have tried most of them myself. The policies on this website prohibit us from mentioning specific products, so I can't just say on here. The medical device I have been using for the last 2 years has been able to stimulate the closing of wounds that wouldn't heal even with HBOT. Turns out the direct application of heat such that it raises the blood temperature causes an override of microcirculation dysfunction, which most people have no idea they have. (like me) In Japan, they are using a similar therapy for the heart, with great success.

The moderator said we could exchange emails if we both agree. I am more than happy to do that with anyone that is interested.

EC: Hi Jim,

Go ahead and mention the device... people will appreciate knowing about it! 

New York

If possible I would like to exchange emails with JimR from FL regarding of the medical device he mentions on his reply T1D&Fading.

Thanks Earth Clinic for all lives you have saved allowing people to connect and help other human beings!

EC: If Jim okays this, yes, can do.

Replied by Joseph A.
Stockton, Ca
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Hi young lady, I along with many others can feel your pain, my father died of Atherosclerous 61 yrs ago, I will be doing the best I can while also treating my son who is 100% disabled. Cleveland clinic is one of the best hospitals that I have read about. There is a functional medicine Dr named Joel Fuhrman, I spoke to him 20 yrs ago, extremely knowledgeable, perhaps I would recommend trying to contact him for information, he always knew much of everything.

My name is Joseph and I will try my best to find help, seek alternative medicines that may help you with your PAD & Severe Neuropathy.

You may be familiar with most of these beginning things I included below, however I feel better sending them.

The hardening of your arteries (as of today) cannot be unclogged to remove existing plaque, but can help prevent additional plaque from forming. I will try to buy you more time while we search for valid help. By reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol & increasing HDL (good) cholesterol may buy that additional time.

When you have lots of LDL the excess cholesterol floats through your body & may stick to your arterial walls. The HDL cholesterol will wash away the LDL cells & stop new plaque from forming.

Healthy Heart Tips:

No smoking.

Belly fat should be lost.

sex- A lower frequency of sexual activity is associated with higher rates of cardiovascular disease. Sex is good for the heart.

Hobbies: do something to relieve your stress. Knit, draw, etc.,

Added boost of heart healthy fiber: oatmeal, apples, pears, barley, beans, avocados.

Eat Omega-Fatty acids: Salmon, Sardines, Tuna (albacore) 2X weekly will ward off heart disease.

laughter may be good for your heart.

Yoga helps improves balance, flexibility & strength. Can reduce stress & help you relax.

Alcohol - Moderate consumption of red wine can raise your levels of HDL & also prevent blood clot formation & arterydamage.

Know your numbers: Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Cholesterol total, HDL, LDL.

Eat Dark Chocolate- contains heart-healthy flavonoids. They help reduce inflammation & lower your risk of heart disease. Best times to eat are in the mornings. “Don't mistakenly” buy milk chocolate (over sweetened)

Eat nuts- Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans, just a small amount can help lower your risk for heart disease.

Consider Pet Therapy: Great company, Unconditional love, may improve your heart, lung function.

Brush teeth daily : Some research suggests that the Bacteria that cause Gum Disease can also cause risk of heart disease.

I have not viewed this video: it is a video regarding how to prevent heart disease. I understand it may be junk, but one never knows.

Joseph A.

Replied by Patrick O'Flaherty
St. George, UT

Not sure if this would help but....if memory serves me correct, back in the late 90's / early 2000's, my aunt was suffering from a severe case of varicose veins in both lower legs and her skin was discolored with swelling and much pain. This confined her to a wheelchair most of the time. So I got her a combination of grape seed extract and pine bark extract (Pycnogenol) and all her issues started getting better immediately, steadily but not completely. I don't recall how long she took it for. If you try this, please share your results good or bad.

Replied by Tessa

Hi T1D&Fading (Cleveland) –

I hope that you will be able to change your posting name from “T1D&Fading” to “T1D & not fading anymore” soon.

While I don't take this particular product Blockbuster AllClear, I do take their Serrapeptase 250,000 U every night as a preventative – strokes and heart disease run in my family.


Per Serving


80,000 IU


1600 FU


20,000 HUT


1500 FIP


4000 DU


600 CU


1000 ALU

Acerola extract

50 mg

Amla extract

50 mg

Olive Leaf Citrus Blend

230 mg

Fulvic Acid content (from 100mg Fulvic Mineral Complex)

25 mg

Bacillus Coagulans

376,000,000 CFU

Protease S

650 APU

Grapeseed extract

100 mg

Pine bark extract 95%



6 mg

They are based in the U.K. but their U.S. sales website is:

They also strongly recommend topical use of magnesium oil (available at health food stores and online) for just about everything. You can also make your own using magnesium chloride flakes (quite a few recipes on the web to make the oil, lotion or cream).

I hope you will find this useful.

Best of luck,


Replied by Malati

My uncle, a long time diabetic was to have amputated a foot due to gangrene but went in for ozone therapy and it curds him. He went to a naturopath, entering in a wheelchair and walking out after 3 months. This is in response to the question by T1D&Fading by Cleveland. Please consult an Ozone therapist. All the best! God bless you!

Replied by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan
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Hi; use Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) tea 2- 3 cups a day and turmeric, it gave a good result with a friend who has the same symptoms.

Replied by Dano

You mentioned that you tried many herbs. Have you used Salvia miltiorrhiza, also known as Red Sage and Danshen in Chinese medicine? It is a specific for microcirculation.

Replied by Mari

First, there is hope. This is not in place of the best medical advice. Address the diet - no saturated fats! They cause insulin resistance- fact! Eat a diet rich in massive greens and balance with beets and berries. A small amount of omega rich fresh fish, and green lipped muscle supplement is critical. Stay away from all other animal products and fake meats, no soy, corn, rice, wheat. Have lentils, olives, nuts and seeds. Clean water.

Look at using maggot therapy. Maggots only eat the dead tissues and help establish granulation to heal wounds. Sounds primitive, but there are hospitals and societies that use this proven and effective modality.

The mental faculties will deliver what you think. Think wellness, and wholeness, meditate to clear your mind, avoid negative or toxic people. We manifest what we decide will happen. I suggest Calm Whale music on YouTube. I have no affiliation with them. They have excellent meditation sound for recovery.

Please look into Hemi-Sync brain technology. The Monroe Institute and neuroscientists worldwide bring this to everyone. is a sample of one of the most useful in the series. many people arrange with the hospital/surgeon to use in the OR with the patient's own headphones that are sterile prior to the procedure.

And, a final tool is the use of serrapeptase,

This is very effective, and yes, it works, but you need to read the studies posted as well. Knowledge is key.

Be well. Blessings.

Replied by Dana

Ortho Molecular medicine can help you. It will need for you to read up on it, and follow recommendations. You may also need to enlist your doctor's help in weaning you off of px meds. Amazon has numerous books available on Ortho Molecular Medicine by Linus Pauling, Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Andrew Saul, Dr Thomas E. Levy and others.

Books: Ortho Molecular Medicine for Everyone by Abram Hoffer MD, PHD, and Andrew Saul PHD.

Niacin The Real Story by Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Andrew Saul and Dr Harold D. Foster.

Magnesium Reversing Disease by Dr Thomas E. Levy.

Diabetes needs an organic low/no carb diet: protein, especially cod fish, sardines, eggs, salad greens, vegetables, avocados, olives, olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, mixed nuts, and preferably no dairy, no caffeine/chocolate/coffee/tea/green tea

This list of supplements is by no means complete. It is simply a basic list. Recommendations and dosage is in the books: Niacin, Magnesium Chloride, Mega Dose Vitamin C, Lecithin, Natural Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols), Vitamin D3, Vitamin K Mk7, Fish Oil capsules, Evening Primrose Oil capsules, Vitamin B Complex 100.

The diet and supplements help lower blood sugar, help blood circulation, decrease pain, help neuropathy and work as an all round good health protocol.

I know Ortho Molecular Medicine works, because it's all that's helping me with similar health issues like what you have.

My best to you in good health.

Replied by Carmel Muggeridge


May I suggest you URGENTLY contact Robert von Sabarcher in Dallas Texas USA by phone. If you email he will send you hundreds of the most amazing health issues & what to do. And that's ok but you need help now. He does not otherwise answer emails - too much volume. Your issues are unique and urgent that's why important to make phone contact. He has stuff on YouTube too but mainly general. good luck and much love for a solution.

Replied by Moonlion
Tampa, Fl

Look into the ReBuilder 300 electronic stimulator system. It is an FDA approved device used for peripheral neuropathy (since the 90s?). My mom soaked her feet in water with this device for 30 minutes 2 times/day for 90 days. The improvement was mind boggling. Anyone else would have stopped because there were lots of ups and downs as the nerves repaired themselves. As the layers repair, there were painful flareups in different parts of her feet and legs. Once she understood this is part of the healing progress, it took the fear away and encouraged her to continue. My mom was diligent and didn't miss a treatment. I encourage anyone with neuropathy or nerve pain to try this. It is covered by insurance for some individuals. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) also has programs to deal with peripheral neuropathy and we are using this currently for maintenance. Her leg and back pain has cleared up along with this as well leaving us to realize what we thought was sciatica, inability to stand for long periods and low back pain was more likely nerve issues.

Replied by Paul
Replied by Joseph A.
Stockton, Ca
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I wanted you to know you are eligible to contact the US Treasury Dept for financial assistance with Covid19 coupled with your health issues. I was googling to learn more but was unable to view the video because it was late and my son was asleep.

There's a lot of talk going on about Oxidized Cholesterol being the main problem for clogged arteries and not LDL. It's a little confusing but may have merit. I was trying to read all I could at 1:30am without waking my son. Please look into that info I sent you.

I have so many notes and not sure what I sent, however I will send this now.

Water consumption thins blood, makes it easier for heart to pump the thinner faster moving blood to help your body clear LDL more rapidly.

These foods help to unclog arteries fast.

  • Garlic (allicin)
  • B3 Niacin (flush type only)
  • Pomegranate (photochemicals) protects arterial wall from damage, improves blood flow.
  • Turmeric (Curcumin) reduces plague

I am reading conflicting things about clogged arteries and being able to unclog and not being able to unclog. I will send this and get back to you.

My best to you, Joseph

Replied by bodulica
Replied by Jim Ranum

Here is info on one of the things I was talking about to restore microcirculation that I use, which is at the core of the issues you describe. It is bewildering to me that mainstream medicine is so disconnected on the whole topic. I asked my cardiologist about the endothelial glycocalyx and he looked at me like I just caught him stealing money out of the church tithing bowl. He actually stammered and started defending all the drugs he wants me on.

Once you know about this, everything else starts to make so much more sense. High blood pressure, diabetes, wounds not healing, kidney and heart disease, this is the common denominator.

Replied by Charity
faithville, Us

I was reading about horsetail today and it said it could lower B-1 so I went to find that and you might like this link

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Deficiency: The "Great Imitator" of other Illnesses - YouTube

and this link on castor oil might help your wound

Castor Oil Benefits and Uses - Edgar Cayce's Famous Treatment (

faithville, Us

wow as I see all these replies, I can see how healing LOVE is here with all the input shared and today as I looked in my youtube link this little gem was there on B-! and the comments below it are interesting on the topic. May love overtake every particulate of your being today and manifest the cure of all that ails you. Blessings, charity

Thiamine Deficiency Epidemic: Dysautonomia, Vagal Tone, & High Calorie Malnutrition - YouTube

faithville, Us

I will add to my post here ~~~ I figured out why placebos work. I have studied the natural relational and spiritual to try to recover from being born into a broken mess. I like to watch Andrew Wommack teach, You've already got it . I kept asking God where is it? I must of misplaced it. Well he showed me this week. In this video, The tumor on this guy needed a bra to hold it up and it just went away after he realized he already got it . Our minds have power and create . I had to forgive myself~for judging myself ~for not being able to cope with the pain I went through. I was so mad at myself for not being stronger and more perfect during my torment and sickness. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, why yes I did. Amen

I have also used a lot of supplements . I like soy lecithin granules daily and threonine not theonine

Soy Lecithin: Potential Benefits, Risks and Side Effects - Dr. Axe (

Threonine Benefits, Uses, Foods, Supplements and Side Effects - Dr. Axe (

You've Already Got It!: Week 1, Day 1 - YouTube

John Bergman on youtube teachings on cortisol really boosted me up in my health, I take ox bile and I can eat with less discomfort

Replied by Forge On!
Midwest Of Usa

Dear 'TD1'.......So sorry you have endured this all these years! Much love to you!

I am 'late to the party' as usual, but I have a thought.

Have you looked into vibration plate therapy? A decent vibration plate can be had for $200 or less. Some natural health clinics and gyms have the more advanced types.

I was going to suggest micro-current / PEMF, but others already did. The info on the ReBuilder 300 that was mentioned sounds very hopeful!

You have received a number of excellent suggestions, but where to start? These types of situations really call for a natural health professional to guide you. I hope you are able to locate an Integrative physician or Natural doctor to assist.

Love to you as you ForgeOn....

Replied by T1D&Fading
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Wow – I didn't realize how many people have responded! I am still trying to figure out how this site works! While I have an account – for some reason it doesn't let me log in – so I am going to answer everyone in this one post to avoid replying individually then trying to find this page again because as soon as I hit the submit reply button – it takes me away from the post. A lot of people talked about a regimen here – and I will submit my regimen through a separate post – as it is very lengthy!

Antrius Resius: Thank you for your reply. I am currently taking the Cayenne in liquid form and to get it down easier – I put it in some V8 juice – I probably should be taking more at this point – but I am on so many things – it's hard to add more and more and more.

JimR: Thank you for your reply. I am really interested in learning more about these two therapies. How can we exchange emails privately? I did see your later post on the product - $80.00 a month – whoa! Does it really work? Were you able to reverse Atherosclerosis or stathe off a major surgery? Did you have any occluded arteries that are now clear? Hey, can you post a pic of the ingrediants on the back of one of your bottles? I wonder if I am already taking the majority of these vitamins and minerals?

Joseph A.: Thank you for your reply and kind words. I looked up Dr. Fuhrman and he has a great website with great products – but seems to be “untouchable.” If I win the lottery – I am totally going to his retreat! Which starts at $8,500.00 per month! It also seems like to get better info from the site – I need to become a member and I am already thousands in on therapies, vitamins and supplements – I am growing so weary! As far as cholesterol – mine is really good – and has been – all though my bad cholesterol is at the top of the “in-range” spectrum – so there is still work there to be done. Also, I am already doing many of the therapies/hobbies you suggested – but have come to the harsh realization that I do need to spend more time for myself and less time on work – the balance is a struggle and something I need to work at. Also, I am not sure if the U.S. Treasury department can help – I have a decent income (48,000 gross annually) and insurance. All though I will keep this in mind if I need to get on disability at some point.

Patrick O'Flaherty: Hi Patrick and thank you so much for your reply! You are so right about Pycnogenol (Pine Bark Extract) – I can tell a difference when I take it – it seems to take the edge off my pain but I am getting the same effect from turmeric and ginger so I stopped – I am taking so many other things – it's hard to get all these vitamins and supplements down – I swear I am eating half my wait in vitamins and supplements – which I'm probably only getting a sconce of due to suspected celiac.

Tessa: Hi Tessa and thank you so much for your reply! I am going to check out that product Blockbuster you mention – all though the dosing in that seems more like a preventative than a remedy right now. I have neen taking Nattokinase and it totally makes me feel weird – like spaced out – so I stopped. I've been reading about this magnesium oil – I want to try it! I wonder if I should mix some liquid DMSO in it to get a stronger benefit?

Malati: Hello Malati and thank you for your response. I looked into Ozone therapy and the machines are upward of $3,000 for a real therapeutic effect. I do have an Ozone therapist about 80 miles from me who does Ozone therapy in his office – it is $300 a session and insurance doesn't cover it – which is a shame – they would rather pay Cleveland Clinic $150,000 to perform an 8-hour surgery rather than try holistic alternatives – this just seems crazy to me!

Faeqa: Thank you for your response – I am going to our Whole Foods CO-OP store this week and will pick some Yarro tea up – I've never tried it before – Hope this works and thank you for your suggestions!

Dano: Thank you for your response – I have not tried Red Sage and Danshen – I see MRH offers it as the root – I wonder if I can put this in tea – I take so many pills already – it's hard to add more. Thank you for the suggestion though!

Mari: Thank you for your response! Maggots – whoa – well they do use leeches in plastic surgery (I saw it on Botched) to bring blood flow to the surface so tissue doesn't die. I doubt highly though I will find a doctor around me who practices this. I'm beginning to wonder if I need to move to another state! I do want to learn more about meditation as well!

Dana: Thank you for your response! I have put the book, Ortho Molecular Medicine for Everyone, in my cart at Amazon – I can't wait to dive into this one – it sounds super interesting! Thanks for the info! All though I am doing some of these vitamin/mineral therapies now – I am eager to learn more about amino acids and minerals I may be depleted in.

Carmel Muggeridge: Thank you for your response! I started listening to Robert von Sabarcher on YouTube about biofilms and I think he is right. I hope nebulizing hydrogen peroxide will knock out any biofilms that I might have!

Moonlion: Thank you for your response! Ah yes – the rebuilder…A tens unit, plastic tote, and two bottles of electrolyte water – this is what a chiropractor tried to sell me last month for $3,000. I found him when I typed in “Neuropathy” and did a search in my area. His total program to “fix my neuropathy and occlusions was $8,000. Which according to him, included stem-cell therapy. Funny now a chiropractor can inject stem cells into your bone marrow in his office without a surgeon or nurse present. He actually wanted me to take out a loan and pay him up front. It amazes me how some “medical professionals” will scam the hell out people desperate to find a cure for their serious condition. I recall coming home and going to the BBB to look him up and there is nothing but complaint after complaint! It taught me to start looking up health practitioners before scheduling an appointment. I also found a site that shows how to make the rebuilder with a $200 tens unit – I forgot about it though – thanks for reminding me!

Paul: Thank you for your response! Laura Koniver, M.D. The Intuition Physician – talks about “Grounding.” All though right now I cannot walk at all without a thick rubber shoe on because of the instant shooting pain to my foot and leg - I want to learn more about this – maybe I can help someone else before it's too late for them – thanks for the info!

bodulica, barrie: Thank you for your response – for some reason your video link doesn't work – even when I copy and paste the URL. At any rate – I have Natto – but it makes me feel really weird!

Charity: Thanks for your response! Yes, horsetail extract is in my arsenal – I do not take it religiously though. Horsetail is really good because of the silica in it – long story short – through my research I have found that there are two types of plaque that occlude the arteries – one is cholesterol, and the other is calcium (Or you could have both.) Silica takes the calcium out of our blood and puts it into our bones – which helps to break up the plaques in our arteries. I actually just started ionic silica yesterday and I have almost unbearable pain – I swear I could feel that clot moving down my femoral artery! The castor oil sounds lovely for my legs – I just don't think I should apply it directly to my wound as I need to keep it as sterile as possible. The video on thiamine your posted is super interesting and I take two sublingual B-complex tabs to make sure the B-vitamins are getting into my system. Also – I am now doing the vitamin patches – but the jury isn't out on these yet.You are so right about the love on here! I appreciate all the people who are trying to help holistically – it's more than what I can say for my doctors – they just want to give me drugs!

Forge On! : Thank you for your response! You might be onto something with this vibration plate therapy I have never heard of – So far, I am reading positive things on this technology! I want to research it a little more – maybe I can find something on this site about it. A friend of mine tried shock-wave therapy on me a couple weeks ago – it didn't seem to help – but the vibrating plates may help to break up clots in the legs – so that's worth a try!

Earth Clinic

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Jim R.

Hi T1D,

The EC moderator said we can exchange emails, so that is fine with me. Sounds like you said it was OK with you too, so hopefully they will connect us.

To answer your question about the Endocalyx, I absolutely think it's one of the most important discoveries in restoring and maintaining your microcirculation. I went through throat cancer and a 95% blockage of the LAD 2 years later and I had lost so much muscle (63 y.o.). After 5-6 weeks, I couldn't believe my strength returning and even seeing a pump on my muscles again. After 2 months, I have my physique back to when I was early 50's, way before any of my health problems. One of my close friends had a double kidney transplant, heart disease, and had recently just come out of 30 days in the ICU with sepsis. He could barely walk around the house. After a month on that product he is walking 2 miles, twice a day and says it is giving him his life back. I won't bore you with others. But yes. Absolutely worth $80/mo. You might be able to replicate it with an exotic diet that includes specific seaweeds and other supplements, but I've looked at that and it would end up costing more money.

But for your situation, you need to take rapid action, that's why I mentioned the medical device that I've seen help people avoid amputations, even when scheduled just a couple weeks away. That device helped me with the scar tissue created from radiation therapy in my throat, making swallowing increasingly difficult. They told me I'd be on a feeding tube within 5-10 years and I feel like that can got kicked down the road at least an additional 10 years. I also had venous insufficiency in my ankles and shins, a lot of purple skin, and after 3 weeks of using the machine, I started seeing new, clear skin showing up in little spots and gradually replaced about 90%, so my shins and ankles just look like any regular 60 y.o. now. There's a lot more benefit I got from it, but this is already way too long. Sorry. But I credit it for keeping me from having a heart attack when I had the 95% blockage of the LAD. It's all about MICRO-circulation. :)

Anyway, I hope the EC will connect us. Best wishes for your recovery.

Jim Ranum


The moderator sent both of us an email to try and let us communicate but your email address bounced. Just so you know. Hope to speak with you.

EC: Yes, please send us an email directly if you wish to correspond with Jim and we'll try again.

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Dear Earth Clinic,

Thank you for your response. I created an account with a different email because I did not want to log in with my google account as it shows all of my personal info - including full name. You sent an activation link to that other email - I tried it - and it still doesn't let me log in. I can try to to recreate it - but I am running out of emails!

EC: So sorry. We just sent an email to the address on this post. Please reply via email.

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Can you tell me the name of this medical device or send me a link to it? I will try the supplement you are recommending - I am just not sure how to add it to all the other things I am taking - I will post about that issue another time - as I wonder if I am being counter-productive taking all the supplements that I am taking.

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Jim - I am having serious issues with the first email I provided to EC - it's Spectrum and their software doesn't play nice with my computer. The second email is a gmail - but when I use that to log in - it shows all my info (exact location, full name, etc.) - what now?

Jim Ranum

Hi T1D,

Did you receive an email from the moderator? If you can send an email, and you send it to the email they provided, {staff ( @)}, they can send you my email.

I'd like to speak with you before you order stuff online, to make sure it's what you need and possibly consolidate some things. All the things that have been mentioned on this thread is way too much stuff. A lot of good things, but not all are specific to your situation. After taking and studying supplements for 47 years, I've seen how taking too many things can cause more problems. In fact, it's amazing what intermittent fasting can do!

I look forward to speaking with you.

Jim R.

Hi T1D,

Did you receive an email from the moderator? If you can send an email, and you send it to the email they provided, {staff ( @)}, they can send you my email.

I'd like to speak with you before you order stuff online, to make sure it's what you need and possibly consolidate some things. All the things that have been mentioned on this thread is way too much stuff. A lot of good things, but not all are specific to your situation. After taking and studying supplements for 47 years, I've seen how taking too many things can cause more problems. In fact, it's amazing what intermittent fasting can do!

I look forward to speaking with you.

Replied by Deirdre
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