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Small Cut on My Cat's Lower Eyelid Caused Severe Itching, Need Help

Posted by Rebekah (Victorville) on 09/03/2021

Itchy Eye (Cat) Allergic Reaction?

Two weeks ago, I noticed my cat had a tiny cut on her lower eyelid. The cut began to heal, but she wouldn't stop scratching it. I put her in a cone for two weeks. Yesterday, I removed the cone, left her alone for 30 min, and returned to find this (see picture). Her face has swollen pink and puffy. Even the other eye began to water.

Emergency vet says it's an allergic reaction. A two week allergic reaction? Curious on everyone's thoughts. Also, what could I have given her to ease the reaction? I want to learn from this situation.

Replied by Rob

Take a flat cotton cosmetic pad (like the ones sold at dollartree) and apply an apple cider vinegar and water compress dilution ratio 1:1. Hold it in place over the "closed" eye for 10 minutes. Repeat if needed throughout the day. Good luck on holding the cat!