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Seeking Advice for Dark, Sunken Eyes From Vegan Diet

Posted by Daniel (UK) on 04/29/2021


I've had dark really sunken eyes since becoming vegetarian then vegan over the last decade. I've been A vegan for 8 years and they're at their worst now. I don't have fat in the eye sockets so they're literally hollow. I eat a varied diet with lots of seeds, nuts and fats/oils.

No diet changes as a vegan have helped and I take loads of vitamin and mineral supplements but they make no difference at all.

I've done blood tests for everything including anaemia, b12, vitamin d, thyroid, adrenal fatigue but I have no deficiencies or health problems at all.

I'm not underweight. I've tried every type of protein powder.

I've consulted drs, Chinese medicine drs, Ayurvedic drs, herbalists and an endocrinologist. I saw an optician and have no eye health problems.

I really need help with this because I'm stuck.

Thanks a lot.


Replied by Charity
Faithville, US

Phytic acid coats seeds, grains, legumes, and nuts and if you soak them and sprout them they become more nutritious but if not they can suck minerals out of your body when you eat them. Gut health is also a culprit for many of us on planet earth. I like Eric Berg teachings on youtube and he has helped me a lot.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes? | Dr. Eric Berg - YouTubePhytic Acid 101: Everything You Need to Know (

I had dark circles and it can be nationality or thin skin around eye. Borax seems to make mine lighter. I use a pinch in my water and take chanca piedra with it to keep stones from organs causing pain . Blessings, Charity

Replied by Gigi

I remember reading dark eyes are a liver issue. Do some research in that area. See if it helps.. to clean your liver.. milk thistle?

Replied by Susanna

Hi Daniel. You didn't mention your age, but many people lose the fat pockets underneath their eyes as they age. You could try collagen supplements and red light led masks, but I think the only thing that really works if they are really sunken is to get the areas injected with a filler, which believe it or not, is made from a very popular ingredient used in many topical skin formulas and also taken as a supplement for joint pain - hyaluronic acid. If you find something else that restores your fat pockets, let us know! Good luck.

Replied by Daniel

Thanks everyone for replying. It's not cosmetic fat loss around the eyes, it's complete loss of all the orbital fat over time virtually - I can put my finger between the top of my eye and inside the socket. I've done liver marker blood tests which all turned up ok but I'm trying milk thistle and choline to detox the liver see if that helps. It's definitely related to gut issues one way or another because I always look and feel drained too. My body just doesn't feel like it wants food, not me you understand. I soak nuts and seeds overnight and I still have digestive issues with them and porridge oats too. I think it relates to the whole digestive system and organs concerned with it. Perhaps enzymes - I seem to struggle to digest anything except tofu and protein powders. I've looked at filler operations but I'd rather cure it somehow. I've put on a stone over the last year and I'm normal 13'7 but it made zero difference to my eyes and face.

I'm not sure but I'll keep on trying.



Just for the record, I found out it's actually a hormonal hair loss prevention medication called finasteride I'm taking. Now I can be bald but healthy or unhealthy but with beautiful hair! Thanks for your help. I suggest any man should think carefully before taking it.