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Doctors Cant Resolve Chronic Bladder Infection

Posted by Llrascal (San Antonio, Texas, Usa) on 05/13/2012

I have had a bladder infection since I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago. I have been given IV's and antibiotics. I also started getting a blue tinge on my moons of my fingers after the surgery have been to several doctors not one can seem to get to the problem except I have this infection. I should also tell you I have a plate in my neck that they found out I'm allergic to, they say it has to come out, I have been to cardiology, GYN, infectious Docs, one Doc said I might have too much metal, but whatever the problem is I can't get this infection gone. My oxygen level was 99% so they said that didn't seem to be the problem. I'm all but done with these doctors except to get this metal out of my body. As I have severe swelling around my plate. I'm telling you this so you have a better understanding of things. All my blood work looks good except my WBC. They did a major blood look that took 15 tubes. All I hear is psuedomonas. Thanks for any help. Cathy

Replied by Steve
Las Vegas, Nevada

Unsweetened cranberry juice is said to be helpful for bladder infections. I have used olive leaf extract capsules to heal all types of infections, it's one of the most powerful antibacterial herbs on the planet. I can almost guarantee if you take these as prescribed (2caps 3x/day) it will knock out the infection.

Health benefits of olive leaf:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces fats
  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Improves the immune system
  • Purifies the body
  • Fights parasites
  • Fights viruses
  • Fights fungus
  • Fights bacteria

Replied by Heather

Hi, continuous bladder infections can lead to or mean bladder cancer. Somewhere on this site there is a sea salt in water cure. Try looking under bladder ailments section.

Replied by Kaz
Launceston, Tasmania

Cranberry Juice..... My daughter's specialist suggested she drink this when she was getting regular bladder infections. There's something in cranberries that helps. Don't know if it will help, but give it a go!!

Replied by Bonnie
Riverside Ca., Cal. United States

What helped me with my infection was cranberry sauce because it is concentrated.

Replied by Zilverb
Seabrook, Tx - Texas, Usa
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For the bladder infection that the doctors could not cure, I took 1-tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar with mother in 1-cup of water three times a day and the bladder infection left. I do maintanence by taking one dose a day.

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us

You should try to stop eating gluten and see if this helps. I have a friend who's daughter had continuous bladder infections. She found out that gluten irritates the lining of her daughters bladder which then causes infection symptoms. Even if you get tested for a sensitivity through a regular doctor and it is negative it is still possible as the test's they use are not always accurate. I would try it. It really can't hurt but might make you feel better. I hope the metal plate issue is resolved as well. It sounds very painful. I wish you good health.

Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa

Try these suggestion. I am not a doctor, but went through a bout of ongoing bladder infections which finally got resolved. Below is everything I did...

1) Probiotic foods including suaerkrauet, kimchi, kombucha, kefir several times daily.

2) ACV Raw with mother 2 tablespoon in warm water 5-6 times daily.

3) Manuka honey 1 tablespoon 3-4 times daily.

4) Himalayan sea salt 2 tablespoon in 1/2 cup water. Mix and swallow. You may feel nauseus as you do this, don't smell, just gulp and swallow. I did this twice daily. If you have high blood pressure you may want to avoid vast amounts of sodium FYI.

5) Oil of oregano good quality supplements.

6) Olive leaf extract good quality supplements.

7) Renew life company in Canada makes a probiotic specific to these needs, please google, call them and they will guide you.

8) Cranberry sauce several times daily.

If this doesnt shift things please follow up with chiropracter or acupuncturist. Constant bladder infections do lead to cancer so don' take this lightly.

If you are open to energy healing, the most proficient healing protocol in my opinion and experience is 'pranic healing'. Google it, you can find folks who can do this on you long distance and it has helped me tremendously.

Goodluck, T

Replied by Debra
Jacksonville, Los Angeles Ca Usa

I used to get chronic bladder infections. They were always caused by one or a combination of three things: 1) caffeine 2) alcohol 3) vigorous sex. Hope this helps.

Replied by Shannon
Ventura, Ca Usa

Have the doctors looked into whether you have IC? It's a bladder condition that presents very much like a bladder infection. I thought I was getting bladder infections a lot, but then was diagnosed with IC, and told I probably never had bladder infections.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York, Usa

Dear all, The pure cranberry juice treatment worked for me for a chronic urinary tract infection when nothing else did. You take one cup of pure cranberry juice three times per day. This treatment was prescribed to me by a urologist when all of the antibiotics had failed. You need the real thing and NOT the so called cranberry juice cocktails. It cured my infection in about two weeks....Oscar

Replied by Shaniqua
Detroit, Mi

Hello, I read your comment of chronic bladder infection and had to reply. Recently I had a kidney infection after chronic other infections. The weather here in Michigan is damp and moist and full of a lot of mold and fungus leading to health issues for many. I was cured in 2 days using Standard Process albaplex, arginex, and their cranberry complex. I took 2 of albaplex and 2 arginex and 1 cranberry complex every few hours and got relief within 3 dosages. Arginex is made of buckwheat And beet product and helps detox the kidneys and flush out the bladder when they are overloaded. Cranberry helps flush out the bacteria but you should not drink the juice unless it's pure and not loaded with sugar to feed infections. It is probable that diabetes plays a role in your chronic bladder infection as uncontrolled blood sugar feeds infection as well As a number of other issues but diabetes is very common. Good luck.