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Dog Has Gum Infection and Eye Bleeding After Vet Dental Cleaning

Posted by Ladi (Vancouver, BC) on 07/28/2022

My dog is 14 years old. After his last visit to the vet for his dental and after finishing his antibiotic, his gum started bleeding and now he has an infection in his gum and right eye. Since last month he took different homeopathic medication on the advice of my homeopath doctor but it didn't work. two days ago I saw your website and I used apple cider vinegar between his shoulders after an hour there was a thick white discharge in his eye and after that, he started bleeding from his eyes. and after a bit bleeding stopped. I applied the ACV the day after again and the same thing happened but with less bleeding.

His eye is swollen and watery and still bleeding a little bit. Now we are on day three and stopped ACV.

So I am wondering why he is bleeding from his eye and is there anything else I can do for him naturally to help him with his infection and bleeding without using antibiotics?

Any advice is highly appreciated


Replied by RB
Somewhere in Europe


1) The general anesthesia, and dental cleaning, at age 14, must have been quite a shock to his system.

2) I would avoid antibiotics.

3) I would use your ACV protocol.

4) His infection should clear in less than one week.

I hope this will help!