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Dog With Itchy Skin And Cat With Chronic Vomiting

Posted by Mia (Johannesburg, South Africa) on 02/28/2015

Hi there, I have a very itchy dog - it seems to be a grass allergy. I want to try apple cider vinegar, but how can I know if it isn't a yeast infection or if the ACV has been distilled with yeast? I really really don't want to make his scratching worse!

I also have a cat who throws up at worst every day. It looks like hairballs. I've tried a high fibre diet, and now I'm using a natural laxative made mostly of oils. That worked for a while but the vomiting is increasing again, like she's becoming immune to the food and laxatives. Any suggestions?

Replied by Sonja

My vet told me that my cat was probably vomiting because he eats his food too fast. She suggested to wet the food, so I pour his food in the bowl, I spray it down with the faucet, and ever since I started that he has never thrown up again.