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Need Help for Chronic Resistant UTI Proteus Mirabilis in Dog

Posted by Lisa (CA) on 07/25/2021

Hello, My dog has been suffering from a resistant UTI for almost 3 years. It is also in her gut and it comes out as vaginitis. The bacteria is Proteus Mirabilis.

I have worked with 3 herbalists, and have tried homeopathy, ozone treatment, fecal transplants, glandular therapy, (which increased her toxic load, even though they were from grass-fed cows in New Zealand), and sadly antibiotics.

If anyone has any suggestions I am open.

Thank you so much.

Replied by Rob

Try putting 1 oz colloidal silver 10ppm into the animal's water bowl. Do this for the next 14 days. Should clear up the UTI. Works the same with humans.

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This is tough because it gets more dangerous for the dog the more you do. Because it has gone on for so long, it makes it very likely that there are now biofilms protecting the Proteus Mirabalis bacteria wherever it has gone in the body. Rob's Colloidal Silver idea is a consideration, but I think his dose is too low for such a lengthy infection of more than 3 years.

In a human, I would say xylitol, Colloidal Silver (AgNPs - Silver Nanoparticles), NAC, and grapefruit seed extract, but xylitol is deadly to dogs and NAC has to be very carefully applied and observed in dogs to see how they react. All four things are biofilm disrupters and grapefruit seed extract and AgNPs are potent antimicrobials.

So I would first see if Rob's dose has any effect and if it doesn't, I would give my dog pure silver drinking water at 10 ppm only, with no regular water at all. I would give the silver alongside grapefruit seed extract to my dog. If that was not strong enough I would bring my dog up to 20 ppm silver drinking water, but no higher, plus the grapefruit seed extract.

AgNPs and Grapefruit Seed Extract should be fairly safe, but you know that sometimes sensitive dogs can react to colloidal silver or grapefruit seed extract.


Replied by Dano

Iodine in its various forms (Lugols, SSKI etc.) has been used in humans to kill off a UTI that was stubborn, but I don't know about its use in dogs. The same goes for the colloidal silver that was already mentioned, and D-mannose will make the bacteria less able to clump together to form colonies. probiotics may also be of some minor help. As I stated, I am not familiar with any of the above suggestions used with canines, so research and consult a vet that is familiar with such therapies. Best of luck to you and your dog. Please keep EC updated on your dog's condition.

Replied by Tom

You might try D-Mannose. works wonders for Uti's, in humans, should work for the Pup.

3 years is too long for her to suffer.

Also be sure there are no dairy products being fed to her.

Replied by Carolyn

"Studies show that D-mannose stops E coli from attaching to the urinary tract. Studies also show that D-mannose can improve UTI symptoms." Change the diet to raw (B.A.R.F.), no grains or additives.

Replied by Kris

I would most definitely give your dog Colloidal Silver 10ppm. I would give in a syringe, the amount appropriate for your dog which goes by the weight of the dog. You can find this info easily online. Giving in the water dish is fine for general immunity, but with the problem your dog has had for such a long time, I would not dilute in water or food. Give directly in mouth by syringe (according to dogs weight) and I would give it 2-3 times a day, please look up treating pets with Colloidal Silver to be better able to determine how long you should give this to your dog. If your dog is taking any other meds, be sure to give Colloidal Silver at least 20 minutes away from those. Colloidal Silver works wonders, and it is very, very safe when used according to directions for people and all pets! I wish you the best with your dog!

Replied by LISA Klare

I have a dog who got chronic bladder infections leading to stones which required surgery twice. Call me crazy, but a pet psychic suggested an over the counter product called D-mannose. I've given 1/2-1 teaspoon a day to my 15 pound dog and she hasn‘t had a single infection since I started giving it to her at least 5 years ago. I buy mine through Amazon. Not sure if it can help infection that's already in place, but you never know.

Replied by KS

Have you tried antibiotics first? If not, I would start there. "Veterinarians commonly treat proteus bacterial infections with the antibiotics enrofloxacin and gentamycin. Because these antibiotics can cause stomach upset and are not recommended for dogs with kidney disease VetInfo suggests that homeopathic treatments of berberis vulg, cantharis and staphysagris along with the anti-bacterial drugs Zeniquin and Naxcel can be helpful. Giving your pet extra fluids also helps flush out the bacteria."

Replied by Frank McLean
Thunder Bay, ON, CA

I would use MMS1. You can find out more about it here:

You can buy it here:

You can find animal testimonials here:

Mix up equal parts equal parts of Sodium Chlorite and Citric acid add water and deliver it with a syringe. I you learn how to make CDS it's even better.

If you search you can find alternate suppliers.

You can find out more about MMS at earth clinic here:

I hope this helps.


Replied by John

Rob's colloidal silver suggestion is a very good place to start. But if biofilms are present they still might be cleared with the silver. They just can be difficult and will definitely take longer. I hope you find a remedy or her.

Replied by Dee

You can try this excellent psychic and medical intuitive for People and Pets. She has helped me and other people I referred her to. If you care to try

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