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Dog With Throat Tumor - Need Suggestions, Please

Posted by cheryl (PA) on 05/05/2023

Hi my 13 yeard old pitt has a tumor in her throat is there anything I can rub on it to shrink it or something to give her she eats well and drinks well.

Replied by Mary

My cocker/Maltese mix had an oral tumor, malignant. They wanted to do deforming oral/nasal surgery. I declined. Put him on large doses of Vitamin C - to bowel tolerance, and pancreatic enzymes. His tumor went away completely and he lived another 5 years.

Replied by Kris Lubeley

Hi Cheryl, look in to Colloidal Silver, you can rub on, and also give to her internally, which would be the best way to have it be effective on a tumor in the throat. There is a facebook group "Colloidal Silver for Pets", lots of excellent information on how to treat pets, and dosage information. You could ask questions on there also. One of my dogs had a large growth on the inside of his mouth, on the top gum line. I sprayed Colloidal Silver 10ppm on that growth a couple times a day, for several weeks. It completely disappeared, in fact he was scheduled to have surgery to remove it, and I happily was able to cancel the surgery. You couldn't even see where it had been, it was completely gone, just healthy gum showing! Wishing you the best for your baby!

Replied by Nada

Fenbendazol - look in facebook group Fenbendazol cancer cure for dogs. Supplements: medical mushrooms, Modified citrus pectin, Pycnogenol, LDN, CBD, Turmeric, Quercetin, IP6 Gold, Q10, vitamins and minerals.