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My 5 Dogs Suddenly Developed a Cough

Posted by Cheryl (Bacliff, Texas) on 12/09/2020

I have 5 dogs, 2 Yorkie. Japanese chin, chihuahua, and chorkie. They all seem to have developed a honking cough over the last couple of days. Don't think it is kennel cough, they have all been vaccinated. I'm scared! Can't afford to get them to vet. Please help. Any homeopathic remedies?

Replied by Cassie

Even though they're vaccinated it still sounds like kennel cough. If you do a search for honking cough that is what's gonna come up. It's also highly contagious which explains why they all have it. A reverse sneeze sounds similar but it would be unlikely for all the dogs to have that.

You need to boost their immune system. Give them vits A, B, D & E. Also coconut oil and honey are good for this also. This link has some great things you can try including a cough syrup.

Replied by Robert Viks
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For the coughing dogs, there’s a homeopathic cough syrup called Hyland’s for children you can use & it’s available online or at Dollar General Stores. I also separate sick ones immediately from non coughers & put them in a crate with a blanket over it & use a regular vaporizer with eucalyptus oil in the little holder.They stay there with only pee-potty breaks until they recover. For stubborn sick spells, I have another way to help, but you will need to personally message me on Facebook for that information.