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Extreme Weakness and Weight Loss - Please Help

Posted by himendra (india) on 05/15/2022

extreme weakness, weight loss

Hello, I'm from India,40yrs old. For the past 4 years, I have gradually become weaker and weaker, so much that I cannot do any kind of work. veins are showing on the back of my hand. I am 5.11 inches tall and my weight has come down to 55 kg. I eat raw and boiled vegetables because if I eat bread or any other food like milk it causes constipation and I feel deathly weak after that.

Also if I eat any food that's heavy to digest it blocks my nose. got lab tests done many times in these 4 years but nothing shows up wrong. all blood tests, stool tests, sonography xrays come out normal.

It took 2 years before I could really narrow it down that it is a stomach problem. but I still dont know why my digestion has gone so ultra weak. please help

Replied by Connie


It's not very well known that excess phosphorus with low calcium/ magnesium intake can cause weakness and loss of muscle. Excess phosphorus can lower kidney and heart function along with general all cause mortality.

I would suggest getting enough calcium / magnesium, making sure that foods with additives are avoided. Phosphorus is added to foods for preservation and flavor.

It seems strange that there are phosphates added to enemas and laxatives to induce stools, but they can worsen constipation.

Magnesium and potassium are usually effective for constipation.

Calcium, magnesium, and niacinamide are good phosphorus binders to lower excess.

Replied by Cheyenne

Do you mean you eat only vegetables?

That is going to leave some serious nutritional deficiencies.

I would be weak if I ate only veggies.

Read stories on this site for various stomach ailments. I think you begin to get some clues for supplements to try.


Replied by Sabita

Himendra, please look up Leaky Gut under Ailments here on Earth Clinic. Your symptoms seem to suggest you may have a leaky gut. The one thing I am using is slippery elm powder to coat and heal the intestines. I have also used Hydrochloric acid (HCL)with pepsin to help with food digestion and it also helped with food allergies. Staying away from dairy, wheat and sugar would also be helpful. Making a tea from fresh ginger and cayenne pepper helped me with weakness in the past. I hope this helps you. Best wishes!

Replied by L mertel
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Get checked for rheumatoid arthritis.

You sound like me in the beginning, except I had unexplained pain in different locations at different times. R A symptoms don't make alot of sense & I had no idea all my symptoms were of 1 disease.

Replied by Tasha

It is probably 99.99% leaky gut. BUT, why?? There is a root cause of leaky gut. For me, it is from longterm mold exposure. Alot of people move somewhere and then anywhere from months to a couple of years start feeling bad and getting weird health issues. Environmental Toxins is a REAL PROBLEM that most people don't consider!! Most don't until it happens to them. Or they finally realize it's causing symptoms. Molds, mycotoxins, heavy metals(lead, arsenic, cadmium, copper, along with many others) from vaccines and foods and water sources... its really bad but most doctors will never test fir these things. So go ask your doctor for heavy metal and mold testing, and if they won't do it, go see a functional medicine dr and they can help you! Get to the Root Cause! But for now, consider changing your diet and eating ALL REAL FOOD. And cutting out anything bad. And your health will thank you for it!

Replied by M.E.
Dallas, TX

I'm sorry you are experiencing bad health. I was extremely ill for 11 years - could not digest food, lost a lot of weight, developed severe food allergies, was bedridden due to weakness, disorientation, confusion, POTS, extreme constipation, and many other symptoms. I was diagnosed with Leaky Gut syndrome and followed the GAPS diet - it helped but was not a cure. I took so many supplements and treatments, but remained very ill.

It took me 10 years to discover that I had Complex PTSD - which can cause extreme illness because it dysregulates the nervous system. About 9 months ago I started an online course taught by nervous system expert Irene Lyon. She teaches methods and techniques to calm the nervous system. I've gone from bedridden & not able to eat/diges to actually feeling normal some days! I no longer take any supplements, I eat anything I want and my energy is normal again. Check out her website and YouTube channel. I hope you find relief and healing soon!

Replied by Jeanatae

You said you feel worse after eating bread and milk. That tells me you might have what I got, it's called yeast overgrowth. Eating any dairy, or any food with yeast such as bread or food with sugar even fruit will make you feel very ill. Candida overgrowth also known as Yeast overgrowth can be caused by different things, but mine was caused by taking antibiotics for middle ear infections. Antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria, but also kill the good bacteria that keeps the natural yeast levels balanced in our bodies. If something throws that balance off, then the yeast grow and grow to the point that that they puncture holes in the intestinal lining and that is called Leaky Gut. Leaky gut then lets yeast, bacteria, feces, pathogens get into the bloodstream and that causes inflammation in the body which starts up all kinds of health issues like nasal issues you described, constipation/ diarrhea, extreme weight loss, skin problems, tiredness, achy body and joints, headaches, migraines, mental confusion, the list goes on and on. I highly suggest you start taking BOTH good quality Pro biotics and Pre biotics on a empty stomach and wait 30 minutes or more before eating. Also, and this is important, you must start eating a healthy diet. Do an Internet search for foods to eat while on a yeast free diet. Also, once you get that under control you will need to heal the Leaky gut and you will need to do another Internet search for ways to do that. I also had blood, urine, and stool tests from doctors that came up negative for anything. It wasn't until I went to a Holistic Doctor that they found that I had yeast overgrowth. Regular doctors don't test for yeast overgrowth, but Holistic Doctors do test for it. I had alot of the symptoms you described, digestive issues, nasal issues, extreme weight loss and other symptoms. I got it under control by taking Pro Biotics AND Pre Biotic supplements, eating a healthy diet, and then healing the Leaky gut. It's very important to get the yeast overgrowth in control first then go on and heal the Leaky gut since yeast overgrowth is usually what causes Leaky gut to begin with.

Wishing very good luck to you and hope you start to feel better again soon!

Replied by Shawna

Hi Himendra, it sounds to me like it could also be beriberi - a thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency. Loss of appetite and constipation can be indications. It is known as the 'weakness' disease, apparently, beri beri means: I can't, I can't. If you can find vitamin B1 supplements maybe they would help? Although the ideal situation is to take all of the B vitamins together as they work in harmony. So perhaps supplement with a B-complex supplement and also specifically a B1 supplement at the same time would be most helpful. I would try to make any changes gradually though and give your system time to adjust. Best of luck to you!

Replied by Marie-Louise

Hi Himendra

Fall 2020 I found out that I have CFS/Fibromyalgie, due to Herpes zoster. The following Doctors held a conference. See Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum or Dr. Rodger Murphee, USA. The Vitamin powder of Dr. Teitelbaum, you can order at iherb,com Nature's Way, Fatigued to Fantastic, Energy Revitalization System, Berry, 1.3 lb (612 g). Take for your colon Colostrum and Gastricsoothe, also iherb. Take a Fumic/Acid combination. That`s how I gained weight again. Then also take the Vitamin powder, because of the Proteins. SEE THE Fibro Summit by HealthMeans May 16, until May 22nd, 2022.

If you are already in this condition, they are the two who can help you. You can also book an appointment, but listening to the different talks you learn a lot by yourself. Wishing you all the best

rgs from Zurich


Replied by Kimberly
New York

Please ask your MD to run antibody tests to determine if you have Coeliac disease, intolerance to wheat, rye, barley. This can be serious but is easily corrected by eliminating all those food sources. Also, you may be lactose intolerant.

Replied by Jeanne

When you write bread and milk do not agree with you, it seems that lack of good probiotic foods might also play into your problem. Did you have a round of antibiotics prior to time when the problem started? We now know that supposedly even a SINGLE round of antibiotics in life can make quite a damage.

So to rebuild as others wrote, leaky gut, perhaps see if soured milk or a small amount of yogurt will also be a problem.

I was feeling quite lethargic a couple of years ago. Looking back it coincided with Covid, and increased amount of stress in our lives, due to the insane weekly changes in policing our lives. Having started on Life Extension 2-per-Day capsules of multivitamin, very rich in good B-vitamins, suddenly in 2 days had be fully back to normal. We need B vitamins to make energy out of starches. Even vegetables have starches that need to be converted. I would first check the yogurt, if it is no problem, there is likely also a need for you to rebuild the gut.

Replied by Gerri

Have you considered eating meat? Many deficiencies and ailments come from vegetarian and vegan diets. They're not for everyone and can really hurt the gut. At least try fish or poultry and see if you experience any change.

Replied by Debra
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People have responded with some good answers here and you should definitely look into gut issues, Fibromaylgia with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Disorder and Mold issues. I would highly suggest you start on some Proteolytic Enzymes. I have found Dr's Best the best, you take 3 on an empty stomach every morning and that's it. These will help with inflammation and take pressure of your gut in digesting foods.

Replied by D

Hi Himendra,

Have you thought about doing daily smoothies with a scoop or two of plant-based protein powder? Depletion of protein can cause severe fatigue.

Also, supplement with potassium and magnesium once your protein levels are up.

Replied by Christie

Are you sure it's not Parasites? I would definitely seek out Amino Acids, bone broth, IV amino acid rehydration for now. Most everyone is right. You must eliminate potential causative exposures and get to the root cause.

Most of us have leaky gut of some kind, environmental toxins, etc. We all have emotional trauma sites in our bodies and manifests as physical dis-ease.

Once you've explored all of that begin the ROOT CAUSE protocol by Morley. Follow it closely. It truly cures, is practical, brilliantly researched, affordable, and gives you the power to heal yourself at home.

Seek out a naturopathic physician or other functional medicine doctor if you are not cured by this protocol alone.

Replied by Wendy
New York State

I wonder, if like me, you may be gluten intolerant.

Replied by Ann

If you have not already been checked for parasites I would go to a doctor and see if that is the case. I once lost 7 sizes because of gut parasites. With a strict diet, I cured myself and became healthy and strong again. I basically ate only vegetables, low sugar fruits, beans, yogurt, and some spices. I gave up all sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol, and even sugary fruits for six months, drank 1 T apple cider vinegar in water twice a day, and then when I started feeling better I fasted for three days just to clean my system.

Replied by Trish

Have you tried digestive enzyme tablets and probiotics?

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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I suffered a frighteningly progressive weakness after Covid. It went on for nearly 11 months until I was just days from requiring assisted living or a nursing home. What I found was rebounding. I had to order a rebounder but while I was waiting for it, I bounced on the edge of the bed which got me back on my feet before the rebounder ever even arrived. Within 2 weeks, with that and my new rebounder, I was stronger than I'd been in years.

I also purchased a yoga ball with the intention of using that because my rebounder was backordered but the pump didn't work so I just kept bouncing on the edge of the bed until the rebounder arrived.

It's my understanding that the rebounder does two things, relative to health. It strengthens, not just the muscles, but every cell in the body, all at once, PLUS it multiplies the number of white blood cells which is the greater part of your immune system.

My experience with the rebounding was about a year ago and, now, I loosely follow the cancer protocol with regard to rebounding. I only do it a couple days per week, which is drinking a cup of water and rebounding for 2 minutes every waking hour.

It is reported that 2 minutes of rebounding triples the number of white blood cells and that increase lasts about an hour so you end up with disease fighting white blood cells coursing through your body all day. Which is probably why it's so effective with cancer.

I've also been using "urine therapy" but not fasting. THAT took a while to get past the "yucks" and get started and I haven't had any "exciting" results to report as I had already fully recovered from the covid thing but, with the face massage, my skin IS much "younger", my hair is less gray and my eyesight is improving.

I would definitely urge you to start bouncing on the edge of the bed, right now, because I would expect you to feel better after just a couple of sessions an hour apart and few things are more effective or faster-acting than taming the stress/fear and simply feeling better, when there's something wrong.

Plus, of course, with urine therapy - should you decide to use it - there is no need to know what's wrong. It will simply fix it and the worst thing about it is actually the temperature of fresh urine but you really want to get it straight back into you as that will contain living stem cells which don't live long - one report said less than30 seconds - once exposed to air.

Also, I cut my gum a few days ago which turned into what felt like an abscessed tooth infection and hurt like the dickens. I tried everything, including urine, tea bag, colloidal silver, ClO2 - and nothing touched it.

THEN I slapped myself on the forehead for not doing what I should have done FIRST which was rebound and get some white blood cells circulating. So I did that and forgot all about it. I don't know if it worked that fast or if I just decided it was done once I'd rebounded but I didn't notice it at all, once I'd rebounded for 2 minutes. Even after bellyaching with it for 2 whole days! I'm just saying. Your own immune system will know what's going on and the body will use whatever resources it has to fix the issue and I suspect the very best resource you could provide for anything is urine.

somewhere, europe

Thank you Cindy, for reminding me about the bouncing!

Replied by Madelyn

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for sharing your amazing results with rebounding and urine therapy. How do you do the urine massage to include face, eyes, and hair? How often?

Blessings to you!

Replied by Kay

I would take an MRT Food Sensitivity Test. You can have one done through a natural wellness doctor, or you can order one online & do it at home & send it in for the results. It is amazing how much that helped both me and my husband. Like many on here have already said, eating foods that disagree with your system can cause leaky gut syndrome, & that can cause a myriad of other ailments. Leaky gut can heal itself just by eating good food and avoiding what we are "sensitive" to.

If you are not eating meat, you need to add a good protein substitute to your daily intake. That alone can make you feel like a million bucks. I understand that there is protein in vegan diets, but when I was vegan I was always sick. Come to find out I wasn't getting the right kind of protein.

Not only that, though. I would also definitely get a full blood panel. A full workup, to determine what vitamins, minerals, etc you might be deficient in. Being on the low side of one thing might throw off necessary balances for our bodies. There's usually an opposite for each vitamin/mineral/etc. For example, if you're too low on Vitamin D, you could have too much calcium roaming around in your blood. If it gets dangerously low, it can cause a heart attack. Most of us could use a nightly low to medium dose of D with MK7.

You might want to get your thyroid levels checked also. Even if it's a little low, it could make you feel bad.

If you are female & still have your uterus, you might be in pre-menopause. Finding someone who will work with you in getting your hormone levels up to where they used to be could make a world of difference. It did for me.

Find a natural wellness doctor who will help you bring levels up that show to be on the low side of normal. Many doctors won't, and that leaves so many of us to suffer.