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Feedback Needed On Essential Tremors

Posted by Tiredofshaking (Los Angeles, Ca) on 04/09/2011

I am a 38yr. old female. I started experiencing essential tremor just in my hands when I was in maybe middle school. I have no idea where it came from! Nobody in my family has it! I do not think I had it before that. It has gotten worse since I have gotten older. Now it's way more noticeable and people are always asking me what is wrong with me! It is so humiliating! I can barely button shirts and do things. Propanonol did not do much for me. I have not tried doubling the dose but it's a heavier med and I am concerned about the long term side effects and I am trying to save it for important situations instead. I hear if you take it long enough it stops working. I am already on wellbutrin which definitely does not help the shaking but it has done wonders for depression and mood. I do not want to give it up and they were bad before it so it's not like it really makes a difference.

I started taking Chelated Magnesium a few days ago. I am taking 500mg. I know it takes time but I am wondering who on here has essential tremor just in the hands and have you ever been able to heal it in anyway? So far I have had no bad side effects the from magnesium. I also take a multivitamin and glucosamine and chronditrin for my joints. I want to believe the miracles of magnesium but I am skeptical about it working? I just want to hear more stories!

Replied by Ti
Houston, Tx

I had bad tremors in my right hand. After an MRI of the brain, they found a pituatory tumor. After reading the book "Healing Code" by Alex Lloyd I was able to get rid of the embarassing tremors as well as my insomnia. This book is worth the 16 bucks on amazon. Please try the healing codes for any and all ill health. You will be amazed how it shifts things around naturally.

Replied by Linda
Lapeer, Mi

My daughter, is an active college student attending college and playing college volleyball. Last Sept, 2010 she was at a volleyball tournament and she developed a severe tremor in her legs. We brought her to the emergency room where she was given a thorough exam by a panel of doctors.

They thought her condition was neurological after all her tests came back negative. They told her she'd have to learn to live with the tremors and wanted her to start seeing a hypnotist as well as a support group, as they felt it was stress related. The tremors continued to get worse and by Christmas she was having tremors every day.

In February of 2011, I was discouraged with her doctor's diagnosis and I googled natural remedies for tremors and came across a book/website about our environment and food allergies causing tics, tremors, tourette's syndrome, and a slew of other conditions.

I emailed the author and she recomended that I read her book in order to investigate other sources for cures.

Long story short, I read the book and was given hope that there might be a cure for her tremors. I told my daughter that we needed to make an appointment with an environmental physician as well as start on an elimination diet, adding one food to her diet per day to see if different foods affected her. On the diet, she ate only fruit the first day, then vegeys and finally meat. She was tremor free for a few days, then on day 4 she ate some whole wheat toast before volleyball practice and her tremors started immediately. We researched wheat and suspected gluten was the cause of her tremors. We experimented with other wheat products; pasta, bread, cake and they all caused her tremors to return.

It has now been 3 weeks, she has eliminated all foods containing gluten from her diet and her tremors are non-existent. We have an appointment with an environmental physician (basically an advanced allergist) in a month but I feel we have already found the cure.

I urge anyone that has tremors, tics, etc. To investigate their diet and environment before they decide that their condition is hopeless and there is no cure. Gluten has been linked to MS, tics, tremors, tourette's syndrome, cancer, autism, RA, ADD as well as depression.

Replied by Deanna
Rhinebeck, New York

Essential Tremors. Help Needed.

In April of 2009, my nine year old daughter bought a freshly made beet juice. We agreed it was burning our throats. I had only taken two sips, but she had drunk far more, and began vomiting. For several months afterward, she had very severe stomach problems. In addition, her pupils would occasionally reduced to a size slightly larger than a pinhead. This was accompanied by a panic attack and visual distortion. Certainly, the stomach problems were caused by the juice. I began to have internal (not visible) tremors in my arms only and internal twitching in my face. It is not clear whether or not my condition was caused by that dreadful beet juice. I twice tested positive for Lyme Disease, but the doctors are not convinced Lyme is the cause. My symptoms have remained constant for two years, fluctuating between very mild and severe. The sensation is one of a continuous electric current (not the twitching, as in my face) running through my arms. I feel as if my arms are resting against a generator. This symptom remains 24/7. My daughter has no stomach problems now, but still her pupils will suddenly and drastically constrict while she sees objects as "outlined" or "sharp around the edges. "

Absolutely any constructive opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
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I will have to admit I have never had experience with the health condition that you are writing about, but I will put a few idieas out for you to consider, and research and think about, 1. I would find a reputible health nutritional naturpathic doctor, if you can afford it 2. try a glutin free diet, and all precooked food out of your diet, all chemicals out, all oils except olive and coconut

3. take 2 or 3 parisitec cleanses, I assume you are alergic to something, or you accured a paricsitic infection from the juice, if the beet crop was from a small farm it could have been fertilised with animal manure, and hence a possible parasitic infection... animal manure has been used in past years, , but it is to be dried and aged 2 or 3 months befor being applied to crops.

This is only some of my own ideas, I do hope you are doing better.

Merryanne in Central FL

Replied by Smilesnsunshine
Sicamous, Bc, Canada

I have noticed a progression in my essential tremors since my 20's. My mother also had this condition. Now being 57, my tremors have caused me difficulties in writing; I. E. Completing applications, signing my name. Upon reading feedback on this FABULOUS website, I have eliminated gluten from my otherwise healthy lifestyle and have noticed a difference within the last week. For years, I have been taking magnesium (~ 1,000 mg/day) in addition to other supplements. A few years ago, one doctor suggested taking magnesium along with 5-HTP, which I also found to be helpful. In trying to curb my supplementation, as I do have a healthy diet, I stopped taking the 5-HTP. With my having noticed an improvement in my writing with only cutting out the gluten, I shall continue to do so and see how it goes. I try to always find the root of the problem, not just a bandaid. I encourage others to try the elimination diet and send a HUGE thank you to all for your ideas/suggestions.

Replied by Dave
Toronto, Ontario

Ti! Who knows if it's related but I too had an MRI about 10 years ago which revealed a "benign" tumor on my pituitary gland. I'm going to take your advice and order a copy of Healing Codes. I'll keep you posted. Dave

Replied by Bob
Chicago, Illinois

Good news.

I was diagnosed with essential tremor at age 12. It has since progressed a bit and at times I must type with a single finger, like now, or ask a friend to handle a task like threading a needle or inserting a battery into a device. Thank god for friends!

Some observations. Proplanalol works well, but try not to take it often as it can become less effective with frequent use. Incidentally, it works well for stage fright. Stage fright and ET seem to have some relationship. Musicians will take prop on days they perform -- and would not think of it in rehearsal.

Alcohol works just great, until you become a drunk. Then alcohol is maybe not so great.

Weight resistance exercise works wonders -- pushups and situps can save your day (and you will look better. More about that in a second.)

Much is made of embarrassment. I've been told by strangers I was an alcoholic (I am not), that I have Parkinson's disease (if I did, I would have died years ago) or simply been asked why I shake and what is wrong with me. US Customs mocked me in front of my girlfriend because my tremor grew so bad.

Here is how you deal with the laughter you get when the lettuce falls off your fork or you cannot tie your shoe.

Explain it. It is called essential tremor, it is not contagious, no one dies of it (unless they REALLY piss off ssomeone who has it) and no, it is not Parkinson's. Work out a short version, because these dolts will soon lose interest once they find out it isn't fatal. Practice your pitch. Soon you will not be embarrassed. They will be humiliated, though.

Oh, I'm 61 and I live very well.


Replied by Andrea
Fayetteville, Tennessee

After reading recent posting on the Essential Tremors, I feel I must say I did not find a CURE to my Tremors. However, the Magnesium supplement for the past 25 years have controlled my tremors. Some days it takes a larger dose (1200 mg) and some days I can get by with (500 mg). After all these years of dealing with this condition, I know what my body is telling me. This may not work for everyone but I am grateful to have found it works for me. I just watched a webnair by Dr. Alex Lloyd and I plan on buying his book. Although, the webnair was too short, it was a most interesting approach to many issues we come across during our lifetime. I am always interested in educating myself on all the newest avenues we can approach when it comes to our health.

Replied by Andoy
Boise, Id

Maybe these tumor problems are caused by acidity in your body. Maybe all you need is a Maoreless alkalizing drink. is a good place to start.

Replied by Tiredofshaking
Los Angeles, Ca

Anyone find out more about the gluten removal and results with essential tremor?

I did have an MRI. No tumors. Nothing wrong. It is just essential tremor in my hands and has been there since I was a kid. I am trying magnesium chelated kind, taurine, lecithin granules, and a B100 complex as well as rubbing magnesium oil on my hands. It has only been a few days. So far no change.

I am considering the elimination diet soon if nothing else works. I do not have typical gluten sensitivity symptoms but I do have the tremor and I am really sensitive to medications, caffeine and other things so who knows... I could be sensitive to some kind of food as well and not know it. Plus I have a wheat/gluten heavy diet and I have my whole life so I am starting to really wonder since I have had this since I was a kid.

Replied by Bobofengland
Leeds, West Yorkshire

ESSENTIAL TREMOR: Clues and Suggestions:

If you have tremor then you know what it is and how it affects you. I don't know how or why I got it but it sure is bad at times. I have a gut feeling it was caused by a depression tablet I was precribed which possessed a 'severe dry mouth side effect' and an adverse reaction to sun glare when driving. I suspect the nerves surrounding my eye-area, this being a major nerve signal motoway from the brain 'got dried out' and small nerve-way areas became disabled. We are told there is no cure, thats its uncurable.

I have found if you squirt distilled water in your eyes, once or twice a day it reduces my symptons by 8o%, and on goodays I feel cured, I use an eyedropper which all pharmacists stock and buy a few PHIALS of diluted water for cents and away you go, put one drop in each eye like you do with eye-drops. I have found sold eyedrops useless and plain ordinary diluted water 20 times better. One lady on here mentioned Popropanol tablets, they don't work but they do relieve anxiety. I have plans to inject water into my cheeks just below and to the the left for L/eye / and below and to the right for R/eye, meaning in both crown of cheekbone areas. I am convinced lack of water hydration to a nerve damages it and hope [pray] the opposite is true. Right now I am feeling well, I know water is the answer but it really needs a $5m dollar budget with tests to find out how accurate my guess is. This treatment costs cents, please try it and report back. Bob. Leed, UK.

Replied by Jasonmchicago
Chicago, Il

DEANNA - Your facial tremors are because of Lyme. Doctors know very little about 90% of diseases. Spend some time on Google and you will see that many (including myself) have strange facial pains, tremors, Bell's Palsy, TMJ, etc. Because of Lyme. The face/neck have the most collagen in the body and Lyme likes collagen. Most people with Lyme have sore necks, facial problems, neurological problems, etc.

The reason I'm pretty confident is b/c (1) you got tested twice positive... No test is 100% but that's a pretty good indicator (2) I have/had similar problems and even much worse.

I recently started treating Lyme through alternative medicine (less than 1 month) and have FINALLY noticed a lower intensity of facial issues. I do the following:

- Detox (activated charcoal, bentonite clay, phys husk, any other detox method you can think of)

- No sugar, no dairy, no carb diet

- Increased my salt intake (salt kills bacteria)

- Stay positive

- Do things to help my lymphatic systems (skin brushing, trampoline, etc. ) Circulation and a super fit lymph system is needed to get the waste out

- Taking all kinds of supplements from vitamin c to green tea extract. You also can read BUHNER's book on Lyme.

The reason I share this is the Lyme is the #1 masquerader. It can be fibromyalgia, arthritis, facial pain, psychiatric problems, anxiety, depression, etc. Do NOT wait to eradicate Lyme from you system. As you start to kill the bacteria your urine/bowel/skin will start smelling like sulfur ammonia. This will confirm(a) that you diagnosis was correct (b) your treatment is correct.


Replied by Shano
Prescott, Az.

I had Lymes and the only cure is to take a prescription of Cipro. I had low level Lymes for years after the initial, unsuccessful antibiotic. Only after having a terrible ear infection in Mexico when they gave me a script of Cipro did I feel my Lymes was 'cured'. I am a huge user of alternative medicine, but I really do think that getting this specific antibiotic finally cleared my Lymes.

Replied by Selfcaremn
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I've enjoyed reading all the helpful information. Uplifting. Since being diagnosed with tremors 5 year ago, I've tried beta blockers, vitamin B's, Tremadone, amino acids, and essential oils, etc. None of these have been effective. Based on a natural doctor's advice, I'm starting a detox cleanse with a healing fast that will monitor my reaction to different food groups. I'm also having the mercury in my teeth safely removed. I'm believing for good results!