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Feline Chronic Sinusitis Infection From Mold in Canned Food

Posted by DJ (Oregon) on 02/26/2023

My cat ate canned cat food (made in the USA) last spring that made her very sick. She lost her appetite for days, urinated copious (large) amounts of urine, was so weak she couldn't jump on the bed. I had to put a chair next to the bed, and a small box next to the chair (basically made a ladder).

All in all she was sick for about ten days. I thought she was going into chronic renal failure, and wasn't able to get her to a vet because lots of the vets in this rural area retired due to COVID. Finally, after 10 days, was able to see a vet. She wasn't in renal failure. Some of her labs were abnormal, but not terribly elevated.

I had the State Department of Agriculture do some testing on a can of that food. They didn't order the right tests, the testing could have been more comprehensive. But their testing did show 3 kinds of mold in the food (which had meat and butternut squash in it). Each mold type was within the limits for it's type of mold. But the three together seem to have pushed my kitty over the edge.

She seems to have chronic sinusitis from the mold. Does anyone have ideas on what might help help her? She's also had pink eye in the past few months, and I've used 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 water on the scruff of her neck with good results. She's an only cat, and lives indoors. Your feedback appreciated!