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FIV and Nasal Lymphoma in Cat, Desperate for Advice

Posted by Sam (Sa. Australia ) on 02/04/2018


I apologise if this is long. However I need some help asap.
(first off let me tell you I have spent a fortune and now I am strapped)

I have a male cat Maloo roughly around 9yrs old. He was diagnosed with FIV+ in 2014. Then in 2016 nasal lymphoma.
I stared him on Essiac tea pretty much right away and I have managed to keep him alive a year longer than the vet gave me.
Last 2 weeks he was lethargic and not eating. I took him to holistic vet whom said she can find a lump in his bowel area and gave him acupuncture . She could not tell what it was without an xray.
Suggested I give him coconut oil and watch his poo. He did a little one which was dry. Then a couple of days later a bigger one pretty ok looking for poo.
Not much wee and was going into hiding.
So strapped for cash I borrowed and took him into conventional vet. Who scared me and said she could find multiply lumps and that she would need this that and the other. I cried and agreed

Now last week they ring me that bloods say his kidney and liver are fine but white blood cells are high. One vet says that is the FIV and the other says lymphoma even thou his lump was said to be constipation.

They sent him home with prednisolone and told me that he should be fine. He looked dehydrated already, so I started to syringe water and food into him.
Some compassionate person I met through a group has taken it upon herself to have Maloo readmitted and on fluids for 3 days.
Conventional vet said bloods say liver and kidneys are fine. Sent blood results to holistic vet who says she thinks it is his kidneys.
|I am lost and not sure who is taking me for a ride. What exactly going on with my boy and what I should try to do.
Please anyone can help me with some advice or direction. Much appreciated.

I did start him on Moringa powder a couple of days ago however he is back in vet so not sure if that would help at all.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Sam,

I don't think anyone is taking you for a ride. You are dealing with 2 different approaches, and so will get two different answers. Holistic vet *thought* it was constipation but could not give you a definitive answer without an xray. Western vet only knows what the tests indicate, and so far the tests say it is not the liver [yet]. Maloo is dealing with FIV disease and cancer and is a senior. FIV often leads to intestinal cancer/lump or mass in intestines. You have done an admirable job at caring for him. If I were lucky enough to be Maloo's person, I would continue with the Essiac and keep him hydrated and check hydration frequently; I would ask the vet/s for supplies for a saline drip so I could administer at home if need be. I would continue feeding best food possible. I would keep him warm, provide plenty of cat nip, Rescue Remedy [for human and cat! ], and keep an open mind that his time might come sooner than desired. Please keep us posted!

Replied by Sam
Sa. Australia
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Maloo was pts on the 2nd of March. I am totally devastated and feel like my whole world has crashed. I am surrounded by cancer and it keeps taking my loved ones.
I feel like a complete failure when it comes to my pets. I had to put my male cat Bubbles to sleep aged 6 to diabetes. My soul kitty Tahlia aged 8 to intestinal adenocarcinoma and now Maloo aged 9. I also have a dog with cancer. What am I doing wrong. I come on here and other sites and get my hopes up with the stories of that their pet was on deaths door and bam they are cured after giving this and that. Same for humans. I have just lost my Mum to cancer.
I am unsure which way to turn anymore.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

AW, Sam - I am so sorry. All the cancer may have nothing to do with you and everything to do with environment. Some things you cannot change. Kudos for being such an attentive care giver to your loved ones.