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5 Cats With Head Shaking - No Diagnosis After $10,000 Spent at Vets

Posted by michele cerami (chittenango, ny) on 02/27/2021

Thank you, for this forum. I have 5 cat all shaking their heads. We have spent about $10,000 to date for vet costs and I only tell you this so you can see we have been searching long and hard to find out what is going on with them with no luck.

I have been on the internet and have found others have the same problem. They shake their heads, try to get their foot in their ears, and sometime scratch around the facial area, but the head shaking is like a bee flew in and they try to shake it out.

We have had: an MRI done in October of 2020. I took Holly in as the stand-in for all five. She had an infection in the sinus area, but the vet, who did prescribe antibiotics said that may not be the problem.

We dosed all five cats and it did not work. Still shaking. They were on Bravecto and Revolutionary plus for 6 months (I hate that stuff). I knew it wouldn't help and it didn't. Holly has had her ears scraped, cultured, examined to the extreme. Two comprehensive fecals done. A blood test when they did the MRI. I am at my wits end and I feel so badly for them. Right now for about a month and a half, I have had them on 3mg of colloidal silver once a day and I put some in their water. 500mg of lysine daily. 250-500mg vitamin c (just started that last week, and change from one really good food to Fromme on advice from someone. This has been going on for 9 months. Please help if you can. Oh, and I have given them, not every day, yogurt because of all the antibiotics they had been on.

Replied by Deirdre

Hi, so sorry you have been having issues with all your cats. You didn't mention what food you feed them. Have you tried a raw or freeze-dried raw food diet like Stella and Chewy, Small Batch, or Open Farm?

One of my dogs had a lot of issues with his ears and skin, which I have written about extensively on EC, and they all went away after about a week on a mostly freeze-dried raw diet (with a bit of kibble). All of his issues came from food. Hope this helps. Please update us!