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Food Getting Stuck in Narrow Esophagus... Please Help!

Posted by Mike C (Idaho Falls, Id) on 07/31/2020

I'm 40 years old, not overweight, exercise regularly, no health problems that I know of.

In around 2012, I was eating and got a piece of meat stuck in my throat (esophagus). It would not go down. Not knowing what to do, the next morning, we went to the ER, and I ended up having to have an endoscopy done to push the food down. Since that time, I try really hard to chew my food til there's nothing solid left, but I've had a few close calls.

Last night I was eating a green salad with shrimp in it, and food got stuck (never happened with salad before). Stayed in there for 5 hours before it finally went down on its own while I was trying to relax. I tried all the internet remedies like drinking a carbonated drink, honey, simethicone, coconut oil, hot liquid, and on and on.

I really believe there is a cure for everything, but I don't know about this narrow esophagus, what causes it, and what, if anything there is I can do to fix it so that I don't have this keep happening. The problem now is that I literally cannot afford for it to happen. I have lousy health insurance where everything is subject to the deductible, and high out of pocket max, so a visit to the ER would cost thousands.

Back when it happened in 2012 I had good insurance and it didn't cost a lot. The doctor told me it was caused by acid reflux and wanted to put me on a PPI, but I know those are dangerous and they're not a cure so I didn't take them.

I'm really hoping someone has some knowledge to help remedy this as I get nervous now whenever I eat, especially the day after it happens, I'm afraid of solid food.

Replied by Anon

Hi there, Mike!

Magnesium is the first thing that came to mind as I read your story. You can get it into your body readily through the skin, so Epsom salts in the bath or even in a dishpan for your feet. This would be inexpensive to try and see if it helps.

You can use magnesium oil, rub it on your feet or even on your throat. You can buy magnesium flakes and make your own magnesium “oil”, if you're up for it.

Of course you can take supplements, but that doesn't appeal to me when I am anxious about swallowing yet more tablets or capsules. Now brand has a liquid magnesium that is not all that expensive.

That is the first thing I would try if it were me. I am in your corner in the belief that there is a remedy out there for most every malady.