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Gag Reflex and Cough in Cat - Need Nutrition Help

Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 11/11/2021 130 posts

I have a 5 year old chihuahua with (and a bit of a mix I dont know for sure) She is 7 lbs, and was 6 lbs when I rescued her 12 months ago this month. Her name is Mimmie after Mimosa Flower because she is very, very shy. I know she had a hard life before I she came to me. She has her forever home with me now, and Ive solved several problems with her coat and skin through regular grooming myself, and diet.

But the diet I need to ask about for sure because she has what is like a gag reflex, and a cough that is once in awhile only. Not necessarily at the same time. I do have a vet, but they are not into natural remedies so I like to search for help on that. I do many, many home-remedies, for years now thanks mostly to EC. Sometimes she doesnt eat but so far, she only skips a day, or a bit less than 24 hours. I watch her water and she continues to drink that even when she doesnt have an appetite for her food. I buy good food, I think, and the bag before this (which I transitioned her) I felt might have to do with some scratching that started although I am not sure it was the food now. I am 68,69 this month, so I never was perfect, and now, I have some, short term memory problems so please forgive me. I put my little dog before myself, like potty times, feeding etc.

We go outside 4 & 5 times a day, every day so we both get our exercise walking around our big, apt. building. She drinks her water better than I drink my daily need ;) Ok, just a little on her care here ;) So now I am going through the dog food labels and I want to get the best I can afford for her. I spent 20 on the last bag, Organix. But I also know that it isnt always the price tag that determines the true quality. I eat a keto diet, and sometimes wonder if I should just feed her what I eat? I buy grass fed, grain free, free-range eggs, all I can find in my, small town. We have 4 grocery stores including a good Grocery Outlets (lots of organics, just read sell by dates) and Wild River Healthfoods.

Can someone help me find out about the foods for her that would be best to try? I read on here someone took their dog off a formula with chicken and hers does have some of that, although not right, out front on the label. Some other things I dont like the sound of. This one has potatoes and I do NOT eat carbs like that, only cruciferous vegies that are good for T2 Diabetes, which I have, and the Keto Diet. Sorry about the book but I need to sink my teeth into finding the best foods to try with her. By the way, she had an upset tummy, gets that once in awhile, and I am now giving her a little of my yogurt to see if that gets her back to wanting to eat.

I will answer any questions!!

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I would investigate two potential issues here. First, her kidneys. Second would be are you using a harness or just a collar for walks. Many small dogs (I have one) are subject to damaging their tracheas. Pulling on the leash is an issue with all dogs, but the smaller ones have more delicate tracheas and cannot take too much.

With dogs who stop eating or get too picky about what they eat are often doing so because food just doesn't smell or taste right when the kidneys are not functioning as they should. A blood test and/or urine check will tell that story. You may want to check around for a vet that will work with your more holistic approach. Calling around and asking will help you decide. I have also visited vets to feel confident in my vet choices. (I have a holistic vet as well as my regular vet.) Best wishes for Mimmie and you.