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Hair Loss With Covid-19, Remedies Needed

Posted by Romina (Fort Lauderdale ) on 07/31/2020

Did anyone here experienced or heard of increased hair loss during Covid19 recovery?

I have a friend who is still experiencing mild symptoms after 3 weeks ( she is on the High dose 10gm Vitam C protocol) but is still experiencing dizziness, sore throat and increased hair loss.

Any advice truly appreciate it! Thank you.

Replied by Hisjewel

Greeting EC and Romina of Fort Lauderdale,

I am sure many of us were fighting for our health this year and have a survival story.

I must say that my hair actually stopped falling out and began to grow during Covid (almost filled in that bald spot) and extra length all around. Yes we are yet praying and wearing mask but we have also used much of whatever we thought would help. I took most of my tips from EC.

Just as New York became number one March, I had a ticket to visit some relatives out of town and I did not want to bring the virus with me neither did I want to get sick while I was there. I saw a recipe that someone from Earth Clinic posted, I believe it was Bill Thompson. It called for one third Water, one third Vinegar, and one third Hydrogen Peroxide. I looked back for this but could not find it.

He said rub on chest and neck. This got rid of our coughs within in minutes and lasted all day most of the time two days. It was so easy to use and worked wonders. No one got away with a cough while I was there. I took Vitamin C 1,000 mg every 4 hours. I took an aspirin in the morning and at night. We sprayed the house with the hydrogen peroxide and in our mouths too. Family Dollar has the spray bottles and that's what we used. We blessed it and sprayed it.

To help move the mucus further out we had a lot of hot dishes like hot wings things. To continue prevention, when I got back to New York I made my favorite cough drink with Lemons, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric, Garlic and Honey in water. If I felt my breathing was stuffy I took extra cayenne pepper.

If I felt my throat needed extra help I would rub a drop or two of Lugol's iodine on my throat. Now, I also did one thing more, and this may be what helped my hair, I started taking Berberine capsules to help regulate my blood sugar.


Replied by Hisjewel

Regarding hair growth since Covid 19 survival routine. I am amazed each time I wash my hair now. No hairballs, No sink full of hair! My hair was, was… coming out by the handfuls. After menopause I began to get hairballs and hair knots and a ball spot, o' my. What was happening to me? With all the hair products the most I could get was a little added hair that was soon go where the other lost hair went.

I had been taking supplements for hair for years and I still am, however, none of them stopped the hairballs. The baking soda and lemon juice drink alone did not stop the hairballs; the molasses baking soda drink did not stop the hairballs. The Biotin, Bamboo or Silica did not stop the hairballs. They all did health wonders for healing, but did not stop the hair knots and breakage. But since my survival routine my hair is growing. My hair has stopped getting hairballs and knots, No breakage. Amazing. The Berberine I'm taking has 10 percent Royal Jelly, also I forgot to list the zinc.

Anything else I use is in pretty much the same amount as before Covid 19, but the ones I listed in my previous post was in elevated amount during Level one Covid19. Even my eyes smile now.