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Has Anyone Cured Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Posted by Nancy (Palo Alto, California) on 07/15/2014

Please let me know if anyone you or Ted knows or has been in contact with has actually cured IPF. And if so how did they cure it?

So far on YouTube there is a woman who claims she cured hers with Cannabis...but she knows of no one else who has cured themselves using the same protocol.? Reading through four pages of suggestions (many by Ted) and reports about IPF on your site I find only one semi-clear report of a cure, and that involving oil pulling...but is it pretty unsubstantiated.

Did Ted ever mentor someone who was cured of IPF? What did they do that cured them? I am seeking answers for a dear friend in Denmark whose husband has IPF.


Replied by Timh
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Nancy: I have had PF for 20 yrs and have nearly died twice as consequences of this condition. After only recently beginning Calcium 2 AEP & Hemp Oil/CBD, I am slowly improving and would probably otherwise be near dead without this intervention.

Sorry to burst your bubble of hope of "full recovery" as Pulmonary Fibrosis is a serious condition w/ not much good prognosis. In-this-event, it would be more realistic to hope to simply manage the disease and w/ any luck slow the progression. The mortality rate after 50yrs is high.

A realistic first goal of management is to achieve optimal health thru diet, supplements, lifestyle, etc. Reducing inflammation is the most important aspect of treatment so pursue that. Next is correcting autoimmunity with either Cannabis or Low Dose Naltrexone or maybe both. If you have any success w/ these first two phases; the third phase would be Regenerative Medicine which attempts actually re-growing health lung tissue. The herb Comfrey and Gotu Kola would need included in this phase along w/ other protocols like Raw Lung Glandular, Growth Hormone (HGH or IGF-1) Therapy, Mesenchyme Stem Cell therapy. If you can succeed in the first 2 phases, then it is possible (given optimal health) to achieve near resolution w/ the 3rd phase.

"Living Herbal Farmacy" has some good protocols & products but you may need a Naturopathic Physician to coach the process.

Replied by Nancy
Palo Alto, California

To Timh from KY re: Cure and/or treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Dear Timh, I don't know if was a typing error but in your answer you called the disease you were treating "IP" which is a different disease from IPF which I was asking about.

Please clarify whether you are reporting making a difference in IP or IPF? I appreciated your suggestions but want to be sure that they are applicable to IPF.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Replied by Timh
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@Nancy: I didn't find any "IP" reference in my post, although I did use "I have had PF for 20 yrs".

Anyway, there are a number of interchanging terms for an array of Lung or Respiratory disorders of which there are close to 100 in number. Some called Idiopathic (meaning of unknown cause or origin) Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Interstitial Lung Disease, among others.

More detail of your friend's history and current diagnostics will help in understanding, but the recommendations are relevant in general across the board.

1) Achieve optimal health and antioxidant status. This will include purifying indoor air and boosting Glutathione production (which is usually reduced in lung disorders).

2) Reduce inflammation big time. It is critical to remove inflammation for healing to occur.

3) Instigate Growth or Regenerative therapies.

A few months back I got desperate and began experimenting nutrition w/ Nebulizer w/ mixed results, but somehow made a very temporary breakthrough and felt like my old self prior to the injury; so am now revisiting different protocols for any relief possible as things are not looking very well for me.

Also, glad to hear back from you as I have been thinking lately of reported dramatic increases in lung cancer in the fibrosis group, so I hope your friend can start getting some positive therapy results.

Tomorrow I am going to Nebulize a combination of antioxidant nutrients in the hope of knocking out the inflammation. A mixture of Quercetin, Resveratrol, and Grapeseed Extract. Standard conventional treatments aim at the same results using mostly pharma grade non-steroidal or steroidal drugs w/ mixed results and nothing very promising long term in light of negative side effects.

Also, I think I forgot to mention that there has been some good success reports using the common antibiotic drug Doxycycline as it inhibits an enzyme that prevents healing signals.

Replied by Nancy
Palo Alto, California

Dear Timh, I am grateful for your response and the precious information you gave. I have passed everything you have said on to my friend.

I can't believe I wrote you about "IP". That was a typo.....what I meant was PF..that your response was based on your experience with Pulmonary Fibrosis and my friend in Denmark's husband has Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which has a much better prognosis than IPF, based on the research I have found.

The other differences are not clear to me, except that the causes of IPF, unlike PF, are unknown.

I have been wondering, since your first response based on your experience with PF if despite the differences between the two diseases that they share enough common symptoms, that much the same treatment that is effective for one, as you have said too, might be effective for another.

Would you explain to me how you use
Hemp Oil/CBD, and what Calcium 2 AEP is and why it is effective?

The woman in this video has claimed she cured her IPF using Cannabis with 30% or more CBD content which she says is essential, taking a gram a day, also utilizing a volcano vaporizer 3 times a day with standard sativa and cannabis flowers (I couldn't clearly hear this last part, but she responds fully to any questions)

HOW CANNABIS CURED my Terminal Lung Disease - Pulmonary Fibrosis

Using Cannabis with 30% or more CBD content is essential, taking a gram a day, also utilizing a volcano vaporizer 3 times a day with standard sativa and cannabis flowers. What is your take on her recommendation?

Warmly, Nancy

Replied by Timh
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I take Hemp Oil CBD 1 dropper oral (w/food) daily w/ very good results. Calcium 2AEP is a substance the body produces to add integrity to the lining of cells. Studies or reports have it that AEP supplementation provides relief of bad symptoms and promotes healing.

Depending on the severity of the damage, many may find these two remedies provide substantial or possibly complete cure. In my case, so far, it has been (after about 3months time) a life saver as I suffer from extreme toxicity and infections.

As I am slowly recovering from the toxicity conditions, I have planned protocols for Nebulization of nutrients in the attempt to restore from a very debilitating condition. My case is also not typical and common Radiography or X-ray diagnostics show nothing, so I need further test to determine exactly what is.

Replied by Brenda
Hollywood, FL

Idiopathic is the definition of: not knowing what causes it. So, IPF is Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, whereas, PF is Pulmonary Fibrosis...Fibrosis is scaring, so is the same thing, only difference is if it has 'I' means they don't know what caused the scaring. This is how I understood the difference.

Replied by Andrew
Pomona Ca

Hi, how much exactly do you guys recommend taking of the CBD oil and calcium 2aep? The bcd oil I have is a tincture called Cibikan. The copd and pulmonary fibrosis is about mid stage.


Replied by Timh
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Persons and conditions and severity fluctuate so it's always a good idea to simply use otc meds or nutritionals as labeled or "suggested" dosage. After a few days or weeks you can adjust the dosage according to the response.



Could you please tell me what brand of CBD oil is useful for treating IPF? I dad is suffering from this and none of the medications are working now. Thanks in advance!

Replied by Shaz
Calgary, Canada


I have had PF for 7yrs. Why do you say IPF has a better prognosis than PF? Where did you read this?

Replied by A

Hi there. I am after the same answer as many others.people are asking which cbd oil to use. there are so many. My dad has IPF and he is considering using cannabis but there are so many. Does it have to be containing 30% CBD Where is a reputable place to buy it from? I don't want to be buying plain old rapeseed oil or something which won't work. also want to know what the best oil is for the job. Thank you

Replied by Dina

I just started my mom on CBD oil. She has been suffering from PF for about 10 years. Will let you know the outcome.

Replied by Jack


Can you tell me specifically what CBD oil you are giving your mother? What it is and how much per day you are giving her.

I am considering this for my father that has been also diagnosed with PF and has been placed on oxygen and has recurring coughing episodes.

Thank you, I am interested in any insight you can offer.

Replied by Sivakumar S
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Hi Nancy

My mother is diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2014 and under taking medication as per pulmonologist advice (in India). She is 72 years old. 10 different medicines, including Pirfiner (200 mg) thrice a day

After recent visit to the clinic and disease progression, clinicians indicated maximum survival of 1 year. My mother is under 16 hours of Oxygen support at home.

I had come across Earth Clinic through google, and read positive reviews from people affected by PF, but not very clear about the dosages and combination of alternative medicines they are taking. Will it be possible to arrest the disease progression, by taking serrapeptase (enzyme) and Hydrogen peroxide. However I am not sure how to get these alternative medicine in India. Does anyone know where to buy them to ship to India? Can anyone advice the dosage for these medicines.

2. Can we take these medication along with other medication given by Pulmonologist?

I had read your posting and positive review about this disease.

Looking forward to hear from you at the earliest

Sivakumar S

Replied by Simone
Traverse City, Michigan

Hi Tim, I noticed that your comments dropped off, so I hope that you are doing well.

My husband is just beginning this journey, but is already down to 49% lung function. I appreciate your insight and suggestions. We will take them to heart.

Blessings in all your endeavors,


Replied by Timh
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TY Simone for your concern.

My situation is such a challenge that it's like a boxing match making it thru each round but never really loose or win the battle, just continue with intermittent progress & losses.

Back to the lung issue, mine all started with an unknown at the time decline in lung function and overall health in general, but somehow managed to continue working full time but continued decline until the situation got really bad and near dead in 1997. It wasn't until I started reading here on E.C that my condition was definitely caused by a mycoplasma infection, of which I still have (yet never medically diagnosed). After re-reading this thread I failed to mention the problem of mycoplasma infection as a root cause of many cases of PF including animals like livestock. My dad had a once healthy cow become chronic ill and not able to calf. She would cough & cough and drool. Took her to the vet and loaded her up on antibiotics and she improved well enough to calf again but the little one also got the infection and soon died, so she was off to the market. Obviously I was exposed to the same water source.

Currently I am nebulizing Colloidal Silver nearly every day plus the nutrients and herbals discussed above that is keeping my situation manageable. In the past, I seem to have had best results with an 100mg Ozone generator only a few ft from my bed breathing 03 directly into the lungs, and in about 1 wk time cough up mucus from really down deep in my lungs, which leaves me to conclude that Ozone may be the single best treatment for the mycoplasma. Plan on resuming the 03 again soon (now have Neg Ion & low level Ozone air purifier). Back up a bit with my current treatment, I begin using Magnet Therapy on chest to reduce inflammation & neg energy, then Zapp, then neb C.S. This protocol gives noticeable results in metabolism (energy), detoxification, and immune function, which highlights how debilitating PF can be.

If there can be substantial or total resolve of PF, you must be very dedicated & determined to make it happen, otherwise it's all downhill.

An entire series of bad events occurred from Dec 2016 to March 2017 of which I have barely survived. So, I am still here and happy to be able to share the knowledge I have gained from my illness.

Hope I can continue making progress and help you & your husband in the journey of Recovery.

Your concern is uplifting, TY again.

Replied by Art
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I thought you might find the following interesting and possibly useful:

The melatonin has a very good safety profile and is naturally produced in the body suggesting a lower chance for adverse events. I consider melatonin to be somewhat of a pleiotropic and this may confer other potential health benefits.

N acetyl cysteine has shown limited benefit, but may be additive in a combination approach.

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) has shown benefit also and may actually be a bit better than NAC for the specific purpose, but again you have to weigh in the potential for gastrointestinal discomfort with ALA .

Therapeutic effects of α-lipoic acid on bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in rats

You said you nebulize with silver, but an ultrasonic humidifier/vaporizer may be able to deliver a more effective dose in less time per dose given the relatively huge surface area of the lungs. More recent studies are suggesting that CS has anti-inflammatory qualities among its other known abilities. Getting enough to the whole area is very important.

Licorice/Glycyrrhiza glabra has shown benefit also, but its hypertensive effect has to be weighed into the equation and monitored if it is part of a regimen.

Some folks find benefit with very high dose serrapeptase, but serrapeptase has a fairly slow and gentle activity which again may have synergy in a combination approach.

Vitamin D seems to be very important to the body as a whole, but the lungs can specifically benefit and most people are not at optimum 25 OH d serum levels even when they are already supplementing.

With IPF, you already know it is going to take several or more items to get maximum effectiveness. The task at hand is finding the best combination and dosing for you which you have already long ago learned.......a work in progress!


Replied by Timh
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Thanx for your concern and suggestion, Art.

I am doing most of the remedies you posted with exception to the antibiotic. I have some now outdated Doxicycline that I never took much of cause I am so reluctant to that family of antibiotics.

I recently bought some new delivery bulbs for my nebulizer and they output a finer mist than the original one that came with the unit. May try nebbing some H2O2 once again, but the Ozone seems to be the best.

Replied by Mn
Mexico City

TimH, are you referring to the antibiotics you mention in yr 2014 post? Art does not mention antibiotics.

Sounds like you are a survivor with a lot of will power. Best wishes.

Replied by Timh
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Mn: Thanks for the correction and your concern. Hope you are well.

Replied by Gary

I'm newly diagnosed at having IPF. I have found a lot of good information concerning nebulizing L-Glutathione for IPF. Also, I've found a great deal of helpful info on using 2 different enzymes, Serrapeptase and Nattokinase for IPF. Idiopathic just means that it is a chronic condition, so IPF and PF is the same condition.

Do a search for chinese medicine and lung yin. According to tradional chinese medicine when the lung chi is low you start having problems like enphezema, copd and IPF. Using the hebs Astragalus and chinese asparagus both build up lung chi and lung yin. Do some web searches for info.

Here's a website you need to look at. by a M.D. that used the enzymes with great success on himself after being diagnosed with IPF.

I didn't say that I am finding relief/improvement using the Glutathione and enzymes. I'm after a complete cure for myself.

Replied by Barry

IPF meaning they don't know what caused it, as someone else already pointed out. I've had PF for 18 years because I worked with asbestos, silica dust, sandblasting with aluminum oxide, and grinding on metal containing nickle/berryllium, all bad stuff.

PF doesn't always have a parasite involved, I don't think? How do you think he got a parasite? Just wondering if I could have.

Thanks and God Bless all of You!

Replied by Janette M
Ontario Canada

I have also been diagnosed with IPF. There is no known cure. The best we can hope for is a slowing down of the progression. Mine has seems to have leveled off between my last 2 PFTs.I am currently using a drug called Ofev. The side effects are minimal for me. I will ask my doctor about cannabis oil when I talk to him in July.

Replied by Marie


My aunt has IPF and is being evaluated for lung transplant. I was wondering where to purchase the Fulvic and the dosage your husband takes. Thanks for any info.


Replied by Jean

To Cinda in Oklahoma, I was looking into your supplements and can’t come up with what nanacanese is? Is this meant for manganese possibility. Thanks!


Hi Jean from Indiana –

Cinda (Oklahoma) wrote that post back in 2017 so she may not see your request.

However, when she said “nanacanese cause addresses scar tissue” – she may have meant “nattokinase” since it helps reduce scar tissue.

I hope that helps.

Take care.