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Has Anyone Found A Natural Treatment For Lung Sarcoidosis

Posted by Rita (Seattle, Wa) on 02/14/2010

Please if anyone found a natural remedy for treating lung sarcodoisis. I have been suffering shortness of breath for few years and chest pains. just discovered its sarcodoisis. along with that have post nasal drip which gives me silent cough and makes lots of phelgm . Does anyone have any natural remedy that would provide me any relief. Thanks

Replied by Gg
Somewhere, Usa

This does not cure my sarcoidosis, but I do take Quercetin & Bromaline as well as turmeric. I feel like it helps with the phelgm.I have been known to take 4-6 tablets each, per day. Quercetin & Bromaline come in one tablet and then I make my own capsules of turmeric.

Replied by Daniwalker
Enterprise, Oregon

Hello Rita and Gg, I agree with Gg as there are several scientific studies showing that broad spectrum antioxidants like quercetin are beneficial for Sarcoidosis and other ILD's. My husband has had complete improvement with his Sarc using liquid supplements with high amounts of quercetin and other natural anti-inflammatories (fucoidan is excellent but be sure it is a radiation/heavy metal free source). He is no longer on meds and has not signs or symptoms of Sarc.


My husband has sarcoidosis and is on gaby and prednisone. He found out he had it 2 years ago (it took 2 years to find out what it was) I now am trying to get him to try h2o2 35% grade not only in the hot tub, but also for daily health use. I can't get him to see the benefits he would get from trying it on a long term time. what can I say or do for him to have a better understanding that it is a good natural way and it can not hurt him, but only help him. He is 66.

Note: our neighbor is a naturalist and is willing to help, my husband is still sceptical.

Help PLEASE I want to be together until we are VERY old. I am 64 have had multiple strokes years ago and in 2015 received a flu shot and then has G.B. I am doing much better thanks to my friend.

thank-you and God bless

Replied by Art
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Here is a study abstract that clearly shows the benefit of using melatonin as adjunctive treatment for pulmonary and extra pulmonary sarcoidosis that you may find useful. The study subjects took 20 mg of melatonin per day.


J Pineal Res. 2006 Sep;41(2):95-100.

Melatonin is a safe and effective treatment for chronic pulmonary and extrapulmonary sarcoidosis.

Pignone AM1, Rosso AD, Fiori G, Matucci-Cerinic M, Becucci A, Tempestini A, Livi R, Generini S, Gramigna L, Benvenuti C, Carossino AM, Conforti ML, Perfetto F.

Author information


Chronic sarcoidosis (CS) is often unresponsive to usual treatments. Melatonin, an immunoregulatory drug, was employed in CS patients in whom usual treatments were ineffective or induced severe side effects. Melatonin was given for 2 yr (20 mg/day in the first year, 10 mg/day in the second year) to 18 CS patients. Pulmonary function tests, chest X rays, pulmonary computed tomography, Ga(67) scintigraphy and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) were assayed at baseline and in the follow-up. Normalization of ACE, improvement of pulmonary parameters and resolution of skin involvement were found in the patients given melatonin. After 24 months of melatonin therapy, hylar adenopathy completely resolved in eight patients and parenchymal lesions were markedly improved in all patients; in the five patients with reduced diffusion capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide, the values normalized after 6 months of therapy and remained stable until month 24. After 24 months, Ga(67) pulmonary and extra-pulmonary uptake was totally normalized in seven patients and, at month 12 months, ACE was normalized in six patients in which the values were high at the baseline. Skin lesions, present in three patients, completely disappeared at month 24 months. No side effects were experienced and no disease relapse was observed during melatonin treatment. Melatonin may be an effective and safe therapy for CS when other treatments fail or cause side effects.