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Have Cold Urticaria And Immune System Needs Boosting

Posted by Kelsie (Pickering, On, Canada) on 05/08/2012

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience Cold Urticaria. I first developed symptoms about 3 years ago. I would develop and rash and sometimes hives when swimming outdoors. At first thought I was allergic to chlorine, maybe pollen in the water, or a sun allergy (I take several medication for RA, that could cause sun sensitivity). It was only this past summer that I determined it was the cold. One day my parents left their pool heater on all night, the temp. Of the pool was almost 90 degrees. I went swimming and only developed a very slight rash after 45 minutes of being in the pool.

I searched for cold allergies online, and found that it was a condition. A simple test is to rub and icecube on your arm, if a rash or hives develop within 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, then you have your answer. I did this and sure enough, the rash was there.

I later discovered my Father had a similiar problem, in his early thirties, after a couples of years it went away.

This past winter (I live in Canada), I started to developing the rash just from being outdoors and now even whent the weather is 10 degrees, or cool and windy I develop this rash. My skin turns bright red, sometimes a solid rash and sometimes blotchy, and it burns. I have seen hives only a couple of times.

I do have lots of environmental and animal allergies, as well as asthma, some food sensitivites (wheat and dairy), and RA (rheumatoid arthritis). Clearly my immune system is struggling in general.

Any advice or experience with Cold Urticaria (or any of my immune related issues) would be greatly appeciated.

p.s. family doc advised me to 'bundle up'... Thanks for the help doc!

Replied by Jon
Othello, Wa, Usa

Urticaria is an allergic reaction (histamine release). The symptoms can be treated with quercetin, 500mg two or three times a day. Quercetin stabilizes what are known as mast cells which are cells that release histamine, effectively blocking any flare-ups.

To boost your immune system there are several things you can take with the big three being selenium, vitamin D3, and zinc. Herbwise, you can take mushrooms (most any mushroom will do, they're also rich in selenium and vitamin D2) along with astragalus (rich in zinc). Generally with people that have allergies, that are non-food related, have a hyper response with the B cells of the immune system going crazy, while the T cell part is suppressed. Mushrooms will normalize the immune system due to the oligosaccharide/Beta glucan components while astragalus will actually boost the T cells by directly stimulating the interleukins.

Keep in mind it usually takes awhile for herbal medicines to work, and they don't always work for everyone depending on the deficiencies present.

Replied by Shontel
Los Angeles, Ca

Sorry you are having such a tough time with your health.

1st: I can recommend some natural & inexpensive 'remedies' to give your body & in particular your immune system a BOOST!!


Take 3 times daily... Faithfully, 15m bfore meals

1 heaped tspn & a 1/4 tspn ginger powder, & a small pinch of cayenne pepper. in a little warm water till it dissolves. Add to 1/2 cup 'almond milk'... Receipie below.. ) & drink 15mins before meals. Due to the almond milk, it is quite pleasant with a slight spicy bite.. It will reduce pain & inflammation... Whereever it is in your body quite quickly.. As well as improve your liver function & your digestion & stop cancer cells in their tracks... Really.. google it.

FLAX SEEDS GROUND FRESH INTO A POWDER: U can grind them in a coffee grinder in a matter of moments.. Its ideal to make fresh daily.. However, if you're pressed for time... Make a weeks worth & store in the refrigerator.. Otherwise it will oxidise due to the oils.. Add 3tblspns a day to your foods. Sprinkle on your oatmeal at breakfast time, or on your green salad at lunch, or into your soup just as you serve it at dinner time. It has a pleasant 'nutty' flavor.. & is a very powerful anti-infamm & lubricant for the whole gut.


Echinacea is 'THE' herb of choice for any immune problems, whether its under or over activity. Now its a plant, so think of it as a food... Not a drug.. It has no side effects... AT ALL! & I personally use it often & recommend it for many & varied conditions of illness. There are 2 varities of Echinacea... Echinacea Augostifolia is the one u need. I don't know where u are located, however, I can recommend the mediherb Echinacea formula.. U can find it for sale on amazon or ebay i'm sure. U need to chew 2 of the big horsie looking tabs 3 times daily, as u chew the last mouthfuls of your meal for the first 7 days, then reduce to 2 tabs x twice daily thereafter. The usual 'rule of thumb' with herbs is 3 to 6 months of use.. To remedy a health problem

The Ech. allows the different parts of your immune system to communicate with each other more efficiently... Like the navy talking to the marines & the air force & planning stratergies.. if u!

I don't have time right now.. Sorry, ... However, u need to look at your general life style & diet & exercise routines. Alkalise your diet, slowly but surely get off red meat.. (u can google alkaline diet). Do some kind of regular exercise... Walk, swim, yoga etc.. Learn to relax.. Adjust your body clock to sleep earlier.. 9 or 10pm if possible & drink some plain old fashioned plain... no additives, preservatives, sweetners, colors etc WATER each & every day..


1 heaping handful of raw almonds, 4 or 5 dates or 1Tblspn of raw unboiled honey... Place all ingredients in the blender & fill the blender 3/4 full with warm water.. Leave overnight to soak. Blend well in the morning until smooth... Then use as described above. It tastes 'deeeelicious' & almonds being the only alkaline nut, its very beneficial for u as well... In many regards. It will last up to 3 days in the fridge in covered glass conrainer. Though of course it tastes, & is, better fresh if time permits!

U can vary the recipie to your own preference... More or less water, dates etc.. No matter what the Creator made us & he made all of Nature.. And, it is my experience that NATURE WILL HEAL U, GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY. Good luck to u., dr welby aka 'naturedoc'

Replied by Kelsie
Pickering, On, Canada

Thanks Shontel for your advice. The almond milk recipe sounds great, I will give it a try. Question- so I add the ginger, cayenne etc. To the almond milk recipe and drink before meals?

Also, I have read and heard many times before that people with autoimmune diseases should NEVER take an herb or supplement that boosts the immune system, becasue the boost could cause the disease to worsen. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Kelsie... There appears to be a significant connection between hives and uticaria in particular and that thyroid auto-immune antibodies are usually detected in higher than normal amounts and are always involved in patients with uticaria. Notably, it is also true to point out that the thyroid gland also helps to control the hot/cold response of the skin in humans. In these instances, excessive production of histamines in the skin is also inevitably involved. Here is the research evidence that makes the connection:

So it might be well worth you having a thyroid antibodies test to see if this is true in your own case. You can ask your doctor about this.

If the thyroid anti-bodies test comes out positive, then Lugol's iodine supplementation with companion nutrients may well help your condition. The important and essential companion nutrients in particular are there to address and improve the thyroid by helping to resolve iodine malabsorbtion issues, low immune system and will also help to increase your body's antioxidant levels thus preventing free-radical damage within cells from the inevitable destructive antibody response -- and in the case of uticaria problems, taking oral lugol's iodine protocol would help to reduce the destructive effects of these anti-bodies on skin cells as well as thyroid cellls. Therefore Iodine supplementation, at the higher dose, will not only re-adjust the thyroid to healthier levels but will also inhibit the conversion of histidines to histamines in the body and would therefore help to reduce the inflammation, pain or itchiness of uticaria on the skin.

Perhaps there are some out there who might -- quite rightly --be wondering why, since there is research evidence out there, does the medical and drugs fraternity not further pursue this obvious connection between destructive thyroid anti-bodies and uticaria? Or why, in another research instance, has Linus Pauling's discovery that orally ingesting larger dose Lysine and Vitamin C can easily cure heart disease and arteriosclerosis in a month but which has never been verified by the medical drugs standards committees, journals and peer reviewed research?

The reason for this is fairly obvious though when you think about it. The biggest possible enemy for the large drugs companies are indeed the successful and much cheaper alternative and unpatentable remedies for serious auto-immune diseases. In terms of fancy and important sounding medical jargon, "idiopathic" simply means "we haven't got a clue about what causes this disease" and "auto-immune" essentially means ""nope, we cannot consistently cure this disease". For these "idiopathic auto-immune diseases" the medical response, despite the fact that they even admit that they haven't got a clue about the disease and cannot consistently cure it every time, will be to nonetheless recommend glorified anti-inflammatories and pain-killers with some other synthetic drug which will cause significant side-effects for the rest of your life. That's an awful lot of pills and a great profit stream for a non-curative drug isn't it?

The main reason why important alternative research is hindered like this is also fairly obvious. Drugs companies not only have heavy influence within the government and medical law but they also control all medical standards and peer reviewed research because it is so expensive. So if they don't like a certain alternative but apparently successful remedy(that interfere's with one of their "iodipathic" or "auto-immune" drugs) that should be researched, then the peer research will be blocked and just will not happen -- and hence the profits from their drugs sales will be safely preserved for at least the life of the synthetic drug's patent. I would really love to be able to prove outright and once and for all that, say, lugol's iodine could cure thyroid problems, but, unfortunately, the loose change in my pocket is sadly inadequate -- so I'm afraid I cannot afford the $100 -- $200 million it would now cost just to prove one single drug's or alternative remedy's efficacy and safety against one single disease to the FDA's double-blind placebo and peer reviewed standards. And even if financial backers could be found, the drugs companies would still find a way of destroying either the inventors reputation or his or her remedy. Medical history is strewn with the now dead successful remedies of people like Royal Rife, Naessons, William Kelly, Tullio Simoncini, Virginia Livingston etc and all they had to suffer when they were only trying to cure -- yes, to actually dare to attempt outright cures for various and dangerous auto-immune diseases.

In a recent and fairy shocking Yale med article I read, certain medical standards committees seem to have stopped calling people who visit doctors as patients.

Instead, these medical standards committees are now referring to patients as "consumers".

Well lucky us...

Replied by Mihai

I started use of Diatomaceous Earth having hot cholinergic urticaria and after 3 day 1 teaspoon on empty stomach, it looks like it works.

Good luck.