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Help Needed For Chronic Mucous Issue

Posted by Deb (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/26/2011

Please bear with me as this is a bit descriptive in places. I have suffered with sinusitis and constant phlegm in my throat for the past 15 years. It is really bad at night as I can feel a big ball of phlegm in my throat and swallowing does not get rid of it. I am constrantly clearing my throat and spitting up. This is really hard to do as it is so sticky that it just sticks in my throat. It does not go away over the course of the day.

I have tried ACV for 3 months but this made my blood pressure go up and did not help anyway. I took a course of strong antibiotics for 6 weeks and this did help but 4 weeks after stopping was back to the same. I did this course another time 1 year later and the same thing happened so do not want to go down this road again. I have been taking 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 1/2 teaspoon turmeric in warm water every morning for the past 6 months but still has not helped, even though it has made me feel more energetic which is a plus.

I sometimes feel really sick and is because of infections as start getting green discharge in my throat. During infection stage, I get a few heart arrythmias which does not help. Don't think it is in my chest as coughing to clean my throat and not from deep within. I am at my wits end as feeling pretty miserable most of the time and husband has had enough of constant throat clearing and spitting up. Have been watching posts for past 2 years but most of them say had success with cayenne pepper. This was not so in my case so any suggestions made will be greatly appreciated. Hoping to get some replies soon.

Replied by P
Middle, Fl

Try 1 teaspoon of seasalt in a glass of water and drink!

Also go to following website, very informative info to back up the seasalt and water remedy, thanks to the good folks of earthclinic ;

It worked for me, but my issue was minor compared to yours! Good luck!

Replied by Bonnie
Riverside, Ca.

Hi Debbie,

I have been given loads of antibiotics over the years and they don't work in my case. One Pharmacist told me that Sinusitis is (resistant bacteria).

What has helped me control it so far (without medication) is this:

1. A neti pot

2. Warm water

3. A Q-tip

4. Bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar

I take the Q-tip and dip it in the Apple Cider Vinegar and dip and swirl the Q-tip around in the warm water in the Netti pot. (a tiny amount of ACV)

At first I only allowed this ACV & water solution in one nostril using the neti pot and allow the water to run out the other nostril. To see if I was ok with this in my sinuses.

It was fine in my case. Then when I irrigated my nostrils I tried to suck the solution into my upper sinus cavities or bend my head back to get the solution up into the upper sinus cavitites and then I spit this out. This seems to kill the bacteria in my case.

I also swallow some of the ACV solution. (A teaspoonful in a glass of water) this if my ears and throat are irritated.

And I have my husband drop some of the ACV/water solution (the one drop type in the neti pot) in each ear. This also helps in my case. Only when I need it.

The one draw back is this:

There is no long term use data that I know of?

And no one seems to know how this will affect the ph balance in the sinuses. (after 3 weeks I seem fine)

I was so miserable and desperate that I am willing to take a chance and I only use this solution when I absolutely have to. Also how great can the ph balance be in my sinuses with all that horrible bacteria in them making me miserable?

Sometimes I feel cured but once in awhile the problem returns but less fierce.

I use only a tiny amount in water and only when necessary.

I don't over do this treatment. Also if something doesn't seem right I would stop this treatment as with any other medication. This seems to work for me.

Replied by Bonnie
Riverside, Ca.

One more thing Debbie, after being well for days from a sinus attack my husband brought an antique lounge chair into my bedroom and underneath the chair was lots of dust we couldn't see. This was causing my throat to itch. Drinking a teaspoon of ACV in water helped with the itching but it was the old fabric and the dust underneath this chair that was causing my sinus trouble. Once we took the chair out of my room I was back to normal!

Make sure no antique fabrics and dust are in your house. Especially where you sleep. Vintage wool is a real culprit.

I was told that dust mite feces is what gets people sick.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Deb, are you getting enough Beta Carotene/Vit-A in your diet?? Most people with liver disease, and diabetes have problems converting beta carotene to Vit-A and thus have problems with mucus membranes of particularly ears, nose, throat, lungs, and intestines.

Try some therapeutic doses of Vit-A softgels and zinc until you notice a lessening of symptoms and then taper off a little for daily maintenance. And if you've never used Zinc Lozenges, then now may be the time, as infectious diseases cannot live in a cell that is optimized w/ Zinc. Most Z. L. also have Vit-C which is an additional germ killer.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Deb, you may need a different name as I am Debbie from Melbourne and post regularly and don't want people to get us confused.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Deb... Regarding your excess phlegm symptoms, this can be reduced by taking 1/4 to 1/2 tspn Sea Salt in water twice a day outside mealtimes. Also, reducing all dairy in the diet will help to reduce your mucus. When I also had problems with phlegm, taking lugol's iodine orally helped tremendously to reduce my own phlegm build ups. Iodine is necessary and is used and secreted in every mucus gland in the human body and is used as a first line of defense against outside pathogens entering the body. Thus, with proper levels of iodine/iodide in the body, mucus will more fully help to defend your body and the mucus levels will also tend to reduce. A 2% lugols solution dosage that you need would be at least 8 drops(more if you can take it) in split dosages every day.

Since you also have sinusitis -- this is an allergy issue. All allergies usualy originate because of the inability of the liver to properly remove allergens sufficiently and efficiently from the blood. Therefore, you may also have liver stress and weakness. So taking Alpha Lipoic Acid(300 mgs twice a day), Selenium(200 mcgs twice a day) and Milk Thistle(1000 mgs twice a day) at lunch and dinner will help to detox and revive the liver. Max Gerson also found that when he used lugol's iodine in larger oral dosages on his cancer patients -- all their allergies just disappeared. Similarly, by using this liver detox, the blood quality is much improved and BP should reduce. Taking Vitamin C -- 1000 mgs 3 times a day -- will also help to reduce the BP.

Since you also have used antibiotics for extended periods I would also do a Google Search on "Antibiotic Syndrome Candida". Using antibiotics like this -- over extended periods -- kills all the beneficial and protective flora bacteria in the intestines and leaves the body wide open to candida attack and infection. Again, lugol's iodine will help you here, but if you have candida, you will have to use a much higher dose than above to kill the candida off. See this link on Dr Orian Truss and candida:

Replied by Deb
Melbourne, Australia

Thankyou to everyone who has replied to my post. I realised when I was reading some that I hardly have any salt in my diet so will try this first. I have a very healthy diet with no take aways or canned foods. Usually meat and fresh vegies, seeds and nuts and salads is my staple food. I drink at least 2 litres of water daily but doctors have told me I am dehydrated. I do not use salt in my cooking or on my food so hope this is the remedy I am looking for. I make my own bread and yoghurt so no salt in this either. I exercise everyday and am not overweight so hate feeling ill all the time. I have removed all carpets about 6 years ago thinking it might be dust mite allergy but made no difference. Will post later to let you know how I got on.

To Debbie from Melbourne, I will change my screen name when this post is finished. Thank you to everyone for your quick response.

Replied by Carolyn
Abilene, Tx

Deb, I've been plagued with mucus issues for several years also, perhaps not as bad as yours. Like clockwork the past 4 years I've spent New Years Eve in a walk in clinic because I've come down with bronchitis or sinus infection. It seemed to escalate this past year, with several trips to health clinics and doctors for antibiotics. My eyes became extremely inflamed as well for several months. None of the antihistimanes worked well, and I have several antibiotic allergies. However early this month I had a colonoscopy in which the doctor found a small polyp. Lab showed it was benign, thankfully, but since removal of the polyp, my mucus problem seems to have gone away! I'll know for sure in another month I guess, but it's wonderful to wake in the mornings without having to hack and cough up dark green phlegm. I think sometimes mucus generation is the bodies way of telling us something is out of kilter.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Deb, I would also add iodine to your diet. If you don't have sea salt then you are probably iodine deficient. Iodine is a great detoxer as well. You can research iodine on this website under remedies.

I bought some Tissue salts for my son yesterday for a mucous/congestion problem. These are homoepathic mineral salts and would probably help you. There are tissue salts for many ailments. The one I got was called "Kali Mur" (potassium chloride) and it is sprayed into the throat. The minerals salts are much underated.

Replied by Bonnie
Riverside, Ca.

Debbie of Melbourne please keep us informed of your sinus progress.

I hate hearing about someone that has been as sick as you have been and for so long!

I am still irrigating my sinuses with a drop of apple cider vinegar in my neti pot filled with warm water. And blowing out all mucus in my sinuses!

I am only using it about 2 to 3 times a day now and I am about 99 1/2 % well. I can sleep though the night now with clear sinuses.

I hope you get better with the treatment that works best for you!

Best wishes Bonnie!

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Thanks Bonnie, but it is not me who has a congestion issue, it is my son. He also has digestion/leaky gut issues as well as other things. I am going to get him a hair and mineral analysis test as these problems are not resolving. I am for the most part very healthy (knock on wood).

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Oops I think I responded to the wrong post. Bonnie you meant "Deb of Melbourne" (someone different to Debbie of Melbourne). Too confusing!! We are having the same problems in my house but didn't start the thread.

Replied by Anthony
Philadelphia, Pa

Where are you going to get the hair analysis done at? I have been looking for a reliable place to get this done at. Thanks and Goodluck!

Replied by Bonnie
Riverside, Ca.

Hello Debbie, The Debbie I was referring to had the Sinusitis problem for 15 years. And I feel so bad for her! I am nearly cured of my sinusitis and there is not supposed to be a cure for it! This Apple Cider Vinegar is like a miracle for me!

I only use a drop of ACV in warm water in a netti pot. And I am not needing much irrigation anymore!

Also what is scary about sinusitis is that bacteria can go to the brain. I read that on Wikipedia. I suffered from this problem for 11 years. Not one doctor helped me at all!

I hope you get relief for your boy! Best Wishes!

Replied by Sss1sue
Chicago, Illinois

Sea salt (over-rated) is a waste in this case, certainly not all are created equal. Get a low sodium IODIZED salt and choke down warm salt water a couple times per day. Marshmallow root can help to thin it out too. If you are desparate- get an otc guaifenesin. A 30 day heavy metal cleanse (herbal) may help out the liver and kidneys to loosen up some phosphates and what not that may be bringing you down.