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Need Help Stopping Progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Posted by pal10 (Wales) on 07/09/2024

Someone I know has a long history (30 plus years) rheumatoid arthritis. Started teens with chronic UTI, occasional low mood (anti depressants) stomach issues, led to rheumatoid. Matches candida overgrowth very well. Really need to stop progression of the rheumatoid arthritis as they might end up in a wheelchair by 2026 if joint degradation continues. Currently taking amlodipine for blood pressure, tocilizumab for the rheumatoid arthritis. Was prescribed atorvastatin but isn't taking now and won't take ever again. Is borax a safe way to remove the candida? Should they come off the other medications? I did get recommended borax for the arthritis on UK HD Chemicals:, aswell as boron 10mg tablet/capsules on UK Iherb

I'm not sure which borax to get. I did buy borax powder (sodium tetraborate) which has the standard warning label on. It's laboratory grade. The afflicted tried this for a year but it didn't do anything.

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Hi pal10,

Borax would generally be my starting point for multiple forms of arthritis and has worked very effectively at keeping my psoriatic arthritis in remission for over 15 years, but if they have already tried it at Ted's recommended dosing schedule and it has not worked for them, they will have to try something else.

They could consider melatonin lotion as melatonin has shown benefit for some people with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis as discussed here : exhibits beneficial anti-inflammatory, RA) disease [17].

Here is a relevant quote from the link :

' Melatonin exhibits beneficial anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects in various inflammatory autoimmune diseases and our laboratory has previously reported anti-inflammatory of melatonin in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) disease. '

The following link describes how my friends made melatonin lotion and how it affected them :

The following link describes other pain relieving benefits of melatonin lotion by EC member and friends of mine who tested or are currently using it :


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From the Book – The Divine Prescription - The Science of Health and Healing 1995 By Gunther B. Paulien

ARTHRITIS—One wheelchair patient consumed 5 to 6 cloves of garlic daily along with a raw vegetable salad. Within 2 weeks the inflammation “just went away.” In 4 weeks the joints healed and she had a remarkable restoration of flexibility. During the 5th week she left her wheelchair, needing neither cane nor walker. At the end of the 6th week she joined a jogging club and started jogging. She said that it was GARLIC that saved her from ARTHRITIS.

Since you stated “Matches candida overgrowth very well”, here is more on that subject.

Garlic for Fungal Infections and Candida

Fungal infections include urethritis, vaginitis, all of which are caused by a yeast-like fungus of the Candida group. There are fungal skin diseases, such as ringworm, tinea, athlete's foot, and certain eye infections, and there are internal infections such as cryptococcosis which is carried by bird droppings and caused by contact with pigeons or chickens.

Fungal infections are rising dramatically in the modern world, in parallel with the decline in bacterial infections—when bacteria go, fungi often take their place. Also many modern treatments, such as the use of steriods and chemotherapy, reduce the effectiveness of the body's immune system, and open the way for fungal infections. Today, Candida is a major health problem, causing a wide variety of symptoms, from depression to allergies. The drugs currently used have many disadvantages; they either have an unusually large number of side effects (e.g. amphotericin) or they are not absorbed in the digestion (e.g. nystatin, candicidin). Most of them have to be taken for long periods—typically a month or two as opposed to one or two weeks for bacterial antibiotics—and even after this the infections quite often return.

Research has found that garlic can act as effectively as these agents and more quickly. Drs. Moore and Atkins, at the University of Cambridge in England, found in careful laboratory studies that garlic juice is as strong as the antifungal drugs amphotericin and nystatin. Again it had a much wider range of action, working particularly well against Candida, but also against many other kinds of fungi. There are many similar reports from scientists around the world. Candidiasis in farm animals has been successfully treated with garlic. Neal Caporaso and his colleagues at the New Jersey Medical University have even shown that after people took garlic juice, their own blood could kill infecting fungi, although the doses used were high. Because of this kind of research, garlic is now the number one natural treatment for Candida infections, in use by thousands of holistic physicians in America.

Other fungal infections, such as that of the skin, are also treatable by garlic. A letter in the Medical Journal of Australia of January 23,1982 from a Dr. Rich of Adelaide recounted how he and all his family were infected with ringworm by a stray kitten. His teenage daughter, the last to suffer, did not think much of the drug the others were using and decided to try garlic instead. Dr. Rich, being a scientific man, persuaded her to treat one arm with garlic and the other with the modern drug; the lesions on her garlic-treated arm healed in ten days, while the other took three to four weeks.

A 1977 study by Robert Fromtling and Glenn Bulmer, of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Oklahoma, on cryptococcosis looked at eighteen different disease-causing strains. They were stimulated by concern about the rise in cryptococcosis—15,000 cases a year in New York alone. They found that all the fungi were killed when small amounts of garlic extract were placed in the dishes where they were growing.