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High Blood Pressure From Low Sodium Chloride

Posted by Laura (Queens ) on 07/26/2021

High Blood Pressure From Low Sodium Chloride

Hi Ec: really need help with the above. I overload on potassium and it threw off my electrolytes. Came to the ER was given saline but my blood pressure still is not going down. Help please

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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I wouldn't even know where you'd start because I. Don't. Mess. With. Electrolytes. It's a law, in my book. My body doesn't need my help in that regard. Aside from not depriving myself of #3 on the list of things I, as a human being, can't live without, which is salt, my body already has everything it needs to regulate its electrolytes, right in its very own bones. If it needs to dig potassium out of my bones, I let it. Because it knows. I don't. Doctors don't.

Electrolytes are impossible. Which is why super fit, super athletes still, to this day, have heart attacks. Nobody knows what they should be because the body is constantly adjusting, based on your state, what you're doing, whether or not you're dehydrated - which you are - and the environment it's in. And probably a hundred other things.

I would hydrate. Slowly and steadily. Keep an eye on salt cravings, putting a pinch of unprocessed sea salt under my tongue when they happen. And let my body straighten out the mess I've made. Maybe use vitamin C, in case the ol' bod wanted to dump some of that potassium off. If it didn't, I just keep rehyrating and wait.

If you get this straightened out, my advice would be - Don't. Mess. With. Your. Electrolytes - just slowly and steadily rehydrate and stop messing with your electrolytes.

And, of course, since my new colloidal silver generator is due to arrive tomorrow, I'd be taking a teaspoon every morning and another every night. If my body could use it, it would be there, and if it's too busy trying to save me from myself, it can pass it on through.