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How to Prevent a Cough Coming On?

Posted by TMA (Iowa) on 09/06/2021

What do you guys do if you feel a cough coming on?? -I have a nasty habit of pushing myself to hard, staying up too late working... I've had a good tickle in my lungs for about a week now and it's getting worse.

Any standard procedure that ya'll are a fan of??



Replied by HisJewel
New York

Greetings TMA,

Earth Clinic posters have so many things they use to resist and chase a cold, the list is quite long. If you have not found the page yet, here is the link:

Stay well,



Awesome! Thank you soo much!

Reading now!

Replied by Katzie

Manuka honey! That's what you need!

In a meeting at work once and the boss was having trouble talking with his sore, dry throat. I gave him a Manuka Honey lozenge that I always keep with me (for just such emergencies). 30 seconds after he put it in his mouth he said "hey, it works! ", and the meeting continued as planned. My co-workers were not pleased that this enabled him "to drone on an extra 1/2 hr! ", is all I heard all afternoon. Lol.