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How Can I Treat Stray Cats With Mange?

Posted by Ceil (West Covina, Ca) on 02/28/2017

I am feeding 4 stray cats and it looks like one has mange. I put a bowl of food out everyone morning for the cats, so I don't see them all the time. Is there anything I can put in the bowl that would help cure the one that has mange and stop it from spreading to the other cats.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hello Ceil,

You might consider checking out Ivermectin. It is commonly used by vets for treating mange and a host of parasites that can infect our pets. You can find it at most farm and fleet or tractor supply stores. Google and research to find dosing information.

Replied by Holly
Toronto, Canada

The most effective and NATURAL NON TOXIC way to help a cat with mange that I know of is "Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth" . It's safe and inexpensive as well. It can be purchased at most any health food store or animal feed store easily. Sadly, I have had my fair share of abandoned cats with mange coming around as well and the simplest way I've found is to put the DE into the bottom of a sock then tie a knot at the other end of it and rub it all over under the fur ( rub it in the opposite direction that the hair lays to make sure you get it all under the hair ). I use my left hand to push the hair back and right hand with sock to rub it in really good while making sure to avoid the eyes and mouth and doing it slowly as to not create dust. It's harmless to cat's if it licks some off as it is also used in food and water for parasites, worms, fleas/ticks as well as other things. Just be careful not to inhale it or make dust around the cat's face so it doesn't inhale it either, I always wear a mask to be on the safe side and go slowly. In case of any possible parasites, worms, fleas/ticks, then it can be added to the food you give them which should to be wet food and if feeding dry then just mix the DE in an equal amount of water first and let it sit until it's moist ( about 1 hour for complete absorption). Dosage is: Small Cats and Kittens (2-6 ½ lbs) ½ tsp of food grade DE Full Grown Cats (7-13 lbs) 1 tsp of food grade DE So say you are feeding an adult cat 1/2 cup of dry then add 1/2 cup water with 1tsp. DE already mixed in and let it sit till the DE water is all absorbed before giving it to the cat. Good luck

Replied by Terri
Fort Wayne indiana

For stray or feral cats that you can't get close to or treat, give them strong smelling tuna or fish wet cat food and you can purchase ivermectin at Tractor Supply Store (or look online if you don't have one close by). For a 10 pound cat, put 2 drops in food (very strong stuff! ). I would use 1 drop if cat looks to be less than 10 lbs. Repeat dose one month later.